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Welcome to the Young King Ours Trigun Maximum Summaries. (Not to be confused with Sumire's Trigun Maximum Translations.) This page was requested by one of my visitors (hi Mi-chan!!) because of the gaps that Sumire-san has on her webpage. Now, seeing as though many of her gaps are from earlier books that have already been officially translated, I've skipped ahead to book #8 and will meet up with the chapters I already have posted. ^_^
        Sumire has been very gracious by translating many of the books and quite a few of the YKO chapters over the last few years so I could never take her place with these summaries - in fact, in these pages, I had fun with them so they aren't as "official" as the newer YKO updates. There are some translations in the following chapters and I go pretty much page by page with descriptions - however I also have personal thoughts and extras added in so there's plenty of spoilers to watch out for!! I talk about newer chapters and older ones so read at your own risk! Then again - if you're here, you probably want spoilers anyway!! ^_^ So read away!!

Trigun Maximum #8
2. Silent Ruin
3. Counter-Attack!!
4. Escape*
5. Uneasy Road*
Wolfwood Spin Off - Freed Bird
Trigun Maximum #9
2. Violent Wind*
3. LR
4. Death War*
5. Prostrate Demon* (Demon in a Wheelchair)
6. Unyielding*
Trigun Maximum #10
1. Reckless Conduct*
2. Sworn Friend*
3. Sudden Turn*
4. Death Omen*
5. Final Decision*
6. Homecoming*
7. wolfwood
8. Eternal Farewell*
Trigun Maximum #11
1. Zero Hour
2. Slap Sticks Days
3. Lightning & Thunder*
4. Regeneration of the Wicked Man*
5. Get Ready, Get Set
6. Someone to Defend*
* Denotes Kanji translation

June 16, 2005: TM#8 Ch. 1, 3&4 / TM#9 - complete / TM#10 Ch.1, 3 & 4
       Trigun Maximum #8 Chapter 1

        Ch. 1 "Invasion"
        We come to the edge of a huge bridge - I believe they're talking about the importance of the bridge spanning the chasm (something about either how deep, wide or long it is - it's 10 ailes) - a set up for how catastrophic it is when Knives "Arc" flies overhead destroying it. Knives cuts the thing right in half with that power of his.
       Skip to Knives torturing Vash... Well, make that Knives having Legato torture Vash. For some reason (and perhaps he never tried before this) Legato has easily taken control of Vash's body - from what I can read Knives is telling Vash that over the 150 years on the planet the humans (garbage - as he likes to call them) have destroyed the plants, used them up until they were dead - until their hair turned black - and he reveals to Vash why his hair has turned partially black. "However," Knives says, I think he says something about finding a way around it. Vash says something to him about the Big Fall - and that's when he screws up in pain thanks to Legato...
       Skip to Wolfwood. Then to Elendira and Knives in the control room - they're coming into a town - as they fly over head the radios crackle with static until they pick up either a warning or a panic from the ground over the ship. The people all look up at the ship in awe (because well, most people on the planet haven't seen a ship flying in their lifetimes!) so on page 17 they're all yelling and someone's shouting, "shut up and get inside!" Another says, "Mom! Where's my camera?" And yet another "Hey! Would you get a look at that, how awesome!!"
       The army of course is on red-alert. They know it can't be good. They all fret over the lost technology - fearing that what's flying in is not on the good guy's team (with good reason of course) - and the Eye of Michael is following under the ship as ground control. Levio, Nicholas and Tri-P of Death. The Captain yells to fire and the army opens up without asking questions.
       Wolfwood takes the lead (the army wasn't a very good shot) and after he fires back Tri-P laughs, saying something to him about "kill or be killed" (I think...) because Wolfwood didn't aim his missile directly at the army but nearby. Then he talks a bit more and says, "Sometimes we're the Gung-ho Guns... But sometimes we are the Eye of Michael." That's when Levio jumps into the crowd pulls his double fang and kills them. This is kinda where you can tell whose side Nicholas is really on now when he pulls the gun on Tri-P. He was really affected by the fact that Levio killed all of those people. The old man laughs and what it kinda looks like he's saying is "sometimes it's better to die than it is to live..."
       Pg. 30 - Vash asks for Knives to stop - "Knives wait!" I'm not sure what's being said there exactly - except Vash does bring up Rem at one point and it stops Knives for a moment. I think they have the "usual" conversation about humans polluting the planet, and finally Knives brings up how humans destroyed Rem... Natural resources and that sort of thing. Then Knives brings up Tessla - and most of the rest of their conversation is about her and her death. Then Knives turns and goes toward the walkway out over the plants (where he'll end up diving into soon after) and says something about "this is what it's all been leading up to, Vash."

       Trigun Maximum #8 Chapter 3

       Pg 73 - "Counter Attack!!"
       Meryl is showing the people on the SEEDS ship the route she and Milly took, describing the damage to the cities (per their insurance job as far as I know) as Knives flew over - the "Xs" on the map are destroyed - he's going from city to city taking the plants, and in his wake people are dying from losing their homes, food, energy, water - all originally supplied by the angels.
       Meanwhile, over the last three months Brad, Luida and the others have been preparing a fleet of ships in order to shoot Knives down. They were really close to getting finished now. Then Meryl asks what happened to Vash... Apparently she didn't know that he was captured by Knives in the previous book. Everyone kinda just looks at her sorrowfully... It's hard to answer her because I don't think anyone knows for sure whether he is still alive or not - since he's been gone for 7 months they probably assumed he was dead.
       I really have no idea what that flash back scene is about on 78-79 - there's mention of July City, and Meryl asks if he's dead - but I've tried translating it and I just can't get quite get the gist of it. But on 80 Luida says that they just have to believe, and keep on believing that it will turn out okay. "Now, we need to get going." And Miss Luida turns around with a tear in her eye (apparently she and the little Sensei really cared for Vash - they were both kind of his "parents" in a way while he lived on the ship with the others, keeping an eye over him.) Well, Luida says, "Sorry, I need a moment to think." Then she says something about him managing to survive July, but to get away from Knives, she didn't know. Then Luida leaves and Meryl says, "Miss Luida... I think that too..." The kanji means to be the same so I'm not sure exactly what she meant by that.
       The next pages I always assumed were a flashback. But then later on I've debated whether they're actually a dream that Knives has. (I'll explain in a moment). "Mama. Mama look." The mother looks down at the little one and says, "Pretty isn't it?" "Why?" "Is big sister in there?" "Big sister? Works there?" It's strange because the answer says something about big sister arranges flowers as thanks to mama and papa... I'm probably way off there - but I can't find another meaning for one of these words that means "flowering arrangement." *shrugs* They go onto talk about thanking big sister for her hard work and the bow and say thanks, then "papa" I'd imagine comes in and asks what they're doing and the little kid says, "Mama look! Big sister is smiling at us... she's smiling..." (Or laughing, the kanji can be used for either I'm told.) I've always wondered about this scene because if she was talking about flowers if they're talking about Rem, but Rem was supposedly alone on the planet before she left... *shrugs*
       But the next page Knives snaps awake, and says, "What was that just now?" And the kanji above Wolfwood as he looks up into the sky - says, "...A dream...?" Even Vash's eyes are wide - part of me thinks it came from the plants. I'm not even sure that when it gets translated officially if I'll understand it. (I've been going over it for months now!)
       Meanwhile, the army is ready for Knives ship as it approaches. "What the...what is that?" Elendira looks down on the little army, "My my," he/she says, I suppose adding something about the army or whatnot. Brad and the SEEDs advance team (they aren't working together at this point - the "outlanders" don't know about them yet - they will later on - and they see Knives ship. Knives lashes out and fires upon the army blowing them to bitty pieces. Brad gets into his fighter ship (I'm amazed they have that airplane - I didn't notice it before but the ships must be within it) - and Knives laughs - then collapses to the ground, seeing all of the people he's killed, all those alive perhaps, all of the past events and Elendira runs in, "Knives-sama!!" Either it's Vash managing to transfer some of those feelings through the plants - or it's the plants themselves. But it really takes Knives by surprise - maybe you could say it was his conscience kicking in.
       But during that moment the army has a chance to fire missiles, damaging the ship - Knives of course gets pissed. HEH HEH. And Brad flies over the ship with his team - the angels are screaming as the ship's being pounded - and at one point Brad says "Sorry," under his breath before they were ready to fire... (Maybe because they were going to take down the ship whether or not Vash was in there...) But then Elendira shoots one of her nails into the gliders destroying one. There's more explosions and someone says, "What is it this time?!" And of course Nicholas takes this as his chance to go after Vash (after Ch. 2's fight with the other Eye of Michael crew he makes up his mind which side he's on). "Can you hear me, Tongari?" Vash's eyes go wide, "Wait..." And Wolfwood blows open the door to the room Legato his holding Vash.

       Trigun Maximum #8 Chapter 4

       The Escape
        Ah yes, this is the showdown between Legato's psychic ability versus Wolfwood and Vash... Wolfwood points his gun at Legato's head, "It's been a long time," Legato says, "What are you going to do?"
        I'm still not sure what all he says to Wolfwood but Vash calls out to say something to him about "that man" (Legato I'd imagine) and Legato talks about death... As he takes control of Wolfwood's arm, forcing him to point the gun at himself. The next few pages are kind of a battle for control. Legato can only control one of the two men at a time. He finds this out the moment he takes control of Wolfwood as Vash's hand reaches for the grate - a battle of wills between the three. Finally Legato gets Wolfwood to bring the gun to his head and Nick yells, "Tongari, NOW!" Vash uses his a-arm to blow a hole in the grate and climbs out - Legato tries to put his concentration back on Vash and Wolfwood shoots him in the back of the head. (Through the coffin thing he's in so he doesn't die... darn it!!)
        Legato proves it by forcing Nick to point the gun back at himself, shooting him in the chest - and yet he manages to drag himself and Vash out of the room as Legato lays face down on the floor bleeding. Go Wolfwood!! ^_^
        But as he takes Vash out through the ship Levio stands in his way - I'm not sure what's said between them but Levio doesn't listen to Wolfwood, dashes past him and fires his double fang backwards at Wolfwood and Vash, throwing them into a bloody pile as Master C comes flying in - using his Cross punisher as a pole vault and flings himself and his wheelchair down the stairs at him and Vash.
        Wolfwood pulls his punisher to shoot the old man but loses the draw and winds up getting shot in the stomach, both Vash and Wolfwood fallen into a bloody pile. Wolfwood tries raising his gun to shoot Levio - but he can't - Levio and he grew up together (it would be worse than killing Vash really... and he can't do that either) so Levio and Master C shoot at him, drops him into the wall - one last killing blow... That Vash blocks! "No, you didn't make the wrong decision, Wolfwood" he says to his friend.
        "Heh," Wolfwood laughs... "Ton...gari..." He asks Vash if he's okay, and something about not being dead yet - Vash points his A-Arm at Master C, and the old man actually asks him to stop, not to use his "power". Knives catches wind of what's going on and shoots a giant "arm/wing" whatever it is in between the two enemies - "Checkmate," Elendira says as he/she comes down to stop Vash himself - but of course Vash isn't done yet, he says that he's leaving, grins, aims his angel arm down - fires, and he and Wolfwood fall down through the bottom of the ship into the clouds below.
        Knives tries to reach him but fails - "Brother, what are you doing?!" He screams before he actually falls - and the end of the chapter ends saying something like "The end of an era" or "It's come to an end" - speaking of the brothers being together - something like that. I think I remember reading somewhere that Knives had decided the next time he won't let Vash survive the next time they met. I'm not sure if that was in the next chapter or not... Can't remember where I saw it.

       Trigun Maximum #9 Chapter 1

       Here goes Chapter 1: Hometown
       Nicholas stumbles upon a boy crying on a step, "Why are you crying?" He asks. Then extends his bread to the boy, "Nicholas... Eat it." The boy looks up at him.
       Back to the present people are making their way out of December and out from the crowd going in the other direction comes Wolfwood on his motorcycle, people yell that he's going the wrong way, that he shouldn't be headed that way - but he ignores them until he reaches the bridge where he's stopped by the army. "Where are you...?" The captain turns to talk to one of the others about the status of where Wolfwood is headed and before he can turn around to answer Wolfwood - he breaks through the baracade on the way to the orphanage.
       Once again in the past Nicholas and Levio are talking - I don't know about what, I never did translate this bit - but I know that Nick eventually invites him back to the orphanage with him. In the orpahange Levio settles into life, washing dishes, helping out around the kitchen, that sort of thing. Nick and Melanie (the house mother) watch on as he seems to be fitting in. Then one day there is yelling, "Jasmine!!" Someone screams.
       A little girl with black hair is clutching onto a board sticking out over the roof where her little puppy is perched on the end. She lost her balance as she tried to go out and save it. Nick runs up to go get her, but Jasmine slips, "Ni- Ni-onii!" And Jasmine falls! Suddenly out from the group a blur dashes out and just manages to catch Jasmine... Levio lays below Jasmine, both of their faces in shocked horror, but they're okay. Later that day Jasmine and the puppy are fine, playing out in the yard as Nick and Levio look on. "Wolfwood-san, arigatou gozaimasu." Thank you Wolfwood. Wolfwood smiles and starts to laugh, Levio looks at him, "What are you laughing about?"
       That night Nick is walking one of his charges home past a dark alleyway when they see a shadowed figure. "Levio?" Nick asks as he sees the boy turn... It's Levio, but it's not Levio... "You... What are you doing out in the middle of the night?" The little boy by Nick's side says, "Nick-onii?" He turns to look down at him, but when they look back again at the alley Levio is gone. Nick narrates, "I only thought it was strange... And then..." The next morning a child is crying. Blood on the ground...
       "The puppy," Nick goes on, "Yesterday I saw Levio there..." Nick runs to see Levio, the boy looks at him up from his bed groggily as Nick heaves, "Levio... You..."
       "....? What do you want this early?" Levio asks.
       ".....? What?" Nick's confused.
       "Just a little while longer... Can't I sleep 15 more minutes?" Levio asks, scratching his head, then his eye spots something on his hand, and he looks down in horror at his blood coated hands.
       The children are squabbling outside of Melanie's room, all yelling to see, to know what's going on as she and Levio talk. Nick tries to calm them, "Wait, we have to hear his side first... He's inside right now, Grandma Melanie is asking him what happened..." Inside they can hear the children, "But he had blood on his hands! That means..." Nick retorts, "I want to know too, but we have to wait.. .wait!"
       "Tell me what happened," Melanie asks Levio.
       "I don't know," he responds, head hanging. They look at each other for a moment and Melanie breathes a sigh of relief, "Really," she says after a moment, "I can see that it's the truth and I believe you." Then suddenly the children fall through the door and Melanie gets up, "What did I tell you!!" "But! But!!" Someone shouts as Melanie gets them out of the room.
       Meanwhile inside the room Levio sits thinking about everything that happened, the bloody hands, the puppy... Jasmine looks in through the door as something comes over Levio's face... It's not Levio that looks back at her. And so, soon after Levio leaves the orphanage.
       Back in the present Nick is still on his way there. He's forced to stop his motorcycle when suddenly a little boy runs out in front of him. "You idiot! That's dangerous!" He yells, then looks down to see the boy is crying. "Sorry," the boy says, "But I didn't know what else to do."
       Nick sees the other children peering around the rocks to look at him. "Where's grandma Melanie?" He asks. "Why... there...?" They all look at him, he's towering over him and they don't recognize him (he was barely taller than any of the children before he left the orphanage 6 years before) The boy asks who he is, and he goes, "Big brother." No one talks, they just look up at him until one says, "Huh?"
       Apparently, as he goes toward the orphanage (where the others who didn't escape are still being held) there is a cyborg... 5 Men are holding the twelve left captive. Within the orphanage Levio and Master C sit talking. They're talking about it being a job for the Eye of Michael - something like that, Levio doesn't seem very happy about it and M.C. laughs - I'm not sure of that conversation either... But they look up out the door and see a figure coming towards the orphanage.
       The boy and Wolfwood are arguing when a boy from the orphanage comes running, being shot at - running close behind him is another of the E.of M. He gets knocked to the ground, nearly killed when Levio comes in and stops the man from killing the boy. One quick move and he's torn apart. Then he looks up toward the desert - "Someone's coming."

       Trigun Maximum #9 Chapter 2

       "Violent Wind"
       The children of the orphanage talk to one another about the strange man who has come to their rescue. They watch as far out Wolfwood is taking out the bad guys - he sits on his motorcycle, his crosspunisher at his side, sunglasses on - his business face on. The freaks guarding the orphanage are mere gun fodder as he rides toward his destination.
       Flashback to his past, a young Nicholas is learning how to shoot from one of the Eye of Michael, a cool looking guy with wrap-around sunglasses and a goatee. Back in the present, Wolfwood shoots up one missile, it disappears into the sky. Meanwhile, Master C (who could be the same guy if his aging was accelerated) is thinking about Wolfwood as he continues to take out baddie after baddie. A tear runs down Master C's face and it flashes on a picture of Levio/Razlo, completely bound, but smiling madly.
        Nicholas, having taken out nearly all of the group by this time comes face to face with a BIG guy who smiles menacingly. Wolfwood simply points up into the air, and the guy looks up into the sky and comes face to face with the missile Wolfwood shot earlier! Wolfwood stands in a pile of broken pieces of mechanically enhanced bad guys, but suddenly, one of them starts to move, it looks like Legato's coffin almost, and opens up and points a rocket at the orphanage! Wolfwood screams for the baddie to stop, but he screams he doesn't understand the order and fires! Wolfwood screams, "LEVIO!!"
       Out of nowhere Levio grabs the rocket, only feet out of the launcher, turns it around and it falls right back into the baddie. Levio walks away as it explodes, and faces Wolfwood. They then exchange words.
       Meanwhile in the orphanage, Grandma Melanie and the other children still within the walls are huddling together not knowing what is going on outside. One of the boys from outside have come in to tell them that they will be okay, that someone has come to protect them. One of them mumble about brother Nicholas, and Melanie looks up with a small hopeful glint in her eye - if only it were Nicholas.

       Trigun Maximum #9 Chapter 3

       Nicholas and Levio talk about when Levio left the orphanage, what happened to him after he killed the puppy. Wandering in the desert, he came to a town where he saw a group of rough looking men. Stumbling into an alleyway, Levio fell to his face, almost unable to move. But then he discovered something odd in his pocket. He found a crumpled piece of paper, and opening it, read, "!" signed, "RAZLO". (In English) "Razlo?" Levio thinks, his eyes wide as he stares at the paper, "why is that familiar?" Later that day he started digging through garbage cans when the roguish men find him, telling him to go back where he came from. They beat him to a bloody pulp and throw him into a garbage bin.
       Upon waking up, Levio crawls out of the bin and falls onto his back, staring up at the sky. There are more notes in his pocket - note after note signed "Razlo" (actually some of them are signed Lazlo in the small text). He gets up and walks to confront the bad guys again. They beat him again and Levio cries, thinking about Jasmine - suddenly, as they are about to grind him into the ground a gust of wind, and odd noise, and Razlo takes over. All that is left within the alley are piles of bloody body parts.
        Levio gave in to the monster, tired of being beaten and broken, he goes on to tell Wolfwood. Wolfwood asks him why he didn't get out, why he didn't leave the Eye of Michael, and Levio replies, "It's true, but, just my reasons are just as yours are Mr. Wolfwood." (Levio is just so proper *grins*). They both draw guns and in a quick moment both have weapons pointed at each other's temples.
       They fire. Blood sprays, Wolfwood spins to his knee, Levio lifts his leg to slam him, and Wolfwood yells at him. Within the orphanage Master C hears the commotion - his eyes narrow...

       Trigun Maximum #9 Chapter 4

       "Death War"

Note: In the following chapters it gets really hard to distinguish between Levio and Razlo - they're the same guy but the two personalities take turns - sometimes you know it's Levio because he'll stop just shy of killing Wolfwood - but you don't know if it's Levio or Razlo who's in charge when he starts firing again... So for sake of clarity I'll call him Levio until Master C introduces him as Razlo - the next time he's Levio again will be in book 10 - see Sumire's updates for more details... I think - or I'll fill in the gaps here as necessary!

       The battle rages on between Levio and Wolfwood - blood sprays, they both fall to the ground. Levio's got holes in his chest, they start to bleed as Wolfwood stands above him - another one of the goons lay on the ground watching in horror as Nicholas plugs bullet after bullet into Levio. He turns and starts to leave as Levio begins healing - Levio's guards stand ready with cross punishers, waiting for their master as Levio stands up - Wolfwood's eyes go wide - and Levio throws him through a wall. Wolfwood coughs blood as Razlo jumps over him, points his doublefang behind him and fires.
        Master C laughs, calls him "Chapel.... No.... Nicholas the Punisher!!" and Nicholas fires on Razlo - they fire at each other until "Click!" Both guns are out of ammo. Levio switches his guns over, fires at Wolfwood - sending him into a wall - a streak of blood left on the wall as he slides to his butt. Levio stands above him as Nicholas slumps forward, he looks down at Wolfwood, "Something's wrong," he murmurs, watching his friend sit completely still, "He shouldn't have stopped moving because of one shot..."
        Suddenly Wolfwood stretches out, throws his head back, a vial between his lips and as he drinks the liquid within he starts to heal. (See the manga scan page if you want to see this). Suddenly Levio snaps to attention, Master C screams at him to hurry - now is his chance to finish him off! Nicholas gets to his feet and Levio screams.
        He comes for Wolfwood but gets a missile in the chest! He manages to parry it, sending the missile up into the air and Wolfwood rams him with his cross punisher, aiming his pistol through the center of his cross into Levio's chest. "Live... Levio," Wolfwood says and fires.

       Trigun Maximum #9 Chapter 5

       "Prostate Demon"
       Master C's eyes go wide as he sees blood flying from Razlo's form. Wolfwood throws him down into a bloody lump and then looks up toward the orphanage. Master C is finished watching his students fight! "Come! Nicholas!!" He screams and flies out of the building at Wolfwood - both crosspunishers out and ready. They fire.
       Flashback, a cross is set with a heavy thud onto the ground and a young Nicholas looks up at it stunned. "I'm giving this to you," a young Master C (?) says, holding the cross punisher in front of him, "It's time you learn how to use it." Nicholas looks at it, wide-eyed, it's taller than he is!! "It is called a "Punisher," Master C says and Nick's eyes narrow in determination.
       Back to the present, the fight between Master C and Nicholas continues - the old man flies at Wolfwood, blood coming from his mouth. They stand with Nick's punisher aimed at M.C's chest - the old man looks down at the bullet wound in his side. Wolfwood raises his punisher at his head. Master C's eyes glance up at the Razlo's three servants (they're faceless, completely covered, perhaps robots - completely controlled by Levio - they each hold Cross punishers - they don't move, awaiting orders.) Wolfwood glances up at them as he and his old teacher talk. Suddenly the trio disappear! They reappear right above Nicholas! He aims his cross punisher upwards but they land around him - bowing...
        To Razlo as he stands above Nicholas, completely healed. "Levio.... NO.... Impossible!" Wolfwood says as Razlo's left eye glows through his skull shaped mask. The eye narrows and Razlo jumps out of the way, sending his double fang flying at Wolfwood, it hits off of his punisher harmlessly and Nicholas fires. The bullet is caught between metallic fingers inches away from Razlo's face. He drops the bullet and the arm, which looked like his own arm, rips out from the front of his fabric, up his back - it's attached between his shoulderblades!!
        Razlo's trio extend their punishers to him. His skull shaped mask falls from his head - half of the hair that looked attached to his head is actually a part of this mask - it all falls to the ground revealing Razlo's freakish red eye (well, I suspect it's red or maybe yellow *shrugs*) his ear is covered by a strange globe-shaped attachment, and strange lightning shaped tattoos - half of his head is bald. Razlo grins evilly as he lifts all three cross punishers into the air at once! Master C introduces him... "Razlo the Tri-Punisher of Death."

       Trigun Maximum #9 Chapter 6

       Levio remembers when he's first found by the Eye of Michael, he cringes in fear in a dark room as the doctors look over him. "It hurts!" He says, "It hurts! Father! Stop!" The doctor talks to someone, and Levio contiues, "Mother! Help me! Help me mother!" In the darkness two bodies slump to the floor, a bloodied knife hangs in Levio's hands as he stands above his dead parents. The doctors look on at Razlo, he's strapped to a chair, laughing, "That's right," his left eye is narrowed as he laughs, saying something to them about the Eye of Michael.
       In the present Razlo laughs. He's competely taken over. Wolfwood remembers the first time he saw Razlo - he and Master C talk briefly until Razlo jumps in, cross punishers at the ready. The trio jump in - why, I'm not sure - he destroys them, their blood sprays Wolfwood as they fall to bits around him. Then Razlo opens fire on Wolfwood himself - Nicholas throws himself out of the way but Razlo is fast and he's got three punishers to Wolfwood's one!!
       Three punishers mean three missiles... They fly toward Wolfwood, his eyes go wide, there's a huge explosion - part of the orphanage is destroyed in the blast. Blood flies - shredded cloth as Wolfwood flies into another wall (man, are there a lot of walls around here or what? ^_~) then he falls to his face, "He's so strong..." He thought. Razlo and Master C talk as Wolfwood lays face down on the ground, thinking desperately what to do next. Master C points his cross punisher down at Nick's head. Nick thinks about Levio, his devotion to his friend... then Master C talks of "That man... That man who changed him... Vash the Stampede."
        Unable to move, Wolfwood starts thinking about Vash. (yes, all you W/V fans, don't get into a lather... heh) "No... No it's not... No I can't..." He remembers Vash's smile. He continues to think about all of the people he met through Vash, the things they said, he tells himself he can't die, he can't die here, not now... His eye widens. Master C continues to talk, "I know..." Wolfwood thinks, "I think I know... That big idiot... That's why... But..." he sees Vash turn in his mind and looks at his own hand, "Ah... But..." He tries to move, "But..." Razlo starts to grin as Wolfwood pulls to his hands and knees, his hands formed into fists. Master C continues to point his gun at Wolfwood and the chapter goes black with his thoughts... END BOOK 9.

       Trigun Maximum #10 Chapter 1

       "Reckless Conduct"
        Wolfwood sits on his knees, thinking, Master C's gun at his throat, he thinks of Vash, things his friend has said to him in the past. Master C and Wolfwood talk about loyalties - his job, the reason he's become a traitor, etc. "Scared?" He asks at one point, looking down at his hands, but M.C. tilts his punisher to lift Nick's head up to look at him. Levio jumps in between them, looks like he's saying he'd be happy to finish off Wolfwood himself - but M.C. fiires at Wolfwood anyway, Levio looks down at him, shocked. There are three vials hanging with Nick's shoulder holster.
       Master C shoots Wolfwood again, best not let him heal himself, take care of him now... Master C puts his hand on the ground in front of him, stands from his wheelchair, pushing his punisher into Nick's chest, "Gaaaaaaa!" Master C. yells at Wolfwood, his face twisted in rage.

       Trigun Maximum #10 Chapter 3

       "Sudden Turn"
       Just a note for this chapter - there are actually a LOT of changes between Sumire's translation of this chapter and what was printed in TM10. It happens on occasions, normally Nightow just adds tone, or changes a panel or two - but this time he's taken out quite a few pages and added quite a few others. For one thing, there is a scene that Knives appears as described in her translations - he doesn't appear at all during these chapters. When Vash's ship flies in, it says he lands in a town and sees Wolfwood - in the tankoubon you don't see him until he appears in front of Melanie and the children. There are also quite a few pages added with Levio after Master C gets tossed by Wolfwood. The end of chapter three actually has added to it Levio screaming something at Nicholas, and then a flashback of Vash's first meeting of Wolfwood.
       Wolfwood lifts his cross punisher at Levio who starts after him. Vash waves for Mel and the others to go inside the orphanage as Levio's "assistants" fly in to attack him. Wolfwood and Levio fly past one another - Wolfwood and Vash fly past each other fighting their chosen opponents... Levio lands, the assistants land in a heap and Wolfwood and Vash land near one another, standing back to back. They have a slight funny argument to end the chapter.

       Trigun Maximum #10 Chapter 4

       "Death Omen"
       The funny argument between Vash and Wolfwood continues, Vash has a swollen eye, they argue, then Vash drops his head and Wolfwood apologizes, "Sorry..."
       The scene ends as suddenly the two men realize they're in danger, running and jumping behind wreckage of a building as a hundred little daggers come flying at them, sticking in the ground and stone. Wolfwood and Vash prepare for the next attack, talking about Levio and his men, perhaps even about Vash's sudden appearance. They talk about those most important to them, Wolfwood gives a hallow smile, Vash looks at him, surprised, then yells at him. Suddenly one of the daggers hits the wall next to Vash's head, it has a grenade attached too it. The explosion sends him out into the open again, he dodges another hail of daggers as Wolfwood lays cover fire, "Eat this!!"
       "Come on Tongari!!" Wolfwood yells, Vash remembers the time Wolfwood made him hold his gun up to his head (in book #2 after killing Rai Dei). Vash stumbles, falls on his face, Wolfwood yells, dashes out to help him, gets a dagger in the leg, starts to fall and Vash reaches out his hand to catch him. Wolfwood lands on Vash's right shoulder, Nick's arm around Vash's neck to his opposite shoulder, Vash's right hand sinks into Wolfwood's side... Vash's eyes go wide with shock, his fingers sink into the cloth of Nick's coat... Almost as if there's nothing left of him. Levio's assistants get ready with their daggers again. They throw, five daggers lodge themselves in Vash's left shoulder, blood sprays.
       "Tongari!" Wolfwood screams, he shoots the assistants who scatter. The two men use each other to stand, Vash's arm still around Wolfwood. He pulls away slowly. Nicholas looks at the daggers in his shoulder, Vash's eyes go wide, he turns, shoots at the assistants again. They fall to the ground and a single bullet grazes Levio's nose, taking a chunk out of it. Vash twirls his gun, then turns, putting his shoulder on Wolfwood's shoulder, then walks away, the daggers still sticking out of his left shoulder. He reaches up and pulls them out as the sun shines down and a crow flies overhead.
       In the meantime, Levio's nose heals, and Wolfwood gets ready to face him. He takes a drag on a cigarette as Levio lifts his trio of cross punishers. He fires at Wolfwood - a hail of bullets. In the smoke, all that can be seen of Wolfwood is the shadow of a cross - he stands behind his own punisher, using it as a shield.

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