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        June 18, 2023

        Just got finished with another 12 episode rewatch of Trigun Stampede and it gets more amazing every time. Watching them once a week for 12 weeks was fun, but marathoning them, you really get a feeling for how much love and effort went into this series.
        What's really interesting to me during all of this was watching how the original impressions people had were - "It's CG, I hate it already" but then it became "It's CG...but it's pretty good..." or there were those last few people who were like "I can't watch it" and then they just stopped... or maybe those people were just drowned out by the sheer flood of new people watching Stampede and being introduced to Vash for the first time and the sheer outpouring of Trigun fan-art, fanfiction, memes and TikToks are just absolutely amazing to me.
        Spending just a few minutes looking up #trigunstampede or #tristamp (the shortened name feels too much like 'tramp-stamp' so I'll stick to calling it just "Stampede" myself ROFL) and you'll see every kind of fan-art that you can think of. Back in the day I had to HUNT for art. Thanks to DeviantART and Imagur and a few others out there - but mostly it was posted on forums (and if you're young forums were basically just an early form of Reddit that someone privately ran) and even then there wasn't a great way to search for it except maybe Yahoo or the super early days of Google.
        I've been hanging out on the Facebook Trigun group (and Ricki's Trigun Planet FB group) as well as the Trigun Subreddit, and you'll find me as "Milly Thompson" on most social media out there just because I wanted to keep the flame alive - but boy is it alive and kicking. Every single day I see something new pop up - whether it's the numerous new ships or memes!!!
       I just have to say I LOVE the memes... we didn't have true memes back in the day so it's pretty outstanding to see them... ones making fun of Vash, of Knives, of Meryl and Robert - it's been an amazing ride so far and we still have a confirmed second season to look forward to - new Kotobukiya figures as well as Popup Parade and Figmas (I really want to get those eventually). AND Dark Horse has announced a re-release of the manga later this year. I hadn't realized any of Trigun or TriMax had just quietly gone out of print without me noticing it, but the fact that there is a DEMAND from it (don't get me started on how that came about but I absolutely love how one person from Twitter made it happen)... and artist alley art - I had to ask people to draw stuff from Trigun back in the day and now they're making pins and keychains and everything you can think of for the series.
        Anyway, thought I'd pop in here again to update now that there's so much more to talk about again. Haven't decided if I'm going to update any of my other pages or add anything else - seems like nowadays you can grab all the episode guides and descriptions online and I'm lazy so you're just gonna get a little blog from me instead! Can't wait for Season 2 of Trigun Stampede!

        December 13, 2015
        They say if you do something for seven years you'll have it in your memory forever. I've been working on this website for twice that long and even though it only gets updated once or twice a year now, I've kept it around since ever so often people re-discover Trigun and want to know more about it. Recently I've had to get rid of my old email address though, because posting it on here made it near impossible to go through my in-box without sifting through endless spam and nasty malware. So, I've got a new address but won't be posting it on here. That's not to say I'm not available, you've just got to get me through Facebook, DeviantART or Twitter (although I'm on that rarely I'm afraid, Facebook is THE place to get a hold of me) and I'll give my email address to those who ask as I'm not completely opposed to the old fashioned way of doing things, in fact, I actually enjoy being able to type ridiculously long letters about on of my favorite subjects. I can sometimes be reached through my fanfiction page too, and that information was updated today as well. Oh and there's my personal blog: WhatcherStudios which you can follow what I've been up to recently.
        Anyway, in other news, I've started writing again. Just in little steps. Not my fanfiction again, although I've been saying this for four years now, I'd still like to finish Dark Convergence since it's been sitting idle without a satisfactory ending for all this time. But, I'm hoping that maybe my creative juices are going to start flowing again and I might be able to pour out some of my frustrations onto paper again. Ha!
        My life is pretty much taken up by work and home life and of course I've become a large part in the convention in Huntington, WV: Tsubasacon. I married a convention chair and have been helping with it for pretty much 10 years now. Anime is of course, and always will be, a huge part of my life. I've hoped sometimes that maybe I'd come across another series to really dig myself into. I'd hoped to do more with Kekkai Sensen, but too many people jumped on that bandwagon early on and of course the stories are more like one-shots instead of a cohesive storyline. So even though I enjoyed the anime, it didn't make me feel like Trigun did. I guess my newest obsession is more to do with collecting series and figures and searching out oddities. Anyway, I know that's not important to you all, we've decided to keep this website around at least for a little while longer because I've realized that there are so few places out there to find really up to date information on Trigun that's not a Wiki page. And even though this is kind of a relic now, I just like looking at it from time to time. After all, I put a lot of work into it! If there were an easier way to get it all up to date I might think about it in the future. It's a thought anyway. I keep holding out hope that Nightow might revive Trigun after Kekkai runs its course. Who knows?
        The last little bit of this update is that I finally went through my links again on the bottom of the front page, so the only links there are actual working ones again. It was sad to take out so many old links that no longer work. Glad to see at least one was still updated as of earlier this year, so that was pretty neat. I added a link to my Twitter on the front page too. Added a few more people to our Facebook group. Added some more pictures to the DeviantART group - that one seems to be the most active at the moment. I was even asked...but missed...being interviewed by someone on Anime News Network. I'm sort of sad about that one because they Tweeted at me and I completely missed it. T_T Oh well... That's life. I feel like this website really got some people into getting onto the web and sharing their love of anime, so I'm kind of glad I can keep it around for awhile longer. Thanks for stopping in!

        February 6, 2015
        Hello everyone! It's been a long time! I'm sure many of you who stop by this page are probably doing for the first time, or maybe it's been a long time and you decided to pop in since you used to visit a lot in the old days... don't get me wrong, this page used to really hop back in the 2002-2008 time period! I had so much information about Trigun back then it was a constant flow of information! Nowadays it comes as a very slow trickle I'm sad to say. However, we're still around just in case there's any cool information to share.
        The majority of information I get now days is from Kekkai Sensen, Nightow's second manga series (well, at least highly known and published) and it's getting an anime this spring! Yay! We hope that Crunchyroll picks it up or at least Funimation might pick it up once the series is done. Heck, I'd be happy with Netflix...although I really don't hope they get it as they only release series when they're completely finished. Anyway, I got sidetracked there, I am really looking forward to see Klaus, Chain and all of the others in their animated forms as it's a pretty exciting time for anime fans right now since so many series look so terrific now that computer technology has advanced! Keep your eyes open for it!
        Just a bit more news to update you about, if you're a returning fan of this website, you'll probably have noticed that the forum has now gone. I do apologize to the person who tried to join just the other day as it served as a reminder that the forum had been dead for well over a year... I had actually forgotten that I had not yet deleted it when I had thought about it since 2013 or so. Instead we've moved over to our Facebook group! Trigun Planet's Facebook Please feel free to join the group, it usually only takes a day or so for me to accept you and it's open to anyone who likes talking about Trigun! I've been trying to do more on there as of late in order to post pictures and information, and I have a few other members who have been awesome at keeping us up to date on Kekkai Sensen and other things that are Trigun and Nightow related!
        I'm sure that also brings up the question yet again - what is going to happen to Trigun Planet? I'm not sure yet (still). Luckily it's pretty cheap to maintain, otherwise I probably would have gotten rid of it a long time ago. I'm still hoping that now Adult Swim has returned maybe they'll bring back Trigun one day as well and we can get a new slew of fans. Heaven knows I still see Trigun cosplayers every single convention I go to, and sometimes even out wandering the streets while I'm on vacation! I get the occasional email ( and I do so enjoy a good talk about plants and Vash the Stampede. But do people really seek out information from websites like this anymore? Or do most people immediately check on Wiki and then go on their way, satisfied that they've learned all there is to know about a series? Do they research fan sites like this one? Maybe. I did get a favorite on a story on not too long maybe there is still a need for this website. I don't know, I keep holding out hope that they'll do a remake for Trigun and finally cover what we saw in Trigun Maximum. Maybe? Will it happen? Maybe we ought to make a petition for it? But at the same time, fans of Cowboy Bebop have done that for years and nothing has come of it... so do you think it's worth the time and effort? I might post the same question on the Facebook page, so if you stumble across this ramble and decide to pop over to the FB, let me know! As for now, that's all the information I have - so I'll see you around!

        May 15, 2014
Wow! It's been over... *counts on fingers* 9 months since I wrote in this blog posting about the Kotoubukiya figure and posting those imagines from Danny Choo. Looks like the coloration of Vash changed a bit in the final product, giving him more of a purple tinge than what the original paint job had. Of course, it might just be something to do with the lighting (which, of course, I was using daylight as opposed to "perfect studio light"). Anyway, if you want to download this image to the left, right click and save the image and it's big enough to fit most desktops. ^_^
        In other worlds... We've passed the 10th anniversary of Trigun Planet and we're going on year 11. What's been going on? Let's see: Ricki's Trigun Planet has a Facebook page! Check the link above and join the discussion! Thanks to Meesh, we've got a Trigun Maximum Fanclub on DeviantART: Trigun Maximum Fan Club. Please join! We have a ton of members and watchers. I think I've been updating information on there more often than I do on this website lately. It's one of those clubs that I really wish that I'd made myself but I'm glad our dear Meesh created it for us and let me be one of the co-founders. It's become more or less an extension of this site, how I would have LIKED it to be all of these years. Mostly you get new fanart and fanfiction and poetry and photos and it's so much easier to post and then blog (like I'm doing right now) on there than it has ever been working on here! If I didn't have just so much on this website, I probably would have switched over to a different format years ago. Anyway, I guess the plus side of still owning this site is that I can post photos from other websites without having it taken down and there's still all of the old information about the Trigun series that I can't really post anywhere else!
        Just to give us a bit of a fresher look on the main page I did some rearranging today. All of the content is still there, I've just changed the color scheme a bit. Hopefully it's a bit easier to look at. ^_~ I'd like to do more with it but only managed to have enough time to do this much since I had a surprise day off of work.
        In other Nightow news, Blood Blockade Battlefront is on number #5 here in the good ol' US-of-A. Got my copy just this week and had a chance to run through it. I need to actually sit down and go through the original chapters in the JumpSQ eventually because I still haven't seen some of the artwork I swear I saw in there in the actual printed books. I'm not sure if it's been wiped from the map or whether it's still to come, in which case I kind of feel like I've read spoilers somewhere along in the past! Either way, I'm glad that Nightow is flexing different muscles as he's making something of an "Avengers" or "Guardians of the Galaxy" type manga where you've got all of these rag-tag super hero types guarding...where else but New York City! (Albeit it's called something else now but it was before all of the aliens and demon types showed up!) I hope you've been checking that out as I'm hoping we can get some discussion going on this new series before long on the Facebook page and maybe on the DeviantART as well.

        July 31, 2013
First off - copyright of these photos goes to Danny Choo since I found the photos on his blog. I promise to take them down if the website asks, but otherwise I'm using them merely to show off how deliciously pretty these things are!!

        Now that I got that out of the way, during WonFest in Japan this last weekend, Kotobukiya had these two lovelies on display at their booth. FINALLY a figure of Vash that is actually Manga acurate... DARK VASH!! In the past of course, all Black-coated Vash figures were simply repaints of the original designs, and for years KuroVash was a standard of Doujinshi fare where they could make Dark Vash do whatever they figured the normal Vash would not. But then after years of the manga, Nightow himself created a very awesome scene...I won't spoil it if you haven't read it...but make sure to read it if you haven't! The scene is awesome! And this figure is so awesome too! I didn't pre-order the last ones that came out recently but I think with this one I probably will have to!
        Meanwhile we've even got a new update with Wolfwood too. Looks from the base that it's a direct movie tie-in, and Wolfwood is in one of his more characteristic poses with the Punisher in one hand and a pistol in the other. I like how the Cross Punisher is just coming unwound - just a little bit revealing it's true nature as a gun instead of a cross.
        I'm semi-surprised that figure makers such as Kotobukiya are still taking on Trigun sculptures, figures and figmas. For many years there we would only get the random little figure or bust or goofball item, so I'm really excited to see some higher quality figures coming back on the market. What does that say about Trigun? Is it a lasting fandom with memorable characters? YES, definitely. But could it also mean that in the background someone is saying, "let's keep this going?" I sure hope so. I hope, at least, for today, you enjoy the pretty pics!

        June 28, 2013
Holy Shmoly!! This site has turned 10 YEARS OLD!!! Oh my gosh!! I just looked down at that tiny little blurb at the bottom of the main page and realized that I started this site back in 2003. Back then it was actually on a Geocities account, and of course over time moved it to it's own home on the web. I've thought about giving up the ghost on this website from time to time, and even recently this year thought about it. However, because of fans of the site, fans of the show, and new fans to the fandom itself, I've kept this site up and running...for ten years!
        I just wanted to thank all of the lovely vistors to this site, all of the people who have submitted artwork, colored manga pages, fanfiction and just plain information and questions all of these years! I've met some really great people through Trigun even back from the beginning. Some of whom I still talk to, some I've lost touch with, some I've just recently met, and even some who I'd like to get to know more. And people are still discovering Trigun day after day. When I created this website, things were a whole lot different... *goes into a flashback*
      Trigun was an anime that they were playing on Cartoon Network late at night and I was told by my brother about it when he happened to find a Roleplaying guide at Borders (remember those?). He told me about 'this guy who has three guns' and another guy who 'carries a giant cross gun'. And I'll tell you didn't interest me in the least! I was more interested in watching Inu Yasha at the time...okay, guilty, you got me. But in order to watch the replay of it long after midnight I had to sit through a couple of stranger shows called "Trigun" and "Cowboy Bebop". If you wanted to actually watch the series without dubbing you had to splurge and spend copious amounts of money on DVDs...or settle for the dubbed VHS tape! Maybe, if you were super lucky, you could find an AMV to download online, but pictures were hard to come by unless you stole them from other websites. I just happened to get into Trigun and really fall for Vash in a way that I never fell for InuYasha or Spike or any of the other anime hotties at that time. And after watching Trigun every Saturday night (or Thursday night for a time) I eventually saved up for the anime DVD set (over $100 at the time!).
        Getting information about Trigun on the internet was pretty far and few in between. There was one website called "A Little Lightbulb for your Soul" that translated some of the original manga over. I was lucky, because at the time there were actually dealers going to conventions that sold actual Japanese manga (a few larger cons might still have them but I think the main dealers are out of business now) and also a semi-local comic book store owner had splurged on the manga and had up to like Trigun Maximum 7 at the time. I had to save up for those and bought them from him. Luckily I had some of the translations online to go from. But the gal who did them, Sumire, fell off the Earth and later her Geocities account went the way mine would have if I had not moved it.
        So what to do? I did some research and met some people online who also liked Trigun. We met through my little webpage, which at the time was mostly a few pictures I managed to hack off of the DVD and a page of anime I reccommended... and of course "You Know you Like Trigun Too Much When..." and my friends offered to let me post their fanfiction. So then it became fan-art and fanfiction and things grew because eventually I found out that I could buy the newest releases of Trigun through a dealer out on the East Coast. Before I knew it I was scanning pages for a scanlation and translating it myself as much as I could with as little Japanese knowledge as I had. I learned katakana and hiragana just so I could read the sound-effects in the manga!
        It was probably four or five years after that when Dark Horse finally started releasing the official translations and not too much longer after that the manga ended at book 14. We kept things rolling through a promise the same year of the Trigun movie, which as you probably know came out in 2011. At that point the anime had come down quite a bit (I think you can buy the whole thing for $30 maybe) and even more awesomely it was put on NetFlix streaming where I get quite a few of my emails from. Now anyone can go to the store and buy a "classic collection' or some such collection of the anime, or maybe purchase the movie, or go to the used bookstore and pick up the manga. But when this site started no one else had access to the chapters. For a brilliant year THIS was the place to go if you wanted to know what Vash and crew were doing currently in their Japanese releases. And then it all ended and it's sort of a melancholy that I feel when I think back on it.
        So...THANK YOU. Thank you for following the site on Facebook or sending me pictures or information about toys or figures...thank you for sharing your fanfictions...thank you for sharing your drawings and your cosplay ideas...thank you for your questions and thank you for visiting!! It's been a terrific run!! LOVE & PEACE!!!

        February 9, 2013
Today's post is something of a discussion about what's going to be happening with the website. I've had some really good feedback to those of you who have visited the website these past few weeks and it's given me some ideas of what things I'm going to do. For one, as of right now, very little is going to change. This is just kind of an "early warning" of the changes most likely to happen and the order they'll probably take place. Don't worry, for now Trigun Planet isn't going anywhere, but over the next few weeks I'm going to attempt to streamline the site in order to get a better idea of what we should keep on here and what pages aren't necessary.
        As I mentioned in my previous post, there's a bunch of different sites out there devoted to things that I have on my site. for example has a whole bunch of Trigun fanfiction and thus I've spoken to a few of my authors on here and they've agreed to start putting their stories up on so I can take it down off here. The main reason for this is that it'll be far too time consuming to convert all those awesome stories into a new website format, whereas on it can basically be dragged and dropped and posted in no time. Azalea has already started her move, and whatever stories I have posted here that are my own will be shortly moved over there as well. When all is said and done I'll take them down off this site but leave links to the different authors (if they're available, as many of them I have lost touch with). If you are one of the authors whom I haven't spoken to, please let me know! I'll leave your stories up until at such time there might be a conversion.
        Step two will be fan art. We've got deviantART now, and since anyone can peruse that site as well without having to log in, I figure the fanart here can also be posted on individual's sites. Some of it, I suppose we don't even want to repost as it's so old that our new stuff is much better... And of course, again, there are probably quite a few artists whom I haven't spoken with in years, and if your artwork is part of this site, please let me know!
        Step three will probably be a revamp in links to other sites that still have relevant material, and if you happen to have a site, account, deviantART account, etc. that hosts Trigun related stuff, please let me know and I'll have you added to the list. Tightening up this area will help so you can find the information you are looking for that's posted out and about on the interwebs.
        Step four will the final revamp. Either by moving all content to another site, updating and keeping this site, or changing it to more of an online blog sort of site. I'm not sure how this will effect the other content yet, as this is still quite aways into the future (most likely) as I'm not entirely sure when the web name will be up for renewal. Either way, what I've discussed with some of the people who have emailed me is that they'd like to see the site remain to have an all-in-one place to find information about Trigun. Possibly this might mean something more like a Wiki page where it wouldn't matter as much if it's not updated regularly as anyone can just come to get what information they need from time to time. Maybe we could also have something of a comment section where we can still discuss Trigun but away from the rest of the social media. I'm looking into new software and html editing programs in order to get a better idea for having a website that's fresher and newer. Maybe one that people won't overlook when they're looking for Trigun information. Maybe then we can have a more solidified fandom 'base of operations'.
        Please let me know your opinions. Either post on our FB page, feel free to drop me an email, or heck, even check the forum page as I have yet to delete it and you are more than welcome to start a discussion there at any time!!

        January 27, 2013 (Possible CLOSING statements)
I write this, thinking to myself that I knew it had been well over a year since I've updated this site. And why...? Because really, besides the fact that Nightow has been continuing Blood Battlefront, there really hasn't been much news since the BluRay release of the Trigun movie. I don't receive letters anymore (except for one or two, which I'm going to discuss here in a moment), nor do I chat or call or meet up with any of the Trigun fans that just ten years ago we would have spent hours on end discussing our favorite donut-loving spike-headed plant. It's sad when things turn out this way because we want our favorite series to continue forever, to give us new and engaging things to talk about and spark our interests over and over again. Alas, unless you're fans of Pokemon or perhaps YuGiOh! or some other such child's series, we never get our wishes. Everything ends eventually, or at least interest wains because no longer is there something new to discover. Nightow was tired of the same ol' same ol' I'm sure and that's why he went in a new direction. We don't blame him, we just wish it could have continued on just a bit longer.
        It's funny how after it's been a year since I've typed this that it's all fresh in my mind how to set up a webpage, because this isn't one of those instant blogs that are out there. I still have to put all the page breaks and color changes and italics and things in. Still have to change each page when I want to update things. I've been mulling over the fact of letting this website expire much like the ones I had on Geopages (goodness that was awhile ago!) when that was slowly phased out as well. If that happens, it'll happen rather suddenly when I don't pay the bill anymore. One day this webpage will be here, and the next it won't, and instead it'll belong to some robot company that just buys up websites and puts fake information up. I really hate to do that, but I'd really hate to let this site go to cobwebs either.
        It's also interesting how just this afternoon I received an email from an old fan of the site who just happened to notice I was going to shut down the forums. That was, of course, over a year ago and no one ever wrote a response to that askance. I thought, "Maybe if I put up something about me closing it, people will start writing again because they really DO want the page around." But no one replied and I forgot about it after awhile and never even bothered to close the forum! It's still there, nothing's changed, we could still use it as it is, and I figure I'll probably just leave it there until I make a final decision about this page. It's not super costly to upkeep, only about $10 a year or so, but I wonder now with all of the social networking we have out there whether it's necessary. We have to serve our fanfiction postings, we have deviantArt for our artwork, there's Facebook and Twitter for those who want to chat about Trigun... cosplay websites to post our cosplays...what else is there? Sites to download the anime and the manga... Heck, there's actually a dozen fake websites out there that quote my page word for word with information on Trigun! As long as someone is searching the information, it will be out there forever whether it's all in one convenient place or not.
        But, what about those people who we've lost to circumstances along the way? What about those people who won't do Facebook or Twitter...what about the lurkers who have just kept quiet all of these years? Shall I keep it for the quiet ones, the ones that won't show their faces? I sometimes think that's what I've been doing all of these years since the manga series ended a few years back. There's still those people who search out the information I have on here because of this blog or another. Someone told me about a year ago they were going to start a brand new Trigun website themselves, but I have yet to see that gain fruition. Or maybe I should turn this site into a blog site? A real one? One where I don't have to write everything out by hand? Would it be more popular then or would it be as empty and lonely as it has been? I wonder about that sometimes, and that's why I'm considering shutting down the site itself eventually. Maybe it became too stale. Would things improve if I created a blog? So many things to consider...
        I don't expect many of you to respond to this note, but if you read this, and you've hit this site before it disappears, let me know. I don't have a way to track hit counts anymore, so I don't know if anyone even thinks about popping in here from time to time anymore. I know I failed many of you by discontinuing the daily updates, but when there's not much to speak of, it makes my heart sink to just sit here and type idly like I am at the moment. I DO want to hear from you. I would like to know if it matters to you anymore. Do I need to freshen up the look? Change the information? Do something else drastic? I'd like to consider it, but I don't know if it's worth the effort if no one cares. Does a website really exist if no one visits it anymore? ^_^;
        I'll leave behind this closing note. There IS supposed to be a new Vash figure coming out in the near future. Amazon's listing is a bit on the costly side, you can find it for preorder for cheaper on HobbyFan though. There's also a Wolfwood figure if you look up the "ARTFX J" listing of him you can find them. They're 1/8 scale which is fairly large in comparison to some of the more recent Vash sculptures. Looks rather like he'll be twice the size of the Revoltech figure. I've seen that one come down in price a bit now that this one is going to be coming out in Febuary in Japan and later in the year for other countries. From the photos he looks almost like he's got a metallic finish on his hair (doesn't mention it but it just looks that way a bit). From the reviews I've read, he's pretty well sculpted to be like the movie, except for details on his gun I've read.
        Actually, Trigun has come up a bit here and there recently anyway, as I finally decided to cosplay as Milly again after quite a few years. I don't have the stungun anymore, but I still wore the costume and surprisingly ran into my old friend Stripper Vash. He rarely cosplays Vash anymore nor does he have the body (or smooth face) as Vash anymore, but he said "Thanks for keeping the Trigun spirit alive." And for that, it made me think about the old days again. Maybe that's why I've been thinking about it, I'm not sure. Anyway, if you're reading this, then you too are keeping the spirit alive, and I hope you'll drop me an email or a note on FB, or heck, post on the forum, it's still open to anyone!

        October 28, 2011
Sorry there haven't been many updates as of late. I FINALLY got my Blu-Ray copy of Trigun: Badlands Rumble (I had it on order with something else that took forever to arrive) and there are quite a few nice little extras...that I haven't watched yet. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, you should, it's very pretty and it's a pretty awesome movie. I'm pretty sure both the DVD and BD have reversable covers - one side is the animator's artwork and the other is Nightow's. I was pretty excited about that since I haven't seen many releases from the anime studios with that type of cover in quite awhile. I remember back in the day just waiting for the next DVD to come out for one series or another and would the normal cover be cool or the one inside it, would that be better? Yeah, I was pretty lame that way. Oh...and something else that's lame is the fact that Funimation reverted back to calling toma - "Thomases"...oi vey you idiots!!! ARG! I can stand all of the other strange translation flaws, but that's not one I'm happy about.
      I've recently been talking to a fellow on Facebook who has an AWESOME collection of Trigun figures. Here I thought I had a lot...nope! He's got a corner on the market with all of the different versions of Vash and other figures that were released both state-side and in Japan. If I remember I'll try to give him a holler and ask him if I can post some of his collection. He's even found the little case with all of the weapons as keychains (I believe, but maybe they were cellphone bobbles) from a place in Japan. They existed but are in very short supply out there. There were quite a few things that came out with the movie, but not too much here at all.
      I have yet to post anything about the Trigun showing a friend of mine ran in Louisville, KY a few month's back. I took pictures of a Wolfwood cosplayer, two Vashs and a 'pregnant' Milly. I think I may have posted them on Facebook but at the moment I can't recall. It was a surprisingly big turnout for a midnight showing at a small theater with no advertising. My friend was able to score us each brand new movie posters - which we in turn got framed and I have hanging over my computer at hte moment. ^_^ That's something I'll also have to get a picture of eventually if anyone is interested!
      So...I've been re-reading TriMax lately and it occurred to me tonight that there's a lot of stuff that I've never talked about on this site before because I think I may have missed it in the rush to get things published and get translations up and so much has been missed. If you've read the manga from the start in English, you probably caught things that I missed. Like the fact that Knives picked HUMANS as the Gung-ho Guns because he wanted Vash to suffer at the hands of HUMANS so that he'd learn to hate them (obviously he didn't) but then there are other moments where we wonder just how human were these men and women anyway? And where did Elendira come from in the first place? Heh heh. Anyway, if I get the chance I may just need to go over some of the pages that I've posted here over the years and update stuff.
      Also, as I've been re-reading it I've been thinking about Dark Convergence. To those of you who actually check here still (Thank you!) I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted any of it and I know I've been promising for years about finishing it. Well, I'm getting inspired again, so perhaps it's going to be soon when I'll post something again. Perhaps. I've been thinking about the relationship between Wolfwood and Livio and Milly and what to do about it. Part of me wanted to leave the whole thing up in the air...but then when I've been reading TM again I realized just how much I loved Livio. Livio is a protector, he's basically the same character as Grave from Gungrave where "Mamoru" is essentially his reason for going on - to have a reason to live, to protect. Wolfwood had that basic trait too, but he was also about living. At least, until the end. Of course, that's one thing I won't do in my story, and that's kill off Wolfwood, but it did cross my mind as I cried over his death one more time after reading the manga, and that was if he died then Milly and Livio could hook up. *GRINS* But I wouldn't do that!
      Sorry about the rambling nature of this post tonight. For those of you who don't know, I've been blogging at my other website lately: WhatcherStudios so you can follow me there if you like. Or friend me on Facebook, or catch up with me on DeviantART. I've been trying to be around online when I can. I email back usually within a week of someone writing me, so feel free if you ever want to just talk about Trigun randomly to drop me a line. I wish I had more information to post on this site, but I really don't have much now that the movie has been released. I'm considering archiving the whole thing under a sub-site on my whatcher site when the name comes up for renewal. That's still a thought in my brain since I think we paid for it for another year.
      I hate to leave off on such a dour note, but perhaps it is time to move on to something else. Websites nowadays can't compete with the social networking thing and even though I've thought about moving into more of that, it's too hard to really make a website special on networking sites. Even my Whatcher Studios is powered by Blogger rather than my own HTML. Let me know if you'd like me to keep this site around longer... I'd love to hear some input on whether I should bother to keep a soon-to-be defunct site around, or whether it's time to move on to bigger and brighter things. Thanks for reading!

        June 9, 2011
Thanks to my pal Azalea, we now have a link to the Funimation Trailer for the Trigun movie dubbed in English. Johnny Bosch is of course Vash, the voice actor for Wolfwood has a very short snippet, the girls don't have VA's on the trailer, but you can hear Amelia and Gasback. Gasback's voice I like, Amelia's...I'm not quite so sure, I like her Japanese voice better I think. But, decide for yourself, the video is at the bottom of the page on this link: Funimation News
      In other updates, it was brought to my attention that many of my links on the front page are no longer there, so I sorted through them and got rid of quite a few. Added a link directly to the DeviantART fanclub to replace the Tessla Fanclub which no longer exists. I know that some of the websites on here are WAAAAAY out-dated but I did leave anything that still existed, no matter how old it was, if it was still there, the link's still there. If anyone knows of any links to clubs, sites, etc. that still exist for Trigun, please email them to me! I'd love to keep links updated for anyone interested. Heck, if you know of a good place to get your hands on merchandise for Trigun or any of Nightow's various series, I could add that too. ^_^
      Oh - if I didn't mention it before, the Trigun movie has a Twitter feed that you can follow...I can't remember it at the moment, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard if you Tweet. From what the Funimation site has stated, the Trigun movie will be shown in some 20 theaters in Canada this summer and there are USA releases to come, so watch the site and I'll also keep you posted as I find out for myself! I'm thinking as long as Meryl and Milly aren't TOO grating, I'll probably go see it if it's close enough for me to go! ^_^ No word yet on the DVD/BD release of the movie, I'm sure that will come when the summer theater release is finished. Maybe...I'm crossing my fingers on this one... by Christmas.
      In other news, I'm actually working on Dark Convergence again. It's slow going since I used to work on it more when I was part-time at work and now I'm full time and they're jumping my schedules everywhere so I don't have a regular routine anymore... however, I did have some inspiration lately so I'm slowly working on it. Just thought all interested parties might want an update, that YES, the story WILL have an ending, I'm not giving up on it until it's got some resolution! ^_^ Until then - Love & Peace and I'll keep you updated as I find out more information!

        April 24, 2011
Woweee it's been a long time since I updated on here! My apologies to anyone who has been visiting here even semi-regularly and has noticed, well, nothing at all going on. Mostly it has to do with the fact that I got "all growed up" and bought a house with my husband and had all of that fun stuff to do, plus moving and then unpacking and trying to find everything again. And then the setting up the internets again, that sort of thing. Mind you, I know some of you have seen me around the interwebs since the last posting on here, mainly on Facebook, I don't even visit Twitter very often anymore. But, anyway, there have been a couple of you who have emailed me in the last few months, and to all of you who have - HELLO!!
      Trigun news itself is, well, pretty much at a dead stand-still. The movie was released to DVD/BD in Japan, and then promptly uploaded onto the internet, then translated, and there's some mighty good copies going around out there. As for the legal side of this movie, there really isn't any information coming from Funimation. The box set for the anime was released in slim-pack by them, so one would have assumed they would have hurriedly rushed the movie out right behind it to catch the stream of people catching onto the Trigun bandwagon. However, alas, no, they have not. And from what I've read from various sources, none of the original voice cast was asked to participated in the English re-dub. Part of me wonders if they're holding out because someone is protesting against this. I wish it were me, but I really don't have enough pull, even if I wanted to. I suppose we should have all sent gobs of emails to Funimation to begin with to say we wanted ALL of the VAs back... too late now I guess.
      First of my emailers I need to post about sent me a shameless plug for her fanfiction, Ani can be found here: Ani's Fanfiction account and check out "Give Me Myself Back" and "Self-Affliction Fades" for a couple of nostaglic reads. ^_^ I had forgotten myself that there are SOOOO many Trigun fanfictions that were all written in this time period between 2001-2004 or so! Even though I myself have been working on quite a few over the years, and haven't done much to finish up Dark Convergence in awhile. However, I did receive a message from Qualia Des just recently, kind of reminding me that I REALLY need to finish this story! So... that's something which should be coming, hopefully sooner than later, once Dwellin gets a bit less busy and can help me do the final edits.
      Next up, a talented emailer named Connor sent me a desktop he created after watching the anime for the 8th or 9th time! It can be found here: Trigun Images and Backgrounds in a 1200x1600 format. Geez louise - I just noticed that when I first posted the couple of backgrounds I made, they were in 800x600 format!! Yikes - only a few die-hards probably still have that size of a monitor anymore! >_< I'll have to clear that up sometime. Thanks again for the desktop Connor!, in other news that I forgot to post (lovely me, I knew this back at the beginning of March it appears - woops) there is a limited edition "Dark Shift Phenomenon" of Vash to launch in June. Apparently it's special to a magazine in Japan - Hyper Hobby Magazine. I'd LOVE to get a hold of this figure, it actually fits with Vash's transformation while fighting Legato - NOT a true "Dark Vash" paint, which is a bit different back all of those years ago we saw in a couple of figures. I've found a few really random sites to place orders for it, but they look sort of sketchy, so if anyone finds a place to pre-order this figure that is reputable (meaning maybe you or a friend has ordered there before) let me know and I'll post it! ^_^
      Revision: Nash the Stampede sent me a link Here stating that Funimation hasn't dubbed the movie yet and they're still trying to get the cast all together maybe the rumors from the VAs we read earlier this year are incorrect.

        January 31, 2011
Just been doing a bit of updating today, there were more dates on the site that needed updating - copyrights and whatnot mostly. Although I was just informed that the Manga VS Anime page hadn't been touched since I figured I ought to rectify that and I did some color clean up and freshened up the look. Also read over some of the facts that were outdated since the series ended and added a bit of information from the movie. If you didn't know it already, Trigun: Badlands Rumble ends with a reference to the Dodongo Brothers which is the two-part stand alone manga Nightow wrote to go beside the movie. So, in order to get a fuller picture of what happens after the movie, go ahead and read the manga! It's actually quite neat that he decided to tie the two in together, especially since the reference was in the movie, and not the other way around!
      The Vash and Wolfwood Revoltech figures are easier to find now, I saw quite a few of them out there at Ohayocon this last weekend, so you probably wouldn't have a tough time finding them online any more. There are also quite a few dealers who still carry some of the other Maximum figures and even older Vash figurines are still there if you know where to look. I mention this merely because I noticed Wolfwood was still sitting next to me in his packaging since I haven't had a good place to put him recently. It's also worth noting that quite a few people still cosplay Vash, and I even saw a Milly and Meryl back in the fall at Tsubasacon! It makes my heart proud to see people dressing up as Wolfwood and the other characters even though the anime is well over 10 years old. Of course, many of you have recently found the movie as well and may have stopped in to this site and that does my heart proud. ^_^
      In other news... Hrm. I guess there isn't too much other anime related news. I'm looking into eventually getting more open access with Facebook feeds and the sort... Also not much interest in the AMV contest I proposed, sadly I had hoped that would be picked up by a few of you at least. *shrugs* Let me think, what else is out updates on movie releases here in the USA - HOWEVER - there was a link posted on the forum: Behind the Voice Actors by TheBigMystery which states the movie has already been dubbed...but NOT by the voice actors we know and love! SOB! Apparently Nimoy was passed up for Wolfwood because he wanted more money, Meryl was passed by, Milly's VA retired (most likely) and Bosch has yet to be reached for comment! What the heck??? I'd rather watch it subtitled then, at least we know ALL of the originals in Japan returned! I guess it's kind of sad we live in a society where actors are paid so little that they can't even take a bit of time out of their busy schedules to re-voice a few lines for a movie. Maybe instead of people saying "no, you can't become a voice actor" they should take in anyone they can off the street because I'm sure many aspiring VAs would work for cheap, just to get the opportunity... I think the business has become too tight and the actors ask for so much that many series now are released without re-dubbing just because they can't afford VAs. Sad to think the age of anime has changed so much from when I started this website until now!
      For now, I believe that's all the information I have at the moment. It's a bit iffy how much I'll be updating in here the next few months... I'm going house hunting and it's something of a full-time job when I'm not working my full-time job! Love & Peace Out!

        January 23, 2011
Howdy everyone - happy 2011!!! Sorry it's been kind of a crazy new year for me so far! Of course, if you haven't watched Trigun:Badlands Rumble, then you're probably being a good boy/girl and not downloading it or watching it on one of the many free-to-watch sites, and if that's the case then I'll be careful of spoilers! There isn't any word (as of this date) on when/if Funimation is going to release the movie to theaters for a short run (the latest short run I've seen recently is Gantz Live Action, which we missed because of a snow storm but I'm told had a horrible dub). Anyway, no word on that but there are rumors (as usual) that Madhouse might pick up and have a second season of Trigun.... That is kind of stretching it in my imagination really, but I think that's because I'm not sure how well the movie went over in Japan. Mind you, it had quite the long run before they released it to DVD, not quite a year, but 9 months, which is long even for a Hollywood movie. Okay... I'm rambling, but I figure if they made enough money in Japan off the movie than they might consider a second series - so keep your fingers crossed and when we get the movie here to buy - BUY IT!
        Now, many of you, if you haven't clicked on the embedded video yet, you should because it's a music video created to a Garage Band's (IGSM) song "Trigun Dude" which, is actually pretty awesome since I've heard plenty of fan songs about Pokemon in the past, but never anything about Trigun! So, watch it! It's a really cute little anime music video set to the song - I kind of wish they'd used the updated material from the movie, but it fits very well with the music. I only have an email address for who to thank for this link, but you know who you are and if you have a name you like to go by, let me know and I'll thank you properly!
      On the forum we've mentioned linking to different AMV's before, but now that the movie is out I was thinking about holding a contest on a really awesome Trigun Movie AMV. I'm still debating, but I think what I might do is put up for grabs the Limited Edition Tin Box sets of Trigun (since I have two copies of the original series) and they'll be given to the best. IF this happens... it'll probably revolve around Tsubasacon (the convention I help to run in West Virginia) which would mean you'd have until October 2011 to make the best Trigun AMV EVERRRRRRR.... Email me if any of you would even be possibly interested in a contest like this and maybe I'll have a panel at Tsubasacon to show the winners and have a vote then - you wouldn't necessarily have to attend because I know many of you live around the USA and other areas, but if I got enough people interested I could set up a download FTP area and you could win prizes from that.
     So...let me know if anyone is interested in the challenge and maybe I'll set it up! Until then - let me know if you have new information about Trigun and I'll post it here! I may take a little while to send you back replies - at present we're house/condo hunting and it's most likely going to be a pretty busy spring for me, but I promise I won't wait to long to get back to you! Until then - LOVE AND PEACE!!

        December 21, 2010
Going to be a BIG update today!! Trigun: Badlands Rumble is now out on DVD and BD in Japan...and of course that means it's available out there for download if you know the right place to check out. As of this posting there's no English translations of the movie, so it's in a complete raw form out there, but there's some really pretty - I mean REALLY pretty - blu-ray copies out there, and I'm really looking forward to owning my own copy when it comes out state-side (hurry up Funimation, I want to buy the legal copy NOW!!!) ^_^;
      In the meantime, for all you Trigun fans out there who weren't able to see it at any of the showings at conventions this summer (or didn't go to Japan to see it) I'm not going to spoil the movie for you, but I would like to talk about a few things that really super impressed me! For one thing, there's lots of funny little hints that you need to look out for, little things that were part of the anime back in the day that show up in Badlands Rumble. For one, you see Kuronekosama quite a few times, I have yet to go through the movie and count all of them, but at least a handful of times he shows up, not just as the cat but also as drawings of the cat. Pretty awesome.
      Vash's love of donuts and women (see picture at right) and beer comes into play yet again (as well as partying with Milly - heh eh heh) and if you get to watch the movie look for hints of Vash throughout the first scene before you even see him. ^_^ Other things that were kind of hidden (so make sure you look out for them) is a street sign bearing Nightow's name (Nightow St.) and there's a tip of the hat to Nightow's 2 part manga that basically hints that the short manga follows the movie.
      There are some really beautiful scenes here and there of different characters that are drawn sort of like the donuts in the screen capture that I posted here. I'm amazed by the use of 3D graphics, especially in the Plant and bullet casings and other vehicles. I love the fact that all of the weird and zany men/outlaws that you would see in the background of the manga show up in this movie as well (if you've read the manga you'll recognize quite a few of them) one of my goals is perhaps even to go through the movie bit by bit and show you were a lot of the characters and different themes come from - although it'll probably be awhile for that to happen because I'd really like to have a translated version so I can eventually show even more themes in the storyline. But, without spoiling too much, the movie borrows a lot of ideas from the first, say, 5 or 6 episodes and the fight with Gasback is very similar to Brilliant Dynamite Neon's fight with Vash. Of course, the guy is huge and runs a gang very similar to BDN, so I guess it comes with the territory.
      Ooooh I soo want to just spoil everything!! Alright, for those of you so inclined to be spoiled I might just write something long out and post it on the movie page, maybe more pictures as well, but for now I'll leave off and once more people get to see the movie we'll start a larger discussion of it on the forum or on Facebook. Let me know if you've seen it and we'll start talking about all of the movie in detail and maybe I'll start a webpage of all of the little hints and hidden things in the movie! Sound good? Okay!! Oh...and if you're interested, click on the donut shot if you'd like to use it as a desktop. ^_^

        November 28, 2010
Sorry I haven't been very good about updating lately. After Tsubasacon hit at the beginning of October I got the con-funk and that lasted pretty much the entire month of October but for a weekend in there I was able to hit a couple haunted houses...and of course the cold and outdoors mixed in with being in close confines with thousands of people...I got a sinus infection, followed by pinkeye...well, you get the point. November of course means the start of the holiday season and since I work retail - well, I'm just kind of glad I got today off in order to plop at least one update on here before the rest of the holidays take over and I'm not able to update again until near Ohayocon time.
        In the meantime, if you didn't already know, Trigun: Badlands Rumble will be coming out to DVD/BD in Japan on December 15th, which probably means if you're an illegal'll probably be able to get your hands on in it within a week of that. If you're like me and you're waiting for a real copy...well...that might take a little longer. There hasn't been any word (that I know of, but if you've heard anything, please let me know) about a release to the theaters from Funimation. The only thing they've released is the box set of Trigun the series, which is pretty neat, very slim-lined, four DVDs, simple cover art. I've already got two different versions and am a bit wary of getting it BD if it were to come out. However - I will tell you that if you haven't gotten it yet, now is the best time to get it - ZStore (ahem...RightStuf) is having a sale on it for $ ask your folks to get it for you if you're too broke to get it yourself!
        I really wish I had more news to share in the Trigun realm. There is a pretty awesome picture of what all comes in the Japanese Blu-Ray boxset for the movie, storyboards and some other book of some sort. I wonder if they'd bother translating it and bringing it over? *crosses fingers* Anyway - I hope you all have a really great holiday season, whatever it is you're doing and if you have any news, please let me know so I can inform everyone! Oh - and friend me on Facebook! We'll chat Trigun. ^_^

        September 24, 2010
Thanks to Nash the Stampede, we now have information about the DVD/BD release in Japan (see the Movie page here) and this snazzy picture came from the official movie blog. From what I can read this illustration will be used somewhere either in packaging of the set or with the DVD/BD box set which also will come with a printed tankouban version of the Dodongo Brothers manga. Now...will Funimation do a similar release in English? Only time will tell I guess! What you've got to do, is talk about it on the Funimation page - talk about it if you see a Funimation booth at a convention - and just bring it up every chance you can until they get the picture that we want both the DVD, the Blu-Ray and the manga!!
        I wish there were more news on the Trigun front, I haven't been posting lately because I've been busy working on Tsubasacon stuff in the meantime. The majority of my news comes from my internet sources, and for that, I thank you! (heh heh, watching Tosh.0, get that stuck in my head) There have been a lot of updates in the DeviantART Trigun Maximum club, so if you aren't a member of that yet, you should go and check it out! Also, I'd love to point out that Khaamar, our lovely Trigun manga colorist from a few year's back (remember those stunning pieces?) just did a Pod-cast on her coloring of Transformers, you should visit her journal on DA and check it out!
        In the works right now I have a new chapter of Dark Convergence to go up in another week or so, I wanted to get it up earlier but haven't had the time to do the last editing touches. But if you've been following the story that Dwellin and I started 5 years ago, please keep an eye out for it! Also in the writing news category, there's eventually going to be a special editorial section on Trigun on here... it's kind of still in the works so I won't talk too much about it, but you know who you are and I'll start promoting it more once you're ready. ^_~
        Last piece of shameless self-plug for myself, I'll be selling my artwork at Tsubasacon this year, please check it out! Only one week away and I'll have some of my Trigun artwork handy and a few other surprises as well. If you haven't heard of Tsubasacon - check us out, we're in West Virginia!

        July 27, 2010
It was brought to my attention last week (and unfortunately I didn't have enough time to post anything about it) that OneManga is closing its doors for good very soon. There are a few other scanlation websites out there that are taking down the vast majority of their scans as well, and a few of the posts of Kekkai Sensen as well as the Trigun Badlands Rumble scanlations have disappeared (or will be shortly). Now...what does that mean? Well, for now you can read them all at, but that might be short-lived as well. I have gone ahead and changed a few of the links to that site on here so you can still access the manga at this point in time. HOWEVER - be aware that at any moment these pages might disappear as well, so make sure you read up now before it's too late! The scanlaters probably will still have the manga available if you know their IRC channel (I know Illuminati did some of them) but they change their names pretty regularly, so you'll probably have to do some searches once these websites disappear.
      I will eventually have access to some of these scanlations in the future, although I don't have permission to post them since I wasn't the scanlator, nor the scanner. There's a possibility I may have them available, but with this recent crack-down on posting scanlations, they probably won't be posted any time soon. My apologies. As you may have noticed, once the official books have been published in the USA, I've taken down any raws that I had as well (at least of Trigun, though I still have descriptions and some irregular translations as you may have noticed). Those are about as far as I'll go lately, I still feel a bit odd posting pictures sometimes because of the crack-downs.
      Speaking of which - on a personal note, I do request that no one ask me for links to scans of Trigun and Trigun Maximum. Those books have been out for awhile now and even if you can't afford to buy the books, many local libraries have it available to borrow, and there are still quite a few bookstores that will let you read them while you sit in their store for check it out. And save up your money to buy the real thing!! (maybe eventually we'll have some legal websites where you can download them for a few bucks like these book-readers are offering) ^_^ I can't say I don't blame the companies who are cracking down on internet scanlators because I've always been a strong believer in buying manga and anime. Sure, I admit I've downloaded it when it's unavailable to purchase, but as soon as it is, I'll save up for the real thing. It's a tough business being a manga-ka and they deserve the payment that trickles down to them from our sales even thousands of miles away. They get a lot less credit than you might think! Remember, manga-ka and animators in Japan work long, hard hours for very little pay and very little credit in Japan, even if you and I love to read their stuff, they might just be 'the creepy guy who never leaves his shack down the street' to his neighbors, so remember that the next time you're jonsing for your favorite manga/anime fix for free! Only maybe 1% of them are actually wealthy enough to do good in their trade, and you're taking just that little bit more away from them! *climbs off soapbox*
      Anyway, that's all I have to say about that! I guess I just come from the era when it was a rare thing to find translated manga (in fact, I was one of the first scanners of Trigun for just that purpose, long before Dark Horse got the license!) so I understand how it can be waiting for your next fix of that favorite series from Japan. And I realize how expensive it is. Everything changes and I've seen how much it can change in less than 10 years - where you had to go to an underground comic shop to get good manga to where you can buy manga anywhere and find it online anywhere, to it now going back underground! Just be glad you got to experience a time where it was easy to get. ^_^ I sure am! And now...I shall go and search out new Trigun information...I hope. ^_^ Love & Peace!

        July 9, 2010
OOops! I knew I was missing something in my updates the other night, but of course I just couldn't wrap my brains about what ELSE awesome Trigun stuff there is out there until one of YOU wrote me to remind me! So thank you! Metalman311 (I'll use your screen-name if that's okay) reminded me that Jesuotaku posted the continuing reviews called "Inbetweens" of the Trigun series. Jesuotaku Trigun Inbetweens Here's a list of what's up so far and I'm sure you can keep checking back as she posts more.
        Mangatoshokan -here's an alternative website where you can read the 2-pt Trigun manga, link thanks to Dilly-oh! ^_^ This one shows the manga in a lot larger files so it looks prettier too.
        Listening to this a bit, Jesuotaku speaks of Wolfwood not being on Knives' payroll at the beginning, which, I think is true - but he was raised (against his will) by Chapel, who are part of the Eye of Michael who were created to worship the plants - aka Knives. As shown later on in the manga, the group wants to be on Knives' payroll. But then, guess what happens? He finds Vash and then kind of follows along, perhaps even thinking that if he plays his cards right, he can free the rest of the orphanage which actually supplies the Eye of Michael. But...since there isn't much proof of this besides my own errant rambling, I'll leave that up to you! It makes me want to do one of these commentaries myself...heh heh heh...too much work - I'll let Jesu do it! ^_^
        As for my usual mantra in these updates - if YOU have any information about Trigun, drop me a line via email, deviantART or Facebook (links are conveniently located at the top of the page!) and I'll credit you the information...that reminds me, I'm missing some credit where it's due. AineofKnockaine first supplied me the Mangafox link, Azalea, NashtheStampede and Little Meesh supplied info about Funimation announcing they're going to release the movie to theaters. ^_^ LittleMeesh also supplied the lovely link to the review on the action figures - hopefully coming to a convention near you soon... I ordered mine through Righstuf, and hopefully they'd have told me by now if I wasn't going to get it because of too many orders...The Wolfwood figure is still available most places around the web, I guess there are more people like me who think he looks a bit 'off'. Ah well, since we've been waiting for years for a new poseable figure to come out, it's worth waiting just a little bit longer. It's just sad that since Knives and the other GHGs that we haven't seen but in the manga would have been in the movie and maybe we could have had figures of those as well! ARG! No fair! Oh...and as for some of the other memorabilia from the movie, I haven't found links to ordering any of those Japanese items here... *sigh* I really kind of wanted to get my hands on the gun collection.

        July 7, 2010
My apologies for being so late on updating with news! I have lots, and in fact, I've had it all for awhile now, but have been too...lazy...busy...tired...working...well, you get the point! First course of business was that Funimation released on Anime News Network that they're going to be bringing the Trigun Badlands Rumble movie to theaters. When? Not sure, they only released this tidbit of news at AX this last weekend, so there aren't any details yet, but I'm sure ANN will probably keep us updated on that! My theory is that they might just not get a hold of it until all of the Japanese Roadshow is completed, and that's still got a few dates throughout July, so keep your fingers crossed it will be by Christmas maybe, and maybe even translated by then! I'm kind of up in the air about whether I'd like to have it dubbed or subbed at the theater, because I really like all of the voice actors. Hopefully Funimation will do it justice and get all the original crew back - otherwise they'd might as well just leave it subtitled if you ask me!
        In other news, the Trigun Badlands Rumble special manga that Nightow drew earlier this year for Young King Ours has finally been scanlated and you can find it on MangaFox (link above) - I will warn you though, before you dive into MangaFox make sure you've got a good virus/worm checker on your computer because I had quite a few pop-ups spring up on me and some of them pretend to be virus checkers. I'd really love for the chapters to be on a different website, but, without doing it myself...what can I do? But it was definitely a cute read and you should check it out!
        In other 'stuff' news, if you need your Trigun movie fix, the Trigun soundtrack is still available through Play-Asia, and they actually posted the review that I gave it. ^_^ I feel special. Unfortunately I had written two different reviews and the first one was really well-written and then they thought I'd copied it from somewhere so I had to write a different one... *sob* The second one was the one they posted and it doesn't really do my first one justice! Arg! More stuff news - if you're trying to get a hold of the Revoltech figures, my best advice is to pre-order it somewhere! I didn't pre-order it from the Asian companies so I didn't get it as fast as the reviewer Meesh posted on the dArt fan-site about (you can find the link above as well) - but I've got one one order right now myself, just waiting patiently for Vash to arrive. For the record, I thought about ordering Wolfwood, but he looks rather silly (or at least sillier) than the previous version that was released years ago. I have that version, so I'm content in just getting the new Vash. ^_^
        As for other news... the Trigun DVD boxset that came out in Japan is available for ordering...if you have a Region 2 (Japan) DVD player. *chuckles* It could be yours for only...$261! I think I'll stick to my Geneon release...heh heh. Oh - and more Japanese stuff... On the "Official Trigun Blog" you can find lots of pictures from AX...some odd ones too. >_<

        June 13, 2010

Thanks to a fan of the website (Adrielle-226), I have something very interesting to post today. Apparently a regular video-reviewer/blogger on That Guy With the Glasses - Jesuotaku - posted this very interesting review about Trigun. Although...I want to state that Milly isn't ditzy... okay, maybe in the anime that's true, but she's much smarter in the manga. Anyway...sorry, I got off track. Anyway, I hate to admit this, but this clip is one of the smartest and researched reviews on Trigun that I've ever seen (actually, the only one using video). Strangely it sounds a lot like me, but it isn't, and that feels odd to me. Some of the bits that she brings up are things that I myself have talked about on this website (the 'toma', 'tomas', 'tomases' talk). I'm actually REALLY jealous that I wasn't the one who actually created such an awesome video - and if Jesuotaku happens to see this - please email me! I'd love to interview you about this awesome video!
      Sorry I haven't been posting much about Trigun lately, I've been on vacation, which is a large part of the reason, but also that I haven't seen anything extremely interesting about Trigun lately. I have been watching the movie website, but mostly it's random blogs and updates on where they're showing the movie in Japan, which really doesn't help us in the least. BUT...if YOU have seen anything interesting out there, then let me know, and I'll post it! ^_^ Anything Trigun...anything at the meanwhile there's been some really awesome posts on the Trigun Maximum fanclub on DeviantART so be sure to check some of that awesomeness out. Yeah. ^_^;
      I feel like I haven't blogged in so long that my blogger's out of whack. I think I have lost my blogging mind...heh heh heh - you know when this website was first started that I didn't even know what the word "blog" was and quite possibly the word didn't exist yet? Well, possible. Anyway, to rectify this mistake just a wee bit, I thought I'd write a little bit about Vash's coat. Geez, this seems way behind the times I suppose, and really I haven't counted his coat designs in quite some time (Although I had at one time) and at first many of his coats were basically just red versions of some kind of strange, form-fitting duster that leaves lots of openings for Vash's maneuverability. Why do I say this? Well, you've seen him, he jumps, kicks, ducks, shoots his gun, falls down holes...well, you get the point - you've got to have clothes with a lot of 'give' to them when you're Vash. Plus, it needs to be somewhat bullet-proof (although we know that's not entirely necessary) but also breathable (it's a desert after all), needs easy access to one's gun, also more bullets (as we've seen in the manga) missing one sleeve for access to his gun arm, and I'm thinking also could work as a coolant system...but I think that's something I saw in a doujinshi once, so who knows?

        May 14, 2010
I haven't been on much lately, but there's still been plenty going on in the Trigun front lately - so there's plenty to update about! Blame me for being lazy I guess! First off, for those of you who don't know, Little Meesh started a Trigun Maximum fanclub on DeviantART - please join us! Lots of awesome categories between fan-art, collections, desktops, and more - might even throw some cosplay in there eventually too. Trigun Maximum Fanclub @ Deviantart
      Unfortunately I've been a bit behind, but others are picking up the slack there at the fanclub, mentioning the new covers being released in Japan. You can find the "Neo" releases at: SasugaBooks at least for now. What we haven't been able to determine (but hopefully after this weekend we will) is why the price is so much higher on these releases. The theory is because they are possibly joined books (maybe two in one?) and I'm thinking this might be the case since book 4 has Rem and the boys on the cover (which normally happens in book 7) so if 1=1+2, 2=3+4, 3=5+6, 4=7+8...etc. which adds up about right. The Trigun series (not Maximum) has two books, one which has Vash on the cover, the second has the Insurance girls...which of course is my favorite cover at the moment. Book 3 (which I don't have on this page) has Legato on the cover and you can find in full-color glory on the Trigun covers page: Here. I went through the trouble of searching out the largest versions I could find online (without actually buying them myself and scanning them) so you have pretty clear versions to look at!
     In other news, the second part of Yasuhiro Nightow's Trigun short was printed in Young King Ours June issue. There's one more chapter coming that's Trigun related in YKO, drawn by Boichi - the style is very unsual. I'm not bothering to buy that issue, but I did get both of Nightow's. If there's anyone out there who would be willing to do scanlations if they had a good scan of this chapter...let me know. If anyone finds these chapters scanlated online, please let me know, I'll post a link for everyone else! The Trigun short was actually very interesting in the way that Vash and gang have to fight cyborgs - which, for the record - means that Vash can actually SHOOT them.... O_O It took me a little while to realize that yes, Vash wasn't holding back as he was fighting alongside Wolfwood. (I may have to scan the two-page insert where Wolfwood's cross-punisher opens up for some kick-butt action). I'm crossing my fingers that during these re-releases of the Trigun manga that maybe someone would be so kind as to include these chapters so that they'd be in book form at some point. I'm just kind of worried we might not get official English re-releases of these.
      In other news, I got my hands on the Trigun: Badlands Rumble OST! Whoot! It actually resembles the music from Gungrave quite a bit, adding in some of the flavor from the original Trigun soundtracks. The main reason I compare it to Gungrave is that I'm thinking it's more of a 'polished' sound from Imahori than we heard with Trigun. I don't know this for a fact, but Imahori was working with Yoko Kanno on Cowboy Bebop around the same time as Trigun, then he got to split off and write the rock-and-roll kind of feel to Trigun (there's actually quite a few similar musicians on both soundtracks) and then after Trigun he did other songs for Kanno - a song in Ghost in the Shell:SAC and played guitar on some others as well before going on to do the Gungrave video games and anime and now returning to do Trigun: Badlands Rumble. I think now he's pretty well-established a certain quality to his music so you can tell it's him. I love the redo of H.T. and would love to have it as a ring-tone someday. But there's other flavors in this soundtrack I enjoy - some sound Italian almost, some more of a Mexican feel and others are just hard-rocking...others very soft and flute-like. Okay, I'm rambling now - but if you have the money to spare, you won't be disappointed by getting the soundtrack!
      I guess that's about it for news of Trigun at the moment. Oh...but I will share a nice surprise since I was wandering into a local anime store the other day and there, hidden amongst all the other stuff was a collection of the clear Trigun busts. I had Vash and Milly (Meesh picked up Legato at that time) but now I managed to finish off with Knives, Legato and Dominique the Cyclops (as well as another Vash and Milly). What's amusing to me is that back in I believe 2002 or '03 (right around the time I started this website) I went to Ohayocon in Milly cosplay and walked into the dealer's room. Immediately upon my entering I got stopped by the guy who owns this anime shop who said, "I know EXACTLY what you want." And pulled out a set of the busts and one of the mini-trigun figures (to this day I'm still looking for the gatchapans to finish that collection...) and I immediately dropped nearly all the money that I had for that weekend on those figures! Some $45+ on just two collections. Now, 8 years later I got all of those figures for only about a buck a piece - from the same guy. Go figure. Weird how things come back around! And that's my rambling for the day. ^_^

        April 21, 2010
As we are quickly coming up on the official Japanese release of Trigun, I thought I'd share some pretty awesome pics that some of my Trigun buds have been sharing with me on Facebook. (If you have a Facebook account - friend me!) Some of these pics have come from Nash the Stampede, some from Demon Brandon, and a few from Puchiko and a few other names you might recognize from fanart/fiction around this website. A few of the other images that I've been securing come directly from the Trigun Movie website and their blog which is mighty awesome when it comes to pictures. By far some of the coolest stuff comes from this site and I think between the figurine to the right here and the awesome Trigun keychains to below.
      Yup...there's some drool factor going on with these proto-types, namely I think the mace from Legato and the Double Fangs. I've always been a big fan of Livio's weapon of choice (not counting Razlo's three cross-punishers) and just seeing them in the beginning stages makes me smile. Now, there's also a few more gun-related items going to go on market, including more Vash guns and a canister that looks like Vash's revolver case and a bullet. It's interesting how much gun-related stuff is appearing for the movie... I just wish they'd have Milly's stun-gun... or a figurine maybe? *begs*
      In other news the Trigun Movie OST (original sound track) was released today (thanks for reminding me Nash!) and it's available through - kinda on the costly side but seeing as though you're ordering it from Hong Kong I believe...I guess the $30 price tag isn't too horrendous (I've spend more on CDs at conventions!) The movie comes out on Saturday.
      SPOILER ALERT - DON'T READ ON IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR A BIT ABOUT THE MOVIE!!!!! Really, I don't have much to say right now that's a true spoiler, but I've been going around the internets a bit and searching for information about the movie. My friend John who went to see it at Sakuracon said it was sort of less action-packed than he was expecting. And other people as well around the web who said they saw it said it was something of a bland reproduction of just another episode of Trigun. Now...don't get me wrong, but for some reason I wasn't expecting anything earth-shattering from the previews (I have a feeling many of you super-fans might agree) especially once we found out it had nothing to do with the manga! But still, just the feeling of seeing Vash on the screen again, and our other characters (of course I still love them all) just makes my heart skip a beat! Knowing that non-super fans were a bit, that's not a good word for it, they were happy but it failed to impress I suppose... that makes me feel a bit saddened. Why? Because if the movie isn't earth-shattering, what's to say we're going to have many new fans to the franchise and a possible second series? I seem to think that it should have been Bebop quality or Conquerer of Shambala good (although, now that I've seen FMA: Brotherhood...whew the old series isn't anything in comparison!) but anyway, I suppose maybe just a taste might help. Maybe bring people back. And if they're re-releasing the Trigun manga, maybe that'll bring new people in and suddenly there will be renewed interest. Already I've seen it. END SPOILERS
      Meanwhile... if you're a Deviant ( please join Meesh's (and my own) Trigun-Maximum-FC (fanclub)!! Submit new or old drawings, and participate in some of our fun activities! ^_^ Heh heh. See what I mean by people getting renewed interest? A brand new Trigun club! Yay! Love & Peace, Friends!
      Oh...and in website update news (since I haven't had much news of that lately) do you like the new look of the blog? I've moved some of the old ramblings off to their own page so now this page basically just covers everything since the first movie trailer. Also...probably no one has looked at the old archived blogs - but I fixed the links to them just in case you're a first timer and you're curious to see how far we've come over the last few years. Plenty to read and probably quite a few things still to look at (and lots of blathering to weed through - heh!) Changed the bars to fit the new theme I've got going as well. Did you ever wonder why I use so much aqua on this site? Vash's eye color of course! And the red is always around because of Vash as well. ^_^ You learn something new every day!

        April 16, 2010
Howdy everyone! I've got some great news - of course, I'm still working on it at present - but I'm excited to say that I've got a new YKO chapter in the process of scanning, drawn by Nightow in YKO - whoot! Now, they've already had one chapter from a different artist (I posted the link before) but aparently this one and the next chapter are both drawn by Nightow. Whoot! So far it hasn't been translated...but I have a strange feeling that someone will soon post it, if it isn't already (and somehow I missed it looking today) - but I'm excited and that means I'm posting a little bit of it today, at least the pretty colored pages. ^_^ I HAD to scan the drawing of Milly because she's just so PRETTY - the kind of Milly that I've always imagined her to be! And of course, Vash isn't bad either. *GRINS* (Don't let my husband here me say that!)
      Anyway, it's a brand new chapter, sort of an 'untold' story that takes place before the 5th Moon incident when Vash still has completely blond hair, the girls and Wolfwood have both joined him, and of course Vash is still getting into trouble and they're still having to get him out of it...but it's nice to see how they all relate to one another, because even though there was some of this play during the anime, it was virtually non-existant in the manga until this point. To point out, this chapter is "TRIGUN" - NOT Maximum. This, to me, is extremely exciting stuff!! Of course I'd love to see a LOT more of this going around - but for now I'm content with just the promise of a couple chapters and a new mini-story (and of course I had to own it for my own because this might never get to American shelves unless Nightow does enough to fill another book... *crosses fingers*) Come on Nightow-sensei - please draw more Trigun!!
      I'll post pages here shortly, but I wanted to do a couple more scans and do it sort of as a package deal you can download all at once - check back to this particular post for the links to appear!

"Trigun Rising" - Nightow pgs 1-9 - Right Click and save .RAR file to open!

        April 4, 2010
Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone had a great day and those of you who made it to Sakuracon had a great time as well! I didn't make it but a friend of mine did, saw the Trigun movie on Saturday, and although I haven't had time to talk to him to get all the juicy details...I'm kind of thinking I won't get them anyway since they didn't translate it - no dubs and no subs. I'm sure the Japanese-speaking Otaku were thrilled though! *grins* Apparently they had a lot of fun though and the movie was really great. There's a short clip of before/after of one of the audiences on the Trigun movie website, that was interesting to see people's reactions. I really truly missed going to see it, but unlike my friend who got up and decided one random day a week or so ago that he was going - I can't do such a thing! Apparently if you didn't pre-register the lines were really long to get in, so I guess it's a good thing they played it all three days! As I get more details, I'll be sure to post them - or be sure to hop on the forum if you yourself saw it and would like to share - I'd just ask that you'd warn us about spoilers ahead of time if you do. ^_^ YAY!! The Trigun movie is out!! (Lucky west-coast ducks!)

        March 31, 2010
It's just been so cool lately, actually having multiple reasons to update this website again! Not only is the movie just about a week or so away from being shown, but there's new manga coming out, YKO is advertising for it, all of the DVDs are being re-released as well as the Japanese version manga is getting an over-haul on their covers - speaking of which, I have yet to actually post what those look like. To the right you'll see the brand new cover for Trigun Maximum No. 1 - I'll probably have to dig out No. 2 for you as well, it's got Wolfwood on the cover... (goes to look)
      Ah, here it is - in fact, now that I've been digging a moment, they've redone both Trigun and Trigun Maximum #1 covers as well as two now, and at least those three books have been published in Japan with their new covers. Will I eventually buy them...? Hmmm... maybe. *chuckles* Then again, I'm not sure whether my husband would allow me to bring any more Trigun manga into the house besides anything that might be new, of course, because I already have about 3-4 versions of the original manga - the first three releases before Shonengahosha got rights to the series - then Trigun 1 and 2 in Japanese, then both in English and then also in hardback from B&N! Oh... forgot to to mention some of it in YKO form as well... >_<; Am I obsessed...hrm, maybe just a little! I'm going to try to order the new YKO that's coming out as well - I've emailed one favorite Japanese store, we'll see what they say.

      HOWEVER...before you think I'm really the most obsessed fan out there (I'm not, I just realized a little bit ago) you should look at the girl who dressed as Vash who went to some Tokyo convention or another - look at the Movie website's blog and you'll see LOTS of pictures of her. What is it with female Vash cosplayers? Yes...I understand the allure of dressing as Vash - but guy cosplayers are just so much more... VASH. You know? I've seen some really good ones in my time! Ah well - I wish this website had been started back in the day when Nightow was doing more conventions around the USA a few years ago (back when I met him) it would have been cool to see them post pictures of our very own Stripper Vash and Voltz and all the other really excellent cosplayers here - heck, even some of the really good ones in Japan too for that matter. Not that I'm putting down cross-players! Don't get me wrong, I will say one thing, she's gotta be VERY devoted because it doesn't look like she's Japanese to me.
      Anyway, I THINK that's all the news I have for the moment...I'm sure once people here in the States get ahold of the newest YKO we'll probably have scans of the manga, and or scanlations - so keep your fingers crossed that someone will allow me to host them (anyone out there?? Purleeeze!) IF I get a hold of it myself you'll be sure to see some new scans arrive...yay! I've been dying to see how good my scanner is on raws... Until then - Love & Peace!

        March 28, 2010
(Clip was deleted)

As we get ever closer to the movie premiere - new information and new clips arrive almost daily!! Sweet! Check out the brand new version of "H.T." trailer on YouTube - it's awesome! It's the same, and yet even cooler! Whoot! A few of us have been talking about the release of the OST for the Trigun movie - something to start looking forward to, indeed, I'd love to pre-order it, I need to get on the ball and start looking for a good place to get it. (4.21 release date)
      I'm curious as to whether now that Funimation has rights to Trigun whether they'll release the new slim-pack like in Japan with a jacket that unfolds to reveal new artwork of Vash. It's very cool. I love that Nightow has been doing new artwork for the anime covers and OST covers - check it out here: Trigun Goods. Now the only thing that's missing are new action figures...ah yes...that would be AWESOME!!

        March 21, 2010
Happy Spring everyone! (In the Northern Hemisphere!) How's your spring going? Mine is pretty good - especially knowing that in just a little while we'll have our Trigun movie! I thought I'd pop on here even though there isn't much new news to report, but there is a really awesome new topic going on the forum right now - sharing your favorite Trigun AMVs - so check it out and post some of your own! Besides that I was at the bookstore the other day and saw some used Trigun DVDs (pity really) and a couple read off the name and my husband said, "you heard about the movie coming out soon, right?" And they were like yeah... I wonder who's bringing that out? I wanted to get into the conversation but I ended up drifting off because immediately they were on another topic. Bummer! It's such a pity that someone sold off their old DVDs, but I have heard that Funimation has rights to them so perhaps they'll be doing a new release eventually? My husband hopes they'd remaster it and put it on Blu-Ray (he's addicted to HD) - that would be cool. It would be nice to see another generation of fans. Anyway - just thought I'd share that little tid-bit because it makes me feel good to know that Trigun is still living on in many people - whoot!

        March 18, 2010
Thanks to Aine of Knockaine we have news of a Trigun One-shot (three chapters) being translatede by (by Molokidan, our old translator) - this is what they have to say about it: "Trigun Rising (!Rising) - A 30 page oneshot to celebrate the release of the Trigun movie. It was authored and drawn by Takeyama Yuusuke. It's a short story that focuses on Rai of the Blade. There will be three more Trigun-related short stories to come out in the next two months. Two short stories by Nightow, the Trigun mangaka and a oneshot by Boichi. Assuming good raws are available and the kind people at www.raw-paradise.come don't put those disgusting watermarks on them, we'll be doing all three chapters." Right now you can find the first chapter here: MangaFox and I'll be sure to post links to the next chapters as they arrive.
        The special thing about this little manga is that it looks a lot like Nightow's work, although it isn't - the backgrounds are very similar but the people are distinctly Takeyama Yuusuke. Doesn't really have anything to do with the movie, which I was kind of hoping it would - but it does sort of touch on Rei-Dei before he meets up with Vash and Wolfwood, and that's kind of cool in itself.
      In other news, don't know if I said it before but there's a new preview for the movie on the Trigun movie website. AND there's a Japanese Twitter for Trigun... XD; (Trigun Movie Twitter) What will they think of next? ^_^
        In even other news... My Whatcher Studio website has been updated - there's actual content! If not much... but I'm making a slow transition to putting stuff onto that website, it won't be Trigun, but I will probably start a blog on there eventually. I'm kind of proud at how it looks right now, I'm learning new website techniques that maybe someday in the future I can use here! That is, of course, if Trigun still stays popular... Don't worry, if this website ever starts to go away, I'll warn everyone before hand. I'll always have some kind of website out there. Anyway - no depressing stuff now! Onto more Trigun stuff! (In a few days, I hope, when there's more to talk about!)

        March 11, 2010
Can't believe it's been a few weeks since the Sakuracon announcement for the Trigun: Badlands Rumble premiere. Since then I've found out that they're playing it all three days of the convention, so I guess if you make it there, you'll be able to see it! I've heard a few people trying to go come hell or high-water but I think I'm adult enough to say that I might have to just sit this one out. However, I know that there's a few things we Americans (or those of us not in Japan, I know there are quite a few in Europe and Mexico who visit this site too) aren't going to be able to get our hands (at least without friends or Ebay) on these awesome Autographed pictures that they're going to be selling. I'm a big fan of pictures like this and of course I have my own stupendous autographs from Nightow, but these things make me excited because I just love his artwork. Found this picture as well as quite a few more on the Staff Blog section of the Trigun Movie website. Check it out, even if you can't read the language, there's quite a few pictures from conventions here in the USA as well as Japan and a few other photos that I found cool. You can find a couple of my favorites on the movie page HERE as well.
       A few of you have joined me on Facebook recently - yay! Thanks for adding me! I'd love to meet more of you and chat online about the movie (since I seem to be on there more than on my chats). It's also been a quick way of getting information to me that I can catalog on this site.

I've also been having fun posting pictures of my "ultimate" Trigun collection! Actually, one of those I'd like to share with you right now:
I've actually had this picture for a little while now and it basically includes only the majority of my figurine collection: original minis (a few missing) original busts (missing some clear ones) all of the newest figure collections, some assembled, some I had to, many of the poseable figures (never a red-coated Vash though...don't know why) and no fabric ones either. Also includes the fancy DVD sets, most of the keychains put out by Pioneer, lunchbox (from my husband) a few card decks, stuffed kuronekosama & vash, and tons of mini kuronekos - excludes doujinshi, posters, wallscrolls, calendars, drawings, other DVD sets, CDs, autographs, Young King Ours - all the manga, English and Japanese... well, you get the idea! I've talked about posting a full listing of Trigun stuff in the past but have never gotten around to it - this gives you a slight idea of what you can expect from a Trigun fan. Although...I really can't say I have the MOST stuff - but probably close since I've never seen any photos of people with more. BUT - if YOU happen to have more, drop me a photo! I'd love to see YOUR collection! In fact, I'd really love to make a page with collections - so if you have time, email me a photo, drop me a line and I'll post your collection as well!

        February 23, 2010
That's interesting, it's been exactly a month since my last update! Well, special thanks to Edward Elric and Nash the Stampede for pointing out to me that Sakuracon is going to be hosting the WORLD PREMIERE of the Trigun movie in April!! ACCCKKK!! *clutches head* I can't get there!!! To all of you West-coasters, that means you're going to actually get to see the Trigun movie BEFORE Japan does on the 23rd of the month. I kid you not - this is HUGE!! It's especially awesome since Nightow loves American comics so much that they're going to do this. What's not huge about this is that...arggg!! Many of us fans won't be able to see it, those of us on the East coast - no faaaaiiiirrrr!! Sure...If I were single I probably would have flown out there for it...but alas...grownup responsibilities. ARG. But, at least someone will be able to tell me about it, right? And thanks again to my sources letting me know this outstanding news!

        January 23, 2010
Official Movie Character List - was just updated on the official page this week. I'm debating on whether to translate all of it or not, but you know the usual suspects, Vash, Wolfwood, Meryl and Milly, but there's also our new Gunman name Gasback and Amelia, who is the pretty redhead we see in the previews. Looks like Gasback - I may be wrong with his name, by the way, it's spelled in Japanese "Gasubakku" - is also legendary in his own right, he's got quite the mechanical right arm on him - maybe another outlaw who is mistaken for Vash often? I like Amelia a lot, she has that Nightow-esque feel to her.
      In the meantime, as you all may notice from looking at the character drawings, Vash's coat has changed, yet again. Heh heh. Milly's has changed as well, which irks me to no end because here I've been making fun of Vash cosplayers worrying about his coat changing and then they use the Trigun Maximum design but darken the original series' colors, making the coat almost a yellow with green highlights...and Milly's hair has gone dark blond again (but at least for me, who cosplays her, I've grown out the blond!) But it means I need to make yet another coat...arg! ^_~ Not surprisingly Meryl's outfit has remained pretty much the same, even the earrings look the same - and Wolfwood has his customary suit - and he looks waaay too skinny as usual. Awwww....this is making me so happy - Wolfwood is back!! I mean, really, what's better than that? (Except maybe the fact we're getting Vash again!!)
      As for Vash, his smile in the close up of his face is so forced. I can't even describe it properly, because we're talking about an anime character here, but the talent it takes to make a smile look forced is only something Nightow could come up with! Poor Vash, always hurting inside even though he's trying to be cheerful! His coat is sort of a mixture of Maximum and original anime. He's got the two little belts on either side, but the larger shoulders, interestingly enough his long sleeve has brown underneath which sort of balances out his gunarm - and his entire boots are more brown but for a silver toe, which is also a newer design. I like how the design combines sort of the best of both worlds but makes it updated and it's still recognizeable as VASH.
      In other news I've got some interest from our friend Fahji about doing some in-depth analysis of Trigun Maximum - so keep an eye out for some new articles, hopefully we'll get this rolling while we eagerly await the movie! If anyone else has some artwork, fanfiction, or cosplay photos - or you find a great fansite, facebook page, etc. that would be of interest to us Trigun/Nightow fans - please drop me an email or pop on Facebook/Twitter/DeviantART and we'll get it posted!! Hopefully our next update won't be too much later...oh, and look for more Dark Convergence coming soon as well! Love & Peace - OUT!

        November 20, 2009
Never fails, the first morning in like a week that I haven't checked Trigun first thing and there are updates! Well, thanks to Nash the Stampede (and my addiction to Facebook) we now have more news on the movie - a release date in Japan! April 24, 2010! From what I can tell with my limited Japanese, looks like there's going to be a limited release to the theaters, calling it a "Roadshow" and just a few different places will be showing it that day. There are a few more updates on the website, like cast and crew, although no pictures of the characters yet, they do have a link to a buffered all-Japanese preview. Pretty much the same thing we got here in America, a couple new clips, but overall not that much more information as of yet.
      I do think my favorite update to the movie website is the drawing that Nightow did for the front page. It's pretty cute (of course I've already stolen it - it's NOT mine! I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT!). I'll be posting the image on the movie page as well here shortly (since I already updated my front page, sorry if you happen to check it and it's not updated yet). Oh yes, and looks like Tsuneo Imahori is back as well - I'm excited for that (Nash pointed it out) so we'll have the same feel with the same musician doing the music! YAY!
      In other news...yes, I know, WHAT other news could there possibly be? *chuckles* Nothing in the way of the movie, I'm afraid, besides going there and checking it all out yourself! But Meteor Methuselah/Immortal Rain #10 was just released in Japan last month. I got my copy in the mail yesterday (because I'm crazy like that). I'm hoping that will mean #9 will hit the shelves here in the USA soon. Don't know why I've always been such a fan of Rain, maybe because he reminds me a lot of Vash and Machika reminds me of Meryl - and even though I've had quite a few people tell me they could never see a relationship between V&M (yes, crazy for me to hear too) there's a nice one between the characters of this series. Plus there's some surprises in #10, but if you're a reader, I won't tell you unless you email me to ask!
      In other personal news - I'm working on an art website of my own now. It's slowly getting off its feet...well, if you count me having a 'in construction' page up - Whatcher Studios - check it out once in awhile. I'm eventually going to have versions of all of my personal artwork, maybe a few fanarts here and there, links where you can find me and perhaps eventually selling some stuff as well. I DO have some art on deviantART for sale if anyone is ever interested! Hopefully by the new year I'll have some good stuff going...provided that I don't keep playing Cafe World on Facebook...speaking of which - if you're addicted to the game too, drop me a line and we'll be neighbors. XD I'm soooo pathetic! Heh heh heh. See you again with more information I hope soon!

        October 16, 2009
Been doing a bit of housekeeping today around the site. Few things about the front page have been bothering me for awhile, namely the fact that not everything lined up properly...but I have that solved...I believe! New wording, plus quick links for things like my email, the forum, and different blog sites which you might catch me on. ^_^ I also updated the Movie webpage, so if you had any bookmarks set to that, you might want to update them (the change was from 2009 to 2010).
      So far there haven't been any updates to the Trigun site...guess I need to go to another convention. *bwahaha* Seems every time I go away something new pops up! If anyone spots broken links around the site, please let me know! I've been having trouble with finding rediculously old links that still point to Geocities - so if you get somewhere that doesn't actually go anywhere, please drop me a line!

        October 14, 2009
Getting away from the Trigun movie for a minute...I know, it's hard to do...I wanted to introduce everyone to the brand new Trigun Mud site. I haven't joined yet (I rarely have time to get on Mud groups) but if you've been waiting to join a Trigun mud - now is your chance! *grins* Trigun Mud - check it out and tell them Milly sent you!!
      Back to movie news, looks like it's actually going to be released in Japan on the big-screen...oooooooh. Will that mean it'll come over here? So far I haven't heard of anyone picking up the original Trigun series from Geneon's old line-up (although maybe someone did...) so who will get the rights to the movie, and will they be in a position to release it on the big screen here as well? I guess we'll have to keep an eye out over the next year. Do check out the trigun movie website when you get a chance, they'll probably update it regularly adding characters and info - I'm looking forward to that!

        October 12, 2009
It never fails - I go off to a convention for a weekend and then breaking news on the Trigun-front happens and I don't even know about it until I get back! If you haven't heard it already, the Trigun movie now has a website! Trigun Movie" and they've changed the release date to 2010! On the plus side, at least there are updates on the website which we might be able to get translated as the days get closer and more information is updated. Plus, thanks to Nash the Stampede who emailed me this great information, Anime News Network posted this short article: Anime News that says all of the characters, Vash, Wolfwood, Milly and Meryl will have their original voice actors returning - and there's a short synopsis about the movie:
     "The story is set in Makka, a town surrounded by quicksand. With rumors spreading that the legendary robber Gasback has his sights set on the town, the mayor Kepler has brought together bounty-hunters to protect the town. These bounty hunters have been following Gasback from town to town in hopes of bagging the prize. Meryl and Milly, two characters previously seen in Yasuhiro Nightow's manga and the later television anime series, have come to town to assess the situation as insurance agents, but are shocked by this turn of events. Moreover, Vash the Stampede is also in town, along with the female bounty hunter Ameria and the fan-favorite character Wolfwood." - Anime News Network Sweet! But...are Milly and Meryl there for Vash or is the story created in a completely different way so that it can't fit into the original anime storyline? I guess we'll have to find out!
     So thanks to Nash here's the information I know you've been waiting for and now we can keep our eyes peeled on a real website - whoot! ^_^ I'm so excited! I had a panel this, Sunday morning, see how tired I am? About Trigun - unfortunately the only thing I was able to talk about much was the upcoming movie and talking about Vash, but people kept bringing their noobie friends and they didn't want spoilers! >_<; Ooh was a good weekend. At one point I was bored at my artist alley table and set up a laptop to play the first few episodes of Trigun...which worked incredibly well surprisingly to sell Trigun fan art! BWAHAHA. Awesomeness! I sold prints of pictures I hadn't been able to move in years. Guess I'll have to do that from now on.... heh heh. I'll be back soon with more details when I'm a little less punchy and about to pass out! Thanks again Nash! I really couldn't keep up on all the information without my website 'peeps' like you!

        September 28, 2009
Received an interesting email today requesting a page with all of the Trigun & Trigun Maximum covers since they weren't all found in one spot anywhere...So, since it was a relatively easy request, and I finally finished my artist alley preparation for Tsubasacon (Huntington, West Virginia - come and visit me Oct 9-11!!) and needed a break from all that artsy stuff... the page link is now located on the main page. The scans aren't very big since I actually got them elsewhere (and I'm lazy), but these should give you a good place to see them all at once. It's kind of a neat way to see the evolution of Vash too. ^_^ Thanks for the request - I hope this helps!
      Other than our cover update...I'm afraid I haven't had much news lately. It's starting to look more and more likely that we won't get the movie this year...however, I still haven't lost all hope - so keep your eyes peeled - we might still have this movie soon (I hope!).

        September 13, 2009
Since I'm giving credit where it's due, this pretty cool blog about Trigun was supplied to me by my husband who reads Japanator on occasions: "My First Time: Trigun" Anyway, I got such a kick out of this story when I read it, although I think there's too much discussion of the getting to watch Trigun for the first time and not enough actual watching Trigun for the first time. *chuckles* But that's okay, anyone who 'popped their anime cherry' with Trigun is okay in my book!! In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the author is someone who visits this website (if he still likes Trigun that is) so if you're reading this - kudos! Spreading the Trigun word one blog at a time. ^_^
      Actually......I really don't have much other news that's Trigun worthy right now..... *sigh*

        September 4, 2009
It's been sort of a slow end of summer for Trigun planet as I'm sure all you have noticed that the forum AND the site have been sort of dead in the water. I think we're all sort of holding our breaths for the movie to come out - or ANY information at ALL about it... which...I'm sorry to say I still don't have.
      However, I'm glad to say I have updated today - thanks to Rory who dropped me a line with some new "You-Know-You-Like-Trigun-TOO-Much" additions! We're almost up to a 100!! No kidding! It's getting even closer now! So maybe by the end of this year we'll top a 100. It's getting tougher to come up with new things for the list since there are soooo many things already up there - but I'm sure some of you are pretty creative, just like Rory and can come up with some new reasons we love Trigun so much. ^_^ At least it gives us something to do while waiting for the movie!
      In a last little bit of news, I did add a section in the forum so you can post your own links to websites and social networking sites. OR...if you're an artist or fanfiction writer, you can always email me directly and I'll post your links at the bottom of the main page! I'm always looking for new links that are from devoted Trigun fans!! ^_^ Love & Peace out!

        July 31, 2009
Some minor changes to the website occurred today - basically background stuff, you probably won't notice too much except that the "Simplicity" series by Catherine is gone (the links were bad and I haven't heard from her in years) - as well as I took down a few other links (in "Links") which were bad also. The Guestbook links are gone - the guestbook will disappear with Geocities anyway - I may make a 'guestbook' on the forum. Added more Kuroneko 'bullets' and changed the size of the font in some sections to make it less bulky. I've also centered the whole kit-n-kaboodle so hopefully no matter which screen size you have (except maybe 800x600) it should look pretty good. I apologize to anyone who still has an 800 screen and has to scroll over to see everything.
      The updates were a direct result of me learning how to do little 'favicons' which - of course, if you noticed - includes a little kuronekosama now next to the SHOULD work no matter which browser you are using, but if for some reason it does not, drop me a line with your browser name and I'll try to figure out what's wrong. Once I did that update I thought I'd better freshen up the site a little bit, although there are still a few image changes I want to do and possibly a few other page updates as well, which I'll mention here if I do later.
      I'd forgotten just how cool it was to be able to work on my own website and design it any way I wanted. Of course, you're probably thinking why do your own if you can just use Facebook or something - am I right? Well, the truth is, I really don't like the networking sites all that much, in fact, I've been considering getting rid of the majority of my sites on them - not this site, this one is my baby - I'm just talking about things like MySpace. It's almost as if people have completely stopped making websites about their fandoms just because they can host something cheap and fast on Facebook - put up all their pictures, etc, and never have to think a set-up through or anything. It makes me sad, really, because I'm still old-school enough to learn how to write all my own HTML (even my husband doesn't know how and he's a tech person!) But, maybe I'm just too old school myself...who knows. I think everyone still enjoys visiting this site, and I'm going to attempt to keep it freshened up for as long as necessary to keep you coming back! ^_^ So...I hope you enjoy! I love feed-back so if anyone has any, let me know.

        July 29, 2009
(Original trailer was deleted)

Today's awesome update is thanks to SpookyKatie who found a High Quality version of the Trigun movie trailer! WHOOT!!! ^_^ This one is soooo much better to watch than all of the others - so check it out, and thank SpookyKatie for sending this to us!
      In other news - still as exciting (maybe even more so) - someone's secured rights to make Gungrave into a LIVE ACTION movie - I kid you not - here's the link:!!!!! The long and short of the article is that Twim Kwok's Convergence (Asia-based entertainment company) secured live-action rights to making a movie which will have around a $30-35 million budget (which, for an asian-film ain't too bad) and will go into production NEXT YEAR...which means... are we getting a live action film by 2012 or sooner?? OOOOOHHHHH!! XD I'm so excited - I've got to thank Nicholas Wolfwood (bwahaha - yup) for this terrific information! Two movies for the price of one!! Love & Peace everyone!

        July 23, 2009
Thanks to a fan - Mandy - I've been able to sucessfully update the "You Know you Like Trigun Too Much" page to have a whopping 90 reasons!! In fact - I'm hoping that maybe we can get to 100 soon. Read the list if you haven't in awhile (I updated it today with a few myself) and then send me the reasons you know YOU like Trigun too much. Can we make it over a 100?? Make sure you don't copy any of the previous reasons...and there are a LOT of them!! Anyway - thanks again for your help with the list Mandy!
      No real news on the Trigun movie front I'm afraid. It's been awefully quiet since AX ended. There are still discussions going on about what they think the movie is going to be about from the trailer - and a lot of mixed feelings, good and bad, of what people think about what they see. My opinion is it looks a LOT like a doujinshi I have - well, in the way of having brand new characters we've never seen before and a whole new scenario. As I pointed out in one discussion I had with a Trigun bud of mine, the story almost seems as though it's Nightow's own doujinshi of a side storyline. It's been done before you know (the manga-ka who did Gravitation for example had a series of doujinshi almost as long as the manga itself just for the dirty stuf... *shudders*) But if Nightow's doing it...that's pretty cool if you ask me!
      That's all from me right now - I hope you enjoy the updated LIST!

        July 9, 2009
Actually...I'm updating this on the 8th - but why split hairs? Anyway, today, long overdue, I've finally posted all of the links to Edward Elric's wallpapers - they're totally awesome so go to the Guest Fanart page and check them out! I can't really pick a favorite, but I had Kuroneko on my desktop for quite awhile. ^_^ (mainly because I love cats...)
      In other update news (this is weird...I actually have news!) I'll be posting more reports on AX as they roll in. Ed Elric sent me some cool quotes from Nightow that I'll be working into the full reports as they come in, but in the meantime, check out her report on her trip to AX on Trinut (the link is on the "Movie Info" page). I'm sure there's more out there too - unfortunately I've been working my butt off lately and haven't had much time to update, little lone get a good overall report for AX. If anyone else has reviews/reports/experiences they would like to share with everyone, please send me a link so I can post it!

        July 6, 2009
(Original trailer was deleted)

Thanks to the power of YouTube and someone posting it thanks to their really awesome video camera - we have our first glimpse of the Trigun movie trailer!! Whoot!
      I'm sorry I missed out on going to AX myself, but this is almost as good as the real thing. Edward Elric, (not where I got the video though), said we'll be getting images and a report soon from AX, but until then, we have this trailer to peruse and see what's going on!
      From the trailer we can tell there is a new enemy - and they still say "Vash vs. Wolfwood" - but is it maybe that they're both going after the bounty of this new guy? Maybe? And who is this new girl gunwoman? Maybe the boys are both going after her? That sounds a LOT more like how the anime ran if you ask me. Poor Meryl, always getting shafted... One thing I did notice from this trailer (besides Meryl continuously grabbing her head - what's up with that???) is that Milly has her Maximum outfit - it's colored closer to the original anime, but the shape with the crosses is the same. Interesting! There's so much to digest in just this trailer - and I think it's pretty safe to say that it definitely fits in with the anime more than it will the manga. Is that okay? Yes, I think so - it's more like an 'untold chapter' as I've been hoping it will be, similar to what they did with Cowboy Bebop. I'm sure some people will be disappointed, but I won't - we get to see more Vash!! WHOOT!
      This YouTube link will appear on the movie page shortly - as will perhaps, actual footage I can keep up rather than just the embedded player...since you never know when that will disappear from the internets... I hope. And of course, as I mentioned, there's more to come!

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