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Semi-normal disclaimer: Wolfwood, Milly, Vash, Knives & Meryl are characters created by Yasuhiro Nightow. The original concept of the story "Double Helix" by Deleria (Sugoiweb)... But Rinnah & Dark Vash are creations of Susan (with help from Ricki!) So please do not copy or take any of this art without the author/illustrator's permission!! The gallery is merely for enjoyment and we'd love to share the art here with you if you're interested!

YEEEEEEHAAAAA!! I'm PROUD to present a page dedicated to my terrific friend/author/illustrator/creator of Rinnah/all things coffee and special chocolate.... SUSAN!! TA-DA!! This is for you!!!

At first it was just me and Susan working at illustrating this story in order to figure out what Rinnah looked like - and to get a good grasp on what Dark Vash would look like... And then suddenly Mabel popped up with new artwork... And then Catherine and Ian popped up with fanfiction too!! Now we've got quite a little "community" of artists and writers who are just as much in love with this story as I am! It's so much fun to share this world with everyone in pictures and stories that fill the little gaps that always seem to crop up in huge stories like this one! So don't be shy! Let us know if you're getting caught up into this world too! Join the fun! Check out the story, scope out the artwork and read the extras! I'm sure you'll just LOVE Rinnah... in "Blackfire and Gunsmoke!"

RECENT ADDITIONS: October 18, 2005: Brand new Chapter of Ian's "Gunsmoke Pizza!" Final installation to the trilogy is now up!!

Art By Susan/Dwellin
Original Art by the Author!!!
Carried Knives and Rinnah2 Rinnah Donuts & Vash Milly, Dark Vash,  Rinnah and Nick Nick and Vash Dark Vash and Knives Rinnah's Wings and Dark Vash Milly and Wolfwood's Wedding Rinnah and Dark Vash with Spikey Hair Rinnah and Dark Vash with Shaggy Hair Dark Vash and Knives - chapter 11(?) Dark Vash with Red Eyes and Rinnah - chapter 12 Dark Vash and Nicholas - chapter 12 Dark Vash with Red Eyes, profile Dark Vash, red eyes, feather and everyone Dark Vash and Rinnah from Chapter 13 Eleazar from Chapter 15 Livia from Ch. 13 Milly's Eye Nicholas and Dark Vash from Ch. 18/19 Vash, Ember and Rinnah - Ch. 22 Milly, Nicholas, Vash and Rinnah - Ch. 25 Meryl & Knives - Tossing Toma Toys Featherglow Rinnah Leaving Rinnah on the Hill
Art By Mabel4gs
Art by the author of "Edge of the Sea"
Rinnah Blackfire: Captain (Coffee Addict) Rinnah and Milly:  Flying I Do - from B&G Ch. 12
Fan Story Extras

These stories may or may not reflect the opinions and actual happenings within B&G - but they're so interesting we thought you might like to read them too!

Gunsmoke Pizza - By Ian (aka IRS)
      "This crazy story is a little bit B&G, and a little bit of Bebop's Mushroom Samba... A hilarious look at what some bad pizza can do to you! Three slices is just right!" -Ricki

On Revenge - By Catherine (aka Themis556)
      "This story takes place in between bullet holes, and is little more than a short dialogue between the two female leads, with the main focus on Milly. It basically describes what I think are her motivations in the story, how she reconciled herself to the rather traumatic events of Double Helix to get to be how she is in Susanís story, and a mushy, hashed look on the nature of forgiveness in general." - Catherine

Interlude - By Catherine (aka Themis56)
     "This story is a perfect bridge-the-gap story between Deleria's "Double Helix" and Susan's "Blackfire & Gunsmoke". Even if you haven't read B&G yet, but have read DH, read this one - and I'll bet you'll want to know what happens next!!" --Ricki

On Finding Peace - By Ian (aka IRS)
     "The whole thing happens during Chapter Zero, and does a little twisting with one of the characters therein. It also provides a few reasons and patches for a minor plot hole or two- namely, why Rellyn didn't notice four of her minions going down with all the telepathic abilities plants seem to have." - Ian

The Party - By Ricki
     Between Ch. 8 & 9, Milly and the boys had a little party while Rinnah slept... She explained some of it - but here's the real story. ^_~

Visiting and Old Friend - By Ricki
      Between Ch. 16 & 17 this story looks through the eyes of Levio the Double Fang in order to clear up that little question about "who put the bounty on Rinnah" and maybe a few questions that may arise in Ch. 18 (*GRINS* - it's nice to be editor!)

All Artwork on this webpage are drawn by Susan, Ricki and Mabel
please do not copy anything here without our permission!

Original concept follows deleria's Double Helix, this is simply a fan sequel to her story, used with permission, which we are so very greatful to dig deeper into a dark world in order to bring a little light to it! ^_^ Our thanks!

Please E-mail us for any information... Ricki or Susan or Mabel4gs or Catherine or IRS

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