This is going to be a collection of little Milly short one-shots which will range from vignette to drabble, all bundled up in a neat package. I have several more ideas for other one-shots but I must admit my muses are slugs so the updates may come slow at times. I hope I can produce at least one, even the tiniest drabble (though I'm not so fond of those), once a week, but donĎt hold me to it. Donít look for a too consistent narrative; points of view and tone will vary. The thread, of course, is the Milly-ness!
       People may wonder why I write so much Milly. Itís because I lurve her! And I think I have a pretty good feel of her psyche--I can just write her more easily than the others. Sheís my favorite character; I think that sheís both underrepresented and misrepresented in fandom. Iím just giving the girl her props, thatís all!
        I wonít be too controversial in my subject matter, itís just not my thing. So you wonít find anything TOO original pairings-wise, when and IF I do decide to include any romance. Itís going to be Wolfwood and Milly all the way, baby. Other interactions will be strictly friendship, so you Vash and Meryl folks can put down your machetes!
        I tend to use the anime canon for my stories since I find the darker manga mood uncongenial to my style, but I may shift to or even mix the manga universe in a sort of blend (Vashís hair darkening effect and all that).
        The thing to keep in mind, though: this is just for fun! Nothingís set in stone! Itís got nothing on the real deal, Iím just pulling stuff out my hinder. But I hope you enjoy this Milly-feast. ĎCuz we all need a little MILLY in our lives!

Trigun and all related characters are copyright Yasuhiro Nightow, Pioneer, etc. No infringement intended.

The Girl Don't Think Right
      Our girl Milly decides to go out for a drink one night and winds up with some unlikely company...
[PG Between Eps. 8 & 9]

The Burial Shroud
      Milly takes a moment to mend, some holes in the cloth, and holes in her heart...
[PG Between Eps. 23 & 24]

     This little story is a hypothesis of what might happen if Milly and Levio were to meet. [PG manga based]

     Milly spends time thinking about the events after Meryl's kidnapping and the boys' eventual departure. [G manga based TM#5/6]

Dance & Hurt My Feet
      Fluffy little romantic piece with Wolfwood and Milly. [G anime based]

     Milly writes a letter home after spending an odd evening with Mr. Vash. [PG manga based TM#3-4]

     Milly makes a couple of new friends on her 13th Birthday. [G AU, sorta manga-based]
Guest Submissions

After Paradise
      Milly comes home from a long day at work to give a little advice to the Humanoid Typhoon...
Submitted by: Ricki
[PG Ep. 25]


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