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Disclaimer: Some of the following pictures are based off the manga by Yasuhiro Nightow and/or the Trigun anime. However they are all original! Please do not use them without permission of the artist!!!

Welcome to Susan's fanart page!! A talented artist and my bestest friend, she's a knock-out writer and an excellent colored pencilist (if that's a real word...) ^_~ Susan's artwork ranges from original concepts to story based drawings. Many of her drawings are for "Blackfire & Gunsmoke" the fanfiction - those drawings are HERE. If you want her most current work go here: Dwellin@deviantART. This page however is for her other drawings that are based on older stories and ones that she does for her friends. ^_^ I'm very proud to be able to display them here (I begged and begged her to let me!!) so that everyone can see how talented she is! I sure hope you enjoy her artwork and drop her a line! She loves to receive emails about her work! Tell her I sent you!! ^_^ ~Ricki

RECENT ADDITIONS: 10/06/06 - Copic markers- Meryl sitting in the moonlight drinking coffee - and Milly too!! These, I'm just blown away with!!

CGI/Copic Markers By Susan/Dwellin
Copic Maximum Vash Copic Milly Meryl's Moonlit Coffee Break
Colored Pencil/Sketches
b&w Vash Vash & Meryl Meryl/Vash hug Susan's 1st Vash Milly and Meryl from Crossroads Vash and Meryl Vash/Meryl kiss Meryl and Knives - from DH Knives and Meryl - from DH Knives and Meryl - from DH Angel Vash and Meryl Merry Christmas! 2004 Merry Christmas! 2005
Inked, Black & White, Montages
Levio/Razlo Montage Elendira Montage Milly Montage
Art Inspired ByAine of Knockaine's "Forever Mine"
Forever Mine Knives & McKenna 2 Knives & McKenna Knives & McKenna Kiss Milly and Meryl Leaving on the Bus Vash at the Bar Vash and Meryl Vash and Meryl 2
All Artwork on this webpage are drawn by Susan,
please do not copy anything here without her permission!

Please E-mail us for any information... Ricki or Susan