"Blackfire & Gunsmoke Fan Extra: The Party"
By Ricki

        Author's Note: This little story takes place between Chapters 8 and 9. I'd originally intended to put this up months ago when I wrote it, but at the time I didn't even have the fan-art/fanfiction page up yet! It was something silly I did for Susan, but once I'd sent it to her she changed her chapter to fit my little story all but one point - I think I may have changed mine to fit hers... But I can't remember, so if some points don't make complete sense, chalk it up to that! ^_^ Hope you like!

        Milly looked down at Rinnah, sound asleep. How could she be sleeping at a time like this? It was a time to celebrate! A time to eat pudding! A time to get as drunk as a skunk - whatever that saying meant! She downed her second scotch and held it toward Vash. "Mr. Vash, if you wouldn't mind..."
        Vash and Wolfwood looked at each other. Their cheeks were pink, noses a tad bit red as well and goofy expressions were plastered over their faces. Vash smiled and poured Milly a third glass before pouring one for himself. "You know Milly... *hic* There really isn't anything like the real thing, even though your whiskey... *hic* was a close second."
        Wolfwood nodded and put an arm around her waist and pulled her into a liquored kiss. She blushed and settled into it before pulling away. "My... Is it getting hot?" Wolfwood pulled off his coat and shirt and set it to the side. "Mmmm… Yes, this is better." He flashed Vash a grin and started to cuddle with Milly again.
        A noise behind them made Milly turn, as much as she liked this little party... Rinnah rolled over in her sleep and mumbled something about "damn plants" and went back to sleep. Milly sighed, "She's really something isn't she?"
        Her eyes fell on Vash. He was watching Rinnah too, with something of an intense curiosity. Milly smiled slyly to herself. Mr. Vash, when he wasn't acting all up and mighty and just plain evil... When he was drunk he acted more like himself than he had in a long time, and he really did look like he liked Rinnah. In fact, when Rinnah curled up into a little ball as she slept, he stood up and removed his coat.
        "Uh, Mr. Vash?" Milly bit her lip; they weren't all going to strip down to their skivvies were they? She looked down at her third scotch and shrugged, well, if the guys were... She gulped it and felt the warmth spread over her cheeks. Still watching as Vash set his coat over Rinnah's shoulders. Oh, so that's what he was doing...
        "Hey ya big girl," Nicholas grew tired of being ignored and pulled Milly back into his arms, his sweaty chest pressed up against her. She giggled. "Now that's my girl... What do you say we ditch this group and…" His words stopped coming, and Milly watched him sway slightly, his eyes crossing before suddenly falling over into the sand.
        "Mr. Wolf... Nicholas!!" She scrambled to help him from hitting his head on any rocks and then sighed. How many drinks did he have anyway? Her eyes scanned the area. Vash had produced three bottles of scotch at least from what she could count. There was still a half full bottle lying next to Vash as he stood looking down on Rinnah like a proud parent or something. "Uh... Mr. Vash?"
        He turned slowly to look at her. "Yes Milly?"
        Milly sighed, "Never mind."
        Vash turned back around and sat down on the sand next to Rinnah and set a hand on her shoulder. "Half-plant..." He grabbed the bottle of scotch and drank it straight. "Damn... How'd that happen? *hic* How long have we been away... *hic* From Earth?" Vash set a hand to his mouth... "Uh... I think I'm going to be sick."
        "Not on Rinnah you don't!" Milly scrambled from Nicholas' side and grabbed Vash around his arm, pulling him away. He managed to get back to his feet and stumbled off to puke. Milly sighed with relief and grabbed the bottle Vash left. She dumped the rest of it into the sand and dropped it. "If he were to get sick on Rinnah I'd never forgive him."
        The gunman stumbled back from around the rock, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "I feel better..." He dropped down to the rock where he'd been sitting previously and wrapped Wolfwood's coat around him. Milly started to argue that Nicholas would be cold if he didn't have his coat... But Vash curled up in the sand with it and fell asleep. With a sigh, Milly smiled to herself. They really were just little boys weren't they?
        Wolfwood shivered on the ground beside her, and she pulled off her own coat, came to lie beside him and pulled it over the two of them. It was much warmer this way... She smiled to herself. It had turned out to be a nice night after all.

The Next Morning

        "Uh, Needlenoggin?" Wolfwood looked at Vash. The gunman wore his suit. It looked bizarre on him. "Why are you wearing that?"
        Vash shrugged, "I'm not sure..." He looked down at himself and then up at Wolfwood. "But I have a question for you too."
        "Which is?"
        "Why are you wearing Milly's coat?" Vash smiled faintly. "It's a good color for you I guess..." Wolfwood looked down at himself and yipped before taking the coat off and looking around for his girlfriend. Had she started stripping again? Was she lying somewhere in the desert naked?
        Milly popped up her head from around the rock they'd designated as the bathroom. "What is it?" She came around it fully dressed but for her duster. "Oh you're both awake. How are you feeling?"
        That's when it hit them... "Urggh....” Wolfwood dropped down onto a stone and clutched his head. "I've got to stop drinking."
        "You and me both," Vash moaned next to him, handing Nicholas his coat again and retrieving his own from Rinnah's still sleeping form. "I guess we should get moving again... No matter how... ow... ow...” Bending down to get his coat and standing up again sent a headache shooting through his form. He threw down his coat and ran around the rock again.
        "Goodness... Mr. Vash just can't hold his liquor can he?"
        Wolfwood nodded, "No appreciation... Urggh." He waved a hand at Rinnah and their things, "Do you think you might be able to pack the car, Honey? I don't think we're going to be in any shape to for awhile."
        Milly nodded, "Sure thing!" She got right to repacking the car, and when she was finished, scooped Rinnah up into her arms and plopped her into the backseat. "Let's go!" Milly settled down into the backseat with Rinnah and the boys looked at each other.
        "Do you expect us to drive?"
        "Yes. I don't want Rinnah waking up to one of your ugly faces...” She grinned. "You both look like you visited the wasteland last night. Rings under your eyes...."
        Vash raised a hand, "Okay okay, I get it. I'll drive." He shook his head, "I just wish I remembered what happened last night."
        "You and me both..." Wolfwood closed his eyes as he sat down into the passenger's side. "Why was I wearing your coat anyway?"
        Milly grinned, "You said you wanted to try it on. Don't you remember?" The smile grew so bright that Wolfwood knew by the tone of her voice that she was joking. At least.... He hoped she was.

May 27, 2004

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