Trigun Maximum YKO Covers

This is the MOST definitive YKO cover listing to date that you can find (except perhaps if you searched out Shonengahosha's website and found them there!). I was inspired to do this from Chilly's forum about rare Trigun pictures, but also from the new Mini-booklet that was released in Sept. 2006 YKO - although there are a few pictures in that which were NOT in the YKOs, and a few here that aren't in the booklet (namely Livio). A few of these covers have shown up on posters/wallscrolls (we're not sure whether they were official or bootleg), some have been used as inner-flap covers on the Japanese releases, others as the 'cover' page of the books. Later I will add some other rare Trigun pictures that have inspired figurines. I hope you enjoy!

From First to Last (1997-2007)
YKO 10/31/1997 issue 32 YKO 4/30/1998 issue 38 YKO 5/31/1998 issue 39 YKO 10/1998

YKO 5/1999

YKO 8/1999 YKO 2/2000 YKO 10/2000

YKO 5/2001

YKO 8/2001

YKO 2/2002

YKO 1/2003 YKO 5/2003 YKO 12/2003 YKO 4/2004 YKO 11/2004 YKO 5/2005

YKO 4/2006 YKO 10/2006 YKO 5/2007

YKO 5/2010

Legal stuff: copyrighted by Yasuhiro Nightow/Shonengahosha/Young King Ours... None of these pics are mine, I merely borrow them... Ah, to oogle over Trigun Maximum...