Top 92 Reasons You Know You Like Trigun *Too Much* When...

        I've seen these types of things on other websites so I thought I'd take a stab at it, and everyone seems to really like it, maybe because it really does chronicle the true obsession of Trigun! If you can indentify with 100% then you're truly obsessed... 75%, you're a true Trigun fan... 50% then you're on your way to becoming ONE OF US... 25%, you're a casual Trigun watcher... less than 25%, then I'm kind of surprised you're here - don't you like other anime? *GRINS* ENJOY!!

You know you like Trigun when...

1. You stay up rediculously late just to watch it on Cartoon Network/G4 (when it's on).

2. When they take it off Cartoon Network/G4 you yell at the TV and post complaints on AdultSwim.com for them to put it back. (no matter how many times they take it off and put it on again!)

3. You decide to buy the entire DVD box set (or all the tapes) just so you can watch it (as well as buy the special limited release box sets too!) and download it or watch it in bad quality on YouTube.

4. You still watch Trigun on Cartoon Network when they put it back on (stupid-heads don't play it anymore.... *pouts* Tries other channels...).

5. You search the internet for anything Trigun related whether you can read the language or not!

6. You search every animé shop, FYE/Suncoast and comic place for anything Trigun related.

7. You buy EVERYTHING they have.

8. Then you search every animé shop online.

9. And buy EVERYTHING they have.

10. You decide to make a Trigun website.

11. You find all the manga translations of Trigun and Trigun Maximum.

12. You read all of them.

13. Then you buy ALL of the Japanese manga - including the anime art book, and original three releases of Trigun.

14. You try to translate the books that you can't find translations to online (or you do and start a webpage devoted to translations and help other translators!) - what I did back before the translations came out!

15. You start to learn Japanese!! Konnichi wa!

16. You try to draw Vash (or other characters).

17. When you realize you can't draw Vash, practice until you can - but first you scan the manga and print them out to put up all over your room.

18. You find out that Johnny Yong Bosch was the voice for Vash and so get up at 8:30am just to watch the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on ABC Family channel just to see him as the Black Ranger (or rent the movie) or watch Witch Hunter Robin, Wolf's Rain, Bleach and Last Exile because he does voices on those anime too, and of course seeing him at conventions with his band EyeShine is a must too!

19. You learn the lyrics to "Sound Life" - well, at least the three verses they have on the animé. "Sooooo..." and download the Japanese version and learn it so you can sing it whenever you're outside looking at the stars!

20. You run around singing Vash's song, "Total Slaughter! Total Slaughter! I won't leave a single man alive... Ladeedadeedie... Genocide. Ladeedadeedud... An Ocean of blood... Let's begin the killing time." when chasing squirrels around the back yard. (Oh wait, that's just me.)

21. You think Knives is right that the whole human race should be destroyed (especially if you work in retail!).

22. You wish that Vash was a real guy because he's so dreamy. (Come on, I know I'm not the only one.)

23. When visiting Krispy Kreme you think of Trigun (or any donut joint anywhere...and any donut).

24. When you eat a steak you think of Legato (read the manga).

25. You want to learn how to play the sax just like Midvalley.

26. You find a whole new use for Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

27. You like to look at the stars and wonder where the planet Gunsmoke is.

28. You have a second stomach just for cake and ice cream.

29. Your best friend in High school was just like Meryl... short dark hair, shorter than you... You used to follow her around... You have long blond hair and blue eyes(or maybe that's just me).

30. You make a big deal when Legato's not eating in the animé. (Like how many times isn't he eating? That would be a good drinking game...)

31. You get silver earrings just like Vash's.

32. But they aren't radio transmitters...where can I get those??? Wonder if Radio Shack has 'em.

33. You call people "Tongari" or "Spikey" or "Needle Noggin" when they have spikey hair. (Or just for the heck of it...)

34. When you meet someone you say, "Domo!" (hello!)

35. You keep looking for the final edge that will make your cosplay costume the best... Examples: Wolfwood's "Mercy" - or his "Portable confessional!" - or Vash's/Knives' Angel Arm... Milly's stungun... Meryl's 50 derringers...

36. You consider going into the insurance business...

37. You call your cat Kuronekosama... whether he's black or not.

38. You go to the bank and try to convert your money into Double Dollars.

39. You grow an affinity for pudding. (a la mode and a mocha frosty creme!!!!)

40. At the grocery store you look for meal bars so you can give them out to children on the street... This one's for you, this one's for you, and uh, this one's for me.

41. At the Dairy Queen you order a banana sundae.

42. You make every holiday a Trigun holiday... And you have a moment of silence on July 21st.

43. Then you decide every day should be a Trigun holiday - and dress appropriately.

44. You wear red coats in summer.

45. You plant red geraniums around your house.

46. Then you decide to take up oil painting and paint them. (or maybe that's just me)

47. You learn to play chess like Wolfwood. (Or like Milly...then you must be good.)

48. You wish you had ten brothers and sisters... (are you nuts, Tongari?!)

49. You meditate on "Life and Love" every morning - for about three seconds.

50. You watch the animé so many times that you start to notice animation flaws... Wolfwood's cross on the bus before he's found. The fact that on "B.D.N." Vash passes out on the floor but manages to get on the bed in order to fall off the bed on the other side (you also know this is in the manga too). The old guy's mustache in "Little Arcadia" disappears now and then. And in "Live Through" Vash's bandaids on his cheeks disappear from time to time.

51. Your brother starts to quote lines from Trigun. "You listen, but then you don't, what's up with that?" At appropriate times... Like when your kuroneko takes your spot when you get up, "I knew you were no mere mortal, but I had no idea that you were really a cat...."

52. You shout "LOVE AND PEACE!" whenever you feel like it. Over and over and over and over and over...

53. When choosing a name for a club you start you suggest the "Gung-ho Guns" and then hand out coins. (read the manga).

54. You start a coin collection for this purpose.

55. When you do something wrong you start talking to Rem, "I did a bad thing..."

56. Anytime you get a scratch you wonder whether it will scar because you think scars are cool.

57. You ask your friend in the army if Vash's gun could actually fire... And you bug him until he answers you - even if that means making him watch ALL of the Trigun episodes....

58. You've considered naming your children after the Trigun characters... Or your pets... Or Neopets... Or Pokémon... or rocks, or trees... Heck, you name everything after Trigun characters.

59. You compare all of your friends to the Gung-ho Guns... Or other characters from Trigun and Trigun Maximum.

60. Every time a lightbulb burns out you morn its passing.

61. You name your car the "Vash Mobile" and post pictures of Vash all over it.

62. You find yourself talking about Trigun every moment you get, and then because people make fun of you, you make a scrapbook for the obsessed and horde away pictures that you love just for you...

63. You decide that having only one Trigun cosplay outfit is not enough so you do the different variations of the costumes and then try to find out how many other people have your costumes and decide you need an even better one!

64. You glomp Vash cosplayers and stalk their cosplay.com websites (come on, I know I'm not the only one who does this! Who else has seen strippervash?)

65. You're obsessed with writing Trigun fanfiction and can't not have one you're working on.

66. You learn about Trigun doujinshi... And buy every single one you can, whether their hentai, yaoi, straight, etc (okay, I don't have all of them but I know people who do!)

67. You believe you're actually one of the Trigun characters - and you go around flaunting it and actually turn to your character's name being called more often than your own name.

68. You start collecting the Young King Ours magazine - get a subscription - renew your subscription - start translating the newest chapters - coloring pages - and helping with scanlation clubs!

69. Your room looks like a "shrine" to all things Trigun. You have wars with other Trigun fans and always win the "who has more stuff" category.

70. You have quiz contests for bizzare little known facts - like there are six-legged lizards on Gunsmoke - or you know that Gunsmoke isn't the only name given to the planet, Stanal is another - and you can pretty much always stump the people you're quizzing!

71. You fantasize about you ideal Trigun lover, and then wish upon a star, hoping that the character will appear to you and become your love slave.

72. You rename your family members and give them Trigun character names, because Trigun has simply made you realize how insignificant their persons are simply without cool names like those.

73. You invent a diet that strictly revolves around doughnuts.

74. You consider becoming a priest, but only to make the position more liberal. (Come on, priests need a little more excitement in their lives-why not drinking, gambling, and women?)

75. An episode of Trigun changed your life. (Maybe you see the flaws in mankind, maybe you look at plants a bit differently, maybe you're planning on getting a black cat for a pet, maybe now you want to be an outlaw, maybe you like the color red just a little more, etc.)

76. You decide to write Trigun, the musical, with an all star cast.

77. You give yourself a beauty mark with a sharpie. (Ahem...strippervash!)

78. You bow down to plants, and hail them as being your superiors.

79. You manage to convert innocent cosplayers into your way of Trigun Maximum life until they start wanting to cosplay anything from Trigun rather than other anime.

80. Every time you walk past feather boas or anything with feathers you think of Vash and Knives.

81. You buy the domain "trigunplanet.com". (or maybe that's just me?)

82. You dream of a day when you can meet Yasuhiro Nightow - at least until you DO meet him and then you dream about meeting him again!

83. When you get the opportunity to meet him you've outdone yourself on your costume so much that HE TAKES YOUR picture!

84. You stalk every DeviantART artist that does Trigun art.

85. It's 3:41 AM and you've just finished watching the whole series for the who knows how many time and you find this list and feel jealous because there are people out there with more trigun stuff than you have....

86. You sing the genocide song to Johnny Yong Bosch and he gets scared.

87. You get (or plan to get) a trigun tattoo - this includes everything from "Love & Peace" or Kuroneko sama - to Vash/Knives guns near your own gun...(ahem strippervash).

88. You squeal in girlish delight (even if you're a boy) when you see the Trigun movie trailer that's on YouTube (even in horrible quality recorded on someone's camera).

89. You marry someone with the last name Thompson so you can name your little girl Milly... (Okay, so I don't know if I'm having a kid yet but I DID become a Thompson!! bwahaha)

90. You or someone you may know creates a MUD game completely devoted to Trigun.

91. You are up late at night looking for an episode of Trigun only to run across said MUD game, and join it simply because you love it...then stay on said game for 36 hours straight until you pass out!

92. And you make lists like this one!!!

Wow... You have no idea how accurate this is to my own life... *GRINS*
If YOU have any you would like to add to this list, drop me a line! The list is grooowing!! Can we make it to 100?

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