"Blackfire & Gunsmoke"
Epilogue Doujinshi
By Ricki

      Back on Thanksgiving 2004 Susan and I were talking about the end of Blackfire & Gunsmoke, of course, little did we realize that 10 months later the story would still be continuing! But I put together these eight pages as an epilogue, at first just as a gift for Susan, then later Susan decided this would be the official epilogue and wrote the story to fit. I'm sure it was probably plenty of trouble for Susan, but I was delighted to be able to show these pages to everyone! Instead of doing thumbnails like I normally do, this doujinshi will all pull up on this page (so if you're reading this while waiting for the pics to load, that's why!). If for some reason not all of them load, just refresh and they should come up okay. ^_^ I hope you all enjoy!!

(Heh heh - oh yeah, I just realized I never finished toning it... So he's supposed to be wearing his black coat... *chuckles*)

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