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Welcome to the Young King Ours Trigun Maximum Translations.
       In order to get you prepared for the world of TRIGUN MAXIMUM, make sure you scope out the left hand side of this page for the Trigun & Trigun Maximum Chapter guides. The original chapters are a mix of English, Katakana and Hiragana/Kanji - The titles are listed according to the Dark Horse translation (unless I completely don't agree and those will be marked).
       Trigun Maximum was released initially in Japan in a magazine called "Young King Ours" with other titles such as Hellsing, Excel Saga and Geobreeders. When enough chapters were printed in the magazine, the company Shonengahosha published them in book form called a "Tankoubon". That is the form that eventually gets translated for those of us English speakers. ^_^ As of this date, all the books have been published in the USA - Trigun #1&2, and Trigun Maximum #1-14 through Dark Horse Comics. You can also get all of these issues from Japan, where Trigun was originally broken up into three books instead of two which came later when Shonengahosha took over.
        Here's where it gets a bit confusing - YKO has been counting chapters since Maximum #1, Ch. 1, and sometimes they mix the chapters up a bit when they get into the tankoubon form. So they don't always match up exactly. So when the tankouban caught up to my YKO updates, for example - chapter 74 might be book #11, chapter #7 or something of that nature. In order to avoid confusion, I'll be adding the corresponding chapter numbers to each area if I get the chance - however, if there are any changes from the original comic to the final book form, I'm not changing it - why? Because this way I have archived the format of the original YKO. So, if you want changes to the chapters - go buy the books!! ^_~ Think you got all that? ^_~

        The pages that follow are merely a way of archiving the original YKO issues and are basically for those of you who have no access to the translated books (especially since it seems very few people have access to online copies of this series) and would just like to know more. Back in the day these pages were the most up-to-date information you could get without having an actual subscription to YKO, they're just sort of a bunch of words, but I'm keeping them up just the same!

       Now... Let's begin! Each chapter is in order by month and chapter number. There are quite a few chapters that I have translated (mind you I'm not perfect so please don't shoot the messenger!!) and then some farther back which have only summaries, there are also some I took from Max7's Scanlations (which are marked). Enjoy! And thank you for stopping by, I LOVE sharing TriMax with you all!!

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Trigun #1 0. High Noon
1. The $$60 Billion Double Dollar Man
2. Looney Toons
3. Hard Puncher
4. Popo
5. Assault
6. Die Hards
7. Rem
8. Duelist
9. Then, Between the Wasteland and Sky
10. Little Arcadia
11. Son
12. River of Life
Trigun #2 1. Blood and Thunder
2. Diablo
3. Fragile
4. Scars
5. Slaughter cafe
6. Gathering of the Devils
7. Eye of Invisibility
8. Fifth Moon
Extra: Day in Day Out
Extra: Trigun Pilot
Trigun Maximum #1
1. Hero Reborn
2. Lina
3. Girls, Bravo!
4. Hero Returns
5. Dancing Revolver
6. Sin
Trigun Maximum #2
1. Return of the Blue Wind of Death
2. Resume Our Business
3. Samurai Showdown
4. Wolfwood
5. Desperado
6. Home Sweet Home
7. Darkness
Trigun Maximum #3
1. Reservoir Dogs
2. Cement
3. No Escape
4. Emilio the Player
5. Long Goodbye
6. Families
7. His Life As A...
Trigun Maximum #4
1. Countdown
2. Bluesy Killer Horn
3. Bottom of the Dark
4. Den of Theives
5. Crying Wild Breed
6. The Bystanders
7. Hopeless Sinner
Trigun Maximum #5
1. The City And Then The Banquet of Dogs
2. Breakout
3. Loss
4. Villain
5. Death Deal
6. Let Us Walk the Path to Redemption
Trigun Maximum #6
1.The Gunslinger
2. double team
3. Cross X Assasins
4. Death Omen
5. Colorless Expression
6. Seeds Voyaging to the Stars, A World Inside a Pod
Trigun Maximum #7
1. happy days.
2. Seperate Ways
3. The King of Lonliness
4. Good For Nothing and the Blues
5. When They Arrived, It Was Already the Beginning of the End
6. Conflict
Trigun Maximum #8
1.Invasion (49)
2. Silent Ruin (50)
3. Counter-Attack!! (51)
4. Escape (52&53)
5. Seperate Paths (54)
Wolfwood Spin Off - Freed Bird (55)
Trigun Maximum #9
1.Home (56)
2. Gale (57)
3. LR (58)
4. Battle to the Death (59)
5. Prostrate Demon* (Demon) (60)
6. Fortitude (61)
Trigun Maximum #10
1. Reckless Conduct*(Delusion) (62)
2. Sworn Friend* (63)
3. Sudden Change (64)
4. Death Omen* (Vision of Death) (65)
5. Final Battle (66)
6. Homecoming* (Return) (67)
7. wolfwood (68)
8. Final Farewell* (Final Parting)(69)
Trigun Maximum #11
1. Zero Hour (70)
2. Slap Sticks Days (71)
3. Thunderstruck (72)
4. Return of the Wicked (73)
5. Get Ready, Get Set (74)
6. Someone to Defend* (That Which can be Protected) (75)
Trigun Maximum #12
The Gunslinger
1. The Journey Ends - But Heavy Breathing Still Echoes*
2. Corrosive Thunder*
3. The Interceptor
4. The Gunslinger
5. + - 0
6. resonance
7. Run Livio Run
8. Lantern*
9. Their Own World* (futari bocchi no sekai)
Trigun Maximum #13
1. False Doppleganger
3. Demon Fire
5. Battle of the Mystics
7. catch-as-catch-can
8. Tipped Wings
9. VS
Trigun Maximum #14
Mind Games
1. When Conflict Comes to An End
2. overkill
3. Side by Side
4. Never give up! Never surrender!
5. Ticket to the Future
6. Mind Games
7. Double Wings
8. Never Ending Song
* Denotes Kanji translation

***A side note - Ch. 87 - 89, 91-101 are completely translated**
       OCTOBER 2005 - Chapter 87 - TM#13 Ch.3 "Fire Demon"

       We return to the landing crew from the Earth ships... "Altitude 1300...950...500...250...!!" Kuronika's sent a team while she still floats meters above Knives - "Approach the target by NOE ("nap of earth" - a helicopter flight pattern where one flies very close to the ground and very fast)."
       "...Are we prepared to go out and meet it?" One of the pilots says. "No I don't think we are..." The others remain silent. "We'll have to do this part alone because of its ability to tap into wireless signals. We don't want it to realize we're here until we force it to land."
       "It will be a hard first contact," another says in reply.
"Range... 120!!" One of them says as they hover a few yards above the sand, in the distance they see Knives hovering between the crashed Seeds ship, and Kuronika's ship. The landing crew look at it with sweatdrops on their faces, "Raise the system's warning light system to the next level... Kuronika, this is insane." They go into stealth mode, and start toward Knives.
       Meanwhile, we see Legato's mace from below... Lodged in a wall (only sidewards), he swings it up suddenly, and looks down below - Vash escaped through the floor! "Fuh..." Legato says, looking at the trail of blood, "Ran away did he...? You were lucky for the floor's poor condition, weren't you?" He flips the chain on the huge mace and it bounces once, and lands on his shoulder, then heads off into the smoke. "Where did he go to? To go obtain weapons? ...My life depends on what you decide. I should probably go back." He says outloud, walking across the ship now when he sees a drop of blood on the ground. Vash's blood... Legato bends down, the huge mace still on his shoulder, his tongue reaches down to the ground. "If I let you escape this once, my own life would become worthless. Do you understand?" He hesitates a moment, "I could be killed. You could kill me, but you won't kill me. Not today, not now. You won't try to rob me of this burning life." He licks up the blood, then his eyes go wide, he looks around...
       In a blur Legato spin drops the mace, and with a mighty kick sends it flying into a doorway... It crashes through, the spike of the end mere inches from Vash's face!!! Vash doesn't speak as Legato says something to him, Bluesummers smiles, but Vash remains silent, wide-eyed, staring at him. "...Answering. Understanding. Convincing. Proving. ....You and I, which one is superior?" Legato smiles, "Do you think if you do not return... I will probably be accepted by that person?" There's a flash and suddenly the mace opens up!! Machine guns, dozens of them, pointing in every direction! Vash leans back in the rubble, eyes wide, at the monstrosity before him!
       Meanwhile... (Nightow's an evil SOB...) Back to the fight with Elendira and Livio's fight. Livio flips over, Elendira raises her briefcase - Livio shoots at Elendira... The cross dresser pulls her briefcase to bear, "Waaai...!!" Livio cries, still in the air, "Wait...!! WAIT!!!!" Four spikes fly into the air at Livio, he falls amongst them in a pile, legs wrapped around them every which way. "I asked you to wait... Doubt you heard me if you shot four shots before I even landed..." He says, sweatdrops on his face. Elendira doesn't bother stopping, Livio's eyes go wide, "DEMON!!! That's what YOU ARE!!!" She sends dozens more nails his way he dodges each and every one, his face screwed up in a comical expression until finally he trips, lands in the dirt and sighs. Elendira looks down at him.
       "...What were you saying, Boy? I'm feeling a bit confused about how you've managed to escape them all." Guess she's finally given up... He's learned all of her tricks!!
       Livio stands, grabs his cape and hat, puts them on while Elendira watches with a handful of veins popping out of her head, shoulders... well, she's annoyed... "You wanted me to wait for THAT...? If you really acquired the skills that fast to defeat me, you could have finished this already."
       And Livio smiles as he pulls on the clothing he received from Jasmine, "Well, perhaps we should begin then? Incidentally, when I put these on I become stronger. Well, maybe it's just a simple matter of how I feel when I wear them?"

Note: Yup! That's really it! I have a feeling that Nightow ran out of time this chapter, since it's only 20 pages long, it's no where near his usual length, nor is it as action-packed either. *shrugs* Guess we can't expect Nightow-sensei to get the huge chapters ready for us all the time! But at least Vash is okay! Yay! And it looks like Livio is ready to get serious in his fight against Elendira rather than just dodging her blows... Hmmmm... What a ham. ^_~ Alright everyone! See ya next month!!

       NOVEMBER 2005 - Chapter 88 - TM#13 Ch.4 "BLACK"

       Elendira and Livio stand facing one another, Livio repeats what he said last chapter, "Well, shall we begin? Incidentally, when I put this on I'll become equally as strong as you. Well, it's simply a question of feeling that way, don't you think?" Guns lift... suddenly Elendira drops her briefase to the ground, Livio's eyes widen as she flings her coat off... Revealing a body suit that is coated in straps! Livio starts to sweat.
        "....My apologies," says Elendira, casually taking off her hat, "To be honest, you've underestimated me." Loosing a strap at her neck, "I'm sorry." Suddenly the straps pop off one after another - flying off, and she drops, grabs up her briefcase again, Livio lifts his gun but in a flash of movement suddenly she's right there in front of him, face to face! Livio screams, Elendira sends a nail into his chest and he flies backwards down the tunnel where the bomb was... Blood spraying from his mouth.
       "Ahh...aaaaahhhh aaaaah..." He buckles, hardly breathing, suddenly THIRTEEN more nails fly down the tunnel, "KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!" The scream echoes through the tunnel. At the doorway, Elendira crouches, steam pouring from her mouth.
       Meanwhile.... Legato's mace guns blast Vash! Bullets and finally a massive explosion as Legato smirks, "Not yet... Not yet... Not yet... Not yet... Vash the Stampede...!!! You aren't serious yet...!!" He grins, watching the explosion. "Even if it looks like you're completely worn out, you aren't...!! You're still holding back power!! You're holding back!! You're holding back...!!!"
       Meanwhile, flying over the darkened city, the pilots from the ships from earth fly over the city. "The city streets are empty. Confirm the establishments appear to be like Earth Home. Good. Permission to land granted. Approaching landing place... Human figures confirmed!! RIGHT!!"
       Lights appear in the darkness as two guards turn to look, "..Huh? ...What's that?" One guy starts to sweat, "!?"
       Still in stealth mode, the pilots announce themselves to the hanger and the soldiers within. "Those of you in residence there, can you hear me? We are "Pieces of the Earth". People in this ship's hull that are from Earth. We will now become visible." The soliders blink, "?" "We are not dangerous," the pilot continues, "Do not be frightened. We will answer all of your questions in a moment." "??" Suddenly they appear and the soldiers fall over backwards screaming in shock as a bald pilot with glasses and a big nose steps out.
       "........Sorry about that," the pilot says, "However, in this circumstance, I need to hurry." The soldiers point their guns at him. "...The person in charge... I believe is Miss Luida?"
       "Miss Luida... I presume?" The pilot says as he meets her for the first time, "My name is Banse. (bansay) It's an honor to meet you. Originally one would think to expect this a profoundly extrodinary meeting, however, we don't have too much time."
       "....." Luida waits for him to continue, only other leaders jump in, "That first shot, that was you wasn't it!? The ship... After all, is it really that much of a threat? What is the intentions of the ships in the sky!?"
       "....Please wait a moment, I intend to show you." He turns, "Leisum, picture and commentary." The other pilot pulls out a holographic projector, "...Yes sir," she says and suddenly there is a reproduction of the SEEDS ship, Knives, and Kuronika's ship in the middle of the room. "....Present conditions." The room falls silent.
       One of the leaders begins, "...That's all... a plant...."
       "You could say this is carries a concentration of energy that is this planet's life line," another explains.
       Leisum looks at her projector, "We call it a "Fused Body", however, there has never been one this large in our history. Our great space fleet has a potential thirteen ships at our disposal, and nearly the entire fleet could be dragged into this. It could radically change the shape of this planet. Well, with this enormous amount of energy it is, however if we were to manage to stabilize it, it would no longer be a very large threat. Also, there must be a reason why this is the only planet we've come to in outer space that has such a large fixed star that isn't all burnt up.... Moreover, there is a question... That is a massive amount of power for one person to control. What does it plan to do with all that much power?"
       "This... is a person...?" The leaders look at the replica of Knives' face, intrigued and afraid. A sweatdrop forms on Luida's face.
       "It... Him...!?"
       "....You're acquainted with him?"
       "We were surprised," Leisum continues, "That a leader with this much intelligence exists. For instance, we know for certain that in an instant he was able to break our ranks, and possibly in that same moment was able to strike us while our backs were turned. However, we know in this way he will not use the same technique twice."
       "...But if he strikes again... What chances do we have against him?"
       "...It isn't zero," Banse says, "But you have to give me the key to solve the problem."
       "We... do?" Luida asks.
       "Yes," Banse continues, "This man is looking for something. Whatever it is resides on this planet."
       "This... planet? How do we find it then..." The others look at one another in thought and worry. "......"
       Banse tries to prompt them, "...It's usual that the target is a person ....Usually they move toward the target, there's a high possibility that he's heading there right now."
       "He wears a red long coat, looks in his mid-twenties, has blond hair and blue eyes, and is kind of old fashioned. His main feature is that he is light hearted, and has hair that reminds standing no matter what the cirumstances are. His name... Is Vash."
       Everyone starts to sweat, Banse stares at them for a moment too long until suddenly...
       "....That's it...!!" Banse is suddenly very happy... "I must hook up with him immediately...." Luida looks at him confused as they talk, "...!?"
       "...... That's not possible.....right now he's... He's far above on the highest level of this ship." A tear comes to her eye, "...In the most dangerous place... the only one fighting this war by himself."
       In the meantime Legato holds the handle of his mace and sweatdrops form on his face. Suddenly the sound of explosions and bullets ceases, and within the smoke there is a single light. Legato glances down to the chain, then a sudden feeling comes over him - almost anxious... worried... "....So that's it... THAT IS IT." The light shoots out of the smoke and his face is completely covered in sweat as he looks on with a smile. He whips the mace out from the smoke and it comes away... half gone! Not from explosions... It's just NOT THERE anymore... As in, it's been cut out by an Angel Arm black hole!!! Legato watches as the smoke suddenly clears...
       Vash's coat is in tatters and is now black... His hair.. black... His right arm still bears the signature feathers of his angel arm... Legato looks at his hand. "....That power... You no longer have any more in reserve do you? ...however... That is.. THAT... is still a powerful threat." And he smirks.
       Back at the tunnel, Elendira has walked to see her handiwork - Livio, pinned to a wall with 13 crimson nails. He's bent over backwards, eyes blank. "...This is the second time in as many days that you didn't listen to what I said and got skewered. However, not that I'm bragging but when I take off my restraining gear I'm three times stronger than you. ....Next time I'll be certain to crush your head. I won't need any more of those vulgar devices, you think?" She looks down on him, almost disappointed, when suddenly a chill, and her eyes focus on Livio. "...What... Is this... Who are you?"
       "No LONGer LIViO... tHIs is ME... tHought yOU SuPRESSed my SPIrit?"

Notes: Done done!! I'm not completely happy with a few lines, gomenasai (sorry) I wish I had first hand experience in speaking Japanese, alas, I'm stuck with anime and book learning! ^_~ But it's really interesting, coming down to the line now, don't you think? Yay!! Oh and as side notes, I tend to call Elendira "SHE" just to keep pronouns straight - you all know he's a he right? ^_~ Vash is in dire straights and looking darn near like Dark Vash but it seems to me that Legato's more afraid of him now than before... hmmmm. But he's used up all his power right? Shouldn't he be dead? O_o Well, I can't wait until next month, stay tuned everyone!! Oh - and it's possible that Banse - is supposed to be "Barnes" but the "ba" sound isn't lengthened so I didn't write it that way. Leisum could be "Reisumu", but I shortened it how I thought it might be spelled. ^_^ Translating is pretty complicated sometimes!

       DECEMBER 2005 - Chapter 89 - TM#13 Ch.5 "Wizard Battlefront"

       The chapter begins with a narration & flashback of Livio's past when Razlo first appeared..."You have borrowed as much as you wanted. You never regretted it for a minute. But I do not forget your debts." We flash back to the present where Livio is still pinned to the wall, "No longer Livio," he says, "That me... how was he killed?"
       "...Who?" Razlo's eye (the tattooed one) widens at Elendira, "...Well, that's good news. ...Ah, I see." His eye narrows, "It was very kind of you to do this so I could enjoy myself for a while."
        "You are... Trip of Death, right?" Elendira asks, unphased by the supposed corpse talking to her. Razlo grins.
       "I guessed this fate... As I figured he died so easily!" He laughs, before wedging his elbow against the wall and pushes off, nails and all!
       Elendira's eyes go wide and she attempts to shoot a nail but Razlo throws himself on Elendira's back, "...........AH!" Her gun goes off, one nail hits another already imbedded within him, jamming the gun. Suddenly Razlo's movement causes a spray of blood around the three nails still embedded in his torso and Livio falls backwards screaming, "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" Elendira stares wide-eyed and mouthed at him, ".....!!"
       Razlo looks up from the ground where he lay, "Like an electric shock I'm back! In some ways I might be a fool, I'm selfish enough to continue to stick to my old ways, which isn't easy at all." Elendira glances down at her weapon realizing that it's been jammed. "But in doing so..." Elendira waits for him to continue, "......." Razlo's eye narrows slightly, "I just managed to kill two birds with one stone!" He gets to his feet, and begins chanting, "...Come on!! ....Come on!! ...Come on!! ....Come on!! ...Come on!! ... COME ON!! LET'S BEGIN!! DO IT!!"
       Elendira turns, suddenly her eyes go blank, then glow as she's all business. Livio grins, narrating, "I cannot find a word to describe that... that murderous spirit. A normal person is harmless in comparison. They are like a soft wind. However, this one has a pure and rare fighting sense. Because of this violent sensibility, Elendira the Crimsonnail bathes within this moment within a relatively short distance." She reaches out, a thousand nails appear from behind her as she reaches out and grabs Livio's face. "I'm not playing.... We've come FAR past that you...Damn Brat!!" The thousand nails impale Livio from all directions until only his head remains!! Elendira holds it up above the nails as his body falls to pieces on the ground. Livio screams. "OOOOOHHHH!!!!"
       And then, he falls to the ground... WHOLE... His eyes wide with the pain of the illusion! Elendira grabs out the jammed nail and impales him with three more...

Note: This chapter thanks to Flipster-kun!! It's done!!! FINALLY!! But it's the shortest chapter in a long time from Nightow-san, I'd imagine he's working on getting the next books ready - we DO know that this is part of Book 13 still, it's mentioned on page 1 of the chapter - something about it being available... *raises eyebrow* Is it in production maybe? However, one thing I have to note is that back when Wolfwood first came to the ship with Vash in order to face Knives, when he imagined a dozen crosses impaling him and ripping him apart... That MUST have been Elendira, not Legato like I'd assumed at one point! WOAH... No wonder Elendira's not afraid of Legato!! Makes sense, ne? Sorry it took me so long for all of this folks - somedays it goes quickly, others, the language Nightow uses is so rare it takes me a month!! Thanks for waiting on me! ^_^ See you again in a few more weeks!

       JANUARY 2006 - Chapter 90 - TM#13 Ch.6 "TAG IN A PERSON"

       "Wha.... Oh... What?!" Livio's eyes go wide as he looks around him, "Wait wait wait wait. What did I just awaken!?" Elendira stares down on him with an angry expression on her face. Livio's muscles strain, he screams. "I can't... I can't move..!! My arms and legs...They're paralyzed like they've dissappeared! What is this!! Why am I shaking all over like this!!"
        Elendira lifts her briefcase, she frowns, "....somehow, you're still alive." She lifts the case over the quivering form of Livio. "Brat... This is... how I..." Without another word she shoots more spikes, shooting off Livio's left leg! She smiles as Livio screams. "You certainly are capable, although however capable you may be, this guy isn't afraid of going beyond my expectations, is he?" He continues to moan and she screams, "...SHUT THE HELL UP!!" Elendira attacks his paralyzed form, slammed the briefcase down onto his head to silence him.
       Suddenly, from within his clothing pops the little glass vial that came from Wolfwood! Livio's eyes go wide as he sees it roll away... "What is this..." Elendira starts, she says something more as she bends down to retrieve the vial for herself. "...It's damn genius." But Livio manages to move! He grabs the vial even as she slams her briefcase back down upon him! Livio screams, flings himself around as Elendira tries to pin him again, sending her back down the hall! He grabs his double fang and stand up upon the stumps of his legs!
       "...Well well," Elendira starts, amazed by this little display. "You two are handy. However, I regret to inform you that just standing up is not that significant. It's my move now, don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. Not you..." She says, "...Razlo..."
       The real Razlo has a little speach bubble, "....." he's wide-eyed. ".....I.... Anyway, it's out.... At any rate I... So that's it.... So that's what you think." He grabs one of his double fangs in his teeth as he tries to pull one of the nails from his stomach. "Mercy eh... If I were alone would you make the same pledge... Would you have the same heart about me then, and hit me, you think..." It does not come out however, "...damn.... DAMMIT...!!!"
       Finally he manages to pull one out - blood gushes everywhere as he screams. Elendira stands watching. Suddenly Livio's eyes go wide, he leans back on his knees and looks up at the sky as Razlo talks to him. "......Let's go!" Razlo says. "!?" Suddenly Elendira blurs slightly, Razlo's eye opens, "?!!" He says, "I see it..." "Huh?" Razlo goes on to explain something (sorry, haven't translated this yet) about Elendira.
        Suddenly, one moment Elendira's there, the next she's gone, whizzing toward Livio! Razlo however has seen something... He turns, shooting at her, but Elendira blocks the attack with her briefcase, her eyes wide. They stand off, Livio looks on... "....he saw... what? Razlo...what did you see just now? .....? What? What little thing..." He watches as suddenly Elendira shoots around the tunnel - and appears behind him! But Razlo had prepared for it - he shoots behind him! He hits the wall, suddenly she's gone again - no, directly above him! She fires a barrage of nails down at him - but misses. She lands, clutching her right side... blood pooling below her! He hit her!
        Livio's eyes are wide, he can't believe it! "Razlo..." "This is my expertise...!!"
       "....What...? What have I awakened here?" Elendira thinks about Trip of Death and Doublefang... Meanwhile Livio and Razlo talk. "...Good... That's enough." Razlo says. "Eh?" Livio's eye goes wide, Razlo explains, "My work here is done." "What?" "...Maybe you understand now?" He talks while Elendira wipes at a bloody scratch on her cheek. "...follow my lead and you'll probably get it... I'm confident I've prepared you for everything now." She looks very pissed...

Notes: I'm a bit closer to having all of this done now... >< The new one is already out and I haven't finished translating! Sorry everyone! Thanks again Flipster for the advance scan, too bad I didn't get it finished in time like I wanted!! As you can tell - nope, no Legato, no Vash, no Knives... Nightow is torturing us now! ><; But Razlo and Livio helping one another - THAT was something I never suspected - but am VERY happy about... Oh, and if you're worried about Livio's legs - don't, he'll regrow them... I think... He did regrow his head once already! ^_~

       FEBRUARY 2006 - Chapter 91 - TM#13 Ch.7 "catch-as-catch-can"

       "Wai....Wait!! Razlo!!" Livio screams, Razlo says something to Livio, "I was only borrowing your strength. You've been holding back this whole time." Suddenly they go into flashback mode, remembering the training they went through. "Hey.... Hey...!!" Livio sits nearly passed out on an excersize machine, "Livio!!!!" Livio's eyes snap open. ".....ah....damn..."
       "You don't think you can do it!!! You keep passing out on me!! I have lived within this body, but unlike you I merely borrow it, idiot!!!"
       "...ha ha.... Bad, it's bad... I know." Livio stands. He goes through a series of excersizes - both of them, Razlo and Livio taking turns with this body. "But..." Livio begins, "I'm not like this just for the Eye of Michael am I...? You can't... you can't stop... Never."
        After another full day of training, Livio falls on his face. He rolls over as Razlo says, "This is what you have forgotten."
       "Livio," he begins as we come back to the present, Elendira is posed ready to strike, "...Oh. Oooh." Livio watches her with wide eyes as Razlo continues, "I'm the strongest? Answer me, am I really the strongest!!?" Livio pants, "Ah...aaaah..." He looks down, sweat droplets forming, "Tell me with your voice if you think so!!!"
       "That's right!!! You are the strongest!!!" Livio yells.
       Suddenly they flashback again, Livio holding a cross punisher, jumping jacks, training his body, Livio... That's right Livio... Razlo narrates, Livio holding two cross punishers, then his double fang, We accumulated it as "two people". This is my strength. It is nothing else. This strength... YOU ARE THE STRONGEST." Livio holds the three cross punishers in his arms as Razlo screams, "You've been holding back this whole time haven't you!! ....It's your turn to move!!! Your strength!!!"
       Razlo and Livio scream, about to attack as Elendira suddenly she does another mental attack, his face looks ripped up again... "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" He falls backwards. Elendira's eyes go wide as she suddenly realizes that Livio had been waiting for her. Blood streams from her lips. Did I do it...!? No... Livio realizes as Elendira stands, Everything has been coming to this. But I still can't see it. What it is that will give me the upper hand.
       Suddenly the casing of Elendira's nail-launcher flies off, revealing the inner workings. Her eyes go wide, "I'll blow you apart!" As she fires another round and Livio goes flying with splatters of blood.
       Livio falls through the door to the nuclear bomb and falls to the side. Elendira goes up to the bomb that has leftover bits from the people she killed earlier and swipes some away. She kneels down next to the bomb and puts her forehead against it. "Knives-sama... It is alright now. I humbly and willingly listen to your closing song. I'd have done this ten thousand times over to help you accomplish this. I used to want to give everything to make it all disappear and go away." Then her eyes widen as she notices something... Livio!
       Suddenly he grabs for her, Elendira puts her hand on his face, and Livio grabs her shoulder - she braces her other hand on his hand, "..........'re too gentle. Why won't you just die! I'll tear your corpse apart!!!" Suddenly Livio smiles, laughing. He braces his foot, and starts to pull Elendira forward. (Remember, he's still got nails sticking through him every which way). "...What! What's so funny?"
       "Ha ha. This... Weren't you aware of what I was doing?" Livio keeps a tight hold of Elendira, "Right now, I am the first who could ever toy with you."
       "------What are you saying?" Elendira's eyes narrow.
       "I don't need the lower half of my body, only my right arm. This body cannot be destroyed as long as I have that. Listen well. These are the last I'll tell you. You underestimated me."
       Elendira's eyes go wide as she looks at Livio, Idiot... Why? He's not bleeding. Why do you think you can mock me!? You are so fast----- Wait, this means that you are not weak. You've been supported the whole time. You are stronger. You are fast.
He holds Wolfwood's last vial between his teeth, and it tips up as Elendira loses her grasp on his face, her eyes go wide with shock... "I and Razlo... as this person we are the fastest." And a single nail splashes upwards with blood.

       Notes: Well, do you think Elendira survived this one? My opinion is that Livio impaled Elendira with the nail sticking out of him... He'll probably survive since if anything he's still got the Eye of Michael vial from Wolfwood. *GRINS* Well my friends, this is as good as it is going to get! Too many hard kanji I couldn't find the absolute correct translations to, so a few places I had to adlib, my apologies for people who need exact translations - but I hope you enjoy it! This chapter is the turning point and I sure hope we'll find Elendira dead and get back to Vash and Legato in the next chapter!! *crosses fingers* See yay next month!

       MARCH 2006 - Chapter 92 - TM#13 Ch.8 "Razor Wing"

       Elendira lay dead on top of Livio, impaled through the spike running through his chest. "Still...!! And still...!! I'm finally finished... My apologies..."
       Livio's missing limbs smoke as he lay on the ground. "I did it. Nicki-onii... Did you see it? You don't have to be ashamed of me anymore. Not after this, what I did for 'that man'. This was my duty. We're relying on you......Vash the Stampede."
       We now return to the fight between Vash and Legato. "Did you lose?" He said, following the thread to the lost Number 13. "Crimsonail..." he says. He thinks about something for a moment before saying, "There's no reason to worry now, I'll be soon following you." Legato looks on at Vash, his bent form, a huge feather towering over it. "It feels as if every millimeter of my body is tingling with energy. Is that stench my body burning? His body sprouted those huge angelic wings after what I did... It must be a reaction from using his Gerunika bullets. I never thought his spectral existence could rise so high. Where is this incredible power coming from? His "power" is acting as a self-defense mechanism. How fitting. But this feeling! But as I stand here in front of this creation of nature, I feel like a insignificant insect to him."
        Legato thinks back to July City, the destruction of it rather, the rubble left behind after Vash used his angel arm. Legato, as a young man, and Bill Conrad are searching for their master, "...Doctor!!" Legato screams, "...This... what happened here? What could have done this!? July... How could it have just disappeared!?" Legato stands with his arms wide, feeling for the 'strands' of those still living. He cringes in pain. "!?" And then he takes off, eyes wide, "He's there...!!"
       They spot Knives, sprawled out on the ground, his guts spilled out upon the sand. Legato screams for his master and he and Conrad run to Knives' side. Then Legato turns and sees off in the distance, Vash, sitting upon a rock, a tattered cloak around him (aka - Trigun #1, Ch. #0 pose) and starts for him, only Conrad yells, "LEGATO!" The young man stops and turns, Conrad says, "Give me a hand right away! There's still time to help him!!! HURRY!!!" Legato, crying, starts to pick up Knives' remains, collecting them as the blood rolls from his master's body. Knives opens his eyes, Legato has tears rolling down his cheeks. "Shut up, you little bastard. What a pathetic fool. How dare you be near me in that state?"
       We come back to the present, Legato and Vash stand off. Suddenly a line shoots up through the center of Legato and blood spurts (aka Knives micro-edge blade trick from TM6). Legato starts to come for Vash again, swinging his mace that's still in pieces at Vash. Vash yells "Stop! You'll get yourself killed!" Legato comes anyway, Vash's eyes are wide, one moment it is as if his powers are about to take out Legato. The angel arm shoots up to meet the destroyed mace and it falls into a hundred pieces. Suddenly the next moment, Legato is behind Vash! A hand gun points at Vash's head!! (Pretty cool gun too...) The last page is Legato's face, a feather and a flash of light... Followed by a spray of blood.

Notes: Took me ages to finish translating this one. I got really dishearted when Maximum7's Molokidan caught up with me so now not only can you read this stuff but you can follow along with the pictures too... So a big part of me, I must admit, didn't want to even bother doing this anymore. Do people still read my explanations? Well, I realized as I sat here that I'll keep doing them anyway because I don't always agree with Molokidan's use of the "F" word in nearly every chapter - plus, sometimes it's just easier to skim through words - at least for me it is since my computer is so slow! I hope you enjoyed this chapter - see you next month!

       APRIL 2006 - Chapter 93 - TM#13 Ch. 9 "VS" (pt1)

Far up on the Seeds ship, Legato splashes down upon the ground, blood everywhere, his eyes wide as Vash's feathers lash out toward him. They hit him full force in the stomach, looking like some twenty streaks of pure light and energy. He's forced backwards into the wall of the Seeds ship with a huge crash - smoke and debris flying everywhere.
       Vash appears out of the smoke, hunkered over his glowing arm, his eyes wide as he peers over his shoulder to see Legato! On his feet no less! His legs are spread wide but he's still standing! Blood gushing down his eyes, his teeth gritted with the effort. He thinks, "They cut through my awareness. Still, these ten sucessive shots force me to the ground. But I have surprassed the human's leathal capacity to bleed. This is it... this should be the end." As the blood scatters in front of him - blood falls from the sky - it spreads out in front of him upon the ground. And yet, he stares at Vash smiling!
       Across the distance Legato looks up at Knives, floating above still with the ship. "Knives-sama, forgive me. I understand what it is to be happy after such a long time. Fighting is all I've known, it is carved into my memory until the end." Vash stares at him, his shoulders flaming with energy as Legato looks down, still thinking to himself, "However I'm worried. Before the limit to my life is up, I must destroy him. I must continue on, just a little farther. This arrangement will tear my heart to pieces."
       Vash's longest feather lashes out in front of him - a defense mechanism working on its own accord. Breathing heavily he stares at Legato - but the image is shaky - his vision is blurred as he continues to watch Legato. Suddenly his eyes go wide as he remembers something that Wolfwood once said to him, "Someday, there will come a day when you will have to make a choice."
       Then suddenly Legato's mouth opens into a wolfish grin. He yells, "Nano millimeter steel filament! RELEASE!" Suddenly the skull on his left shoulder opens - it looks something like a reel on a fishing rod - glowing and spinning, it releases a new set of wires for him to latch onto - readying for another defensive move against Vash's powers.
       "...STOP!" Vash cries, "...Please stop...!! No more of this!! The battle is over!!!"
       "This is how I have always wanted it!" Legato doesn't listen - he spreads his hands wide - his right on his gun, his left on the strands he still controls. His arm pulses with energy, has he learned to take what he needs in order to keep fighting?! Perhaps! He levels his gun, aiming at Vash. Suddenly he jumps into motion - running at full speed toward Vash! His eyes open for a moment, seeing a line shooting from Vash, brushing only a foot to his right as he runs. Vash's eyes go wide as his energy flashes toward Legato, rushing through the strands he controls. Legato closes his eyes, his left hand controlling the cords.
       His gunarm a blur, Legato throws himself into a spin in the air, just narrowly missing those energy feathers from Vash! They crash in and out of the ground just inches from his shoulder! But did he miss all of them? Suddenly another comes streaking toward him, Legato opens his eyes again. He's running but it brushes his foot - but he kicks out and into the air! Vash's feathers are everywhere, explosions, blood, dust and smoke fill the air as Legato flies above Vash's head!
       Vash's eyes are wide as Legato aims his gun at his head as he flies by! Suddenly Legato fires! He lands as Vash falls - the right side of his face glowing, smoking with the piercing bullet......

Notes: ACCCKKK!!! NOOOOOO!!! VASSSH!!! I guess this makes up for all of the Legato fans thinking their guy was down for the count - now poor Vash has been shot! But he's taken more than that, right?? Right?? EEEK! Well, I'm done translating. Some of ya's already seen Max7 so you know that it's a bit different, but I'm atrociously stubborn and still learning Japanese, so there! YAY! Thanks to Bink I now know that people actually do read these in order to decipher what's going on! YAY! I'll keep doing them! There was a question of Legato's strands and it occurred to me that I don't think they have anything to do with Legato's psychic powers, although perhaps that is how he controls them - but he didn't have them up until this point and since I assume Vash still has the tape recorder, perhaps Legato has to use some other form of attack - thus the strands (think Walter from Hellsing - come on we know Nightow reads Hellsing!) and the brand new shiny gun to keep them more on equal ground. Well, who knows! Maybe next month we'll find out more!

       MAY 2006 - Chapter 94 - TM#13 Ch.9 "VS" (pt 2)

       A gun pressed to the back of Vash's head, it goes off, Vash falls to the ground, and Legato holds his position as the smoke clears. A single feather holds the bullet mere inches from Vash's head! "Ah.... It... stopped," Legato says, his eyes wide in disbelief, as Vash completes his fall and lands in an explosion of dust. The stopped bullet drops to the ground and and a spray of blood splashes in front of Vash's eyes as he sees Legato coming for him.
       Meanwhile, down below, the man from earth, Banse talks. "The single plant that is missing now from the cointegration... The one who is capable of salvaging this all, with a name that has fallen coutnless times upon our ears... In every place, in every time, inside every plant... his image has been stored. 150 years. In the period of a century and a half, he has traveled the entire planet. He continued, inter-twining his fate with both humans and plants alike. A troubling life to say the least. Through his interaction, that hybrid of two races ended up becoming the key to it all. Vash the Stampede."
       When Vash falls backwards, the blood spraying in front of his eyes, he sees Knives far above. Knives is having problems of his own, he is still at a standoff with Kuronika. He laughs as he glares into the open gun of the ship above him. "These autonomous types work pretty well... with these space battleships' zero-range combat looks like we've completely paralyzed the enemy. However," Kuronika stares in wide, frightened eyes, as her ship smokes, looking down upon Knives in return. She thinks of Domina, and what Knives did to her. "Load the next shell immediately!" The ship powers up to fire again. "Even with his movements frozen...we'll still need an incredible amount of luck to kill him. Just keep this in mind, Knives... I can't ever possibly forgive you."
       Back below in the ship, the plant engineers are working steadily away. They look up as Banse walks through, further discussing the plants. "Did it have any effect, I wonder? Our...attempt at making contact... I'm sure it was enough. Do note that there is a limit to how much resonance we can pull out from the plants, being as far away as we are. We must do all that we can to establish contact with them. It is the only way to get our message across. Our intents... and the possibility of us coexisting together..."
        The others look at Banse skeptically, "But... How can we?!"
        "Like this our voices will never be able to reach them... so the only way is to establish a direct connection. Through the use of this direct cable line, we're going to make an attempt at speaking with them."
        Two guys look at one another, "You really think that flimsy thing will work?" The other replies, "Don't ask me!!!"
        A little while later, Meryl shows up wearing a space suit, "Mr. Banse!" She waves. Milly joins her, both wearing suits, apparently going to help.
       "Oh... Those are certainly becoming of you," Banse says. "To put such fine young ladies as yourselves into danger like this... I really cannot express how deep my sorrow is."
       "We're just happy to be of help! Please leave it to us!" Milly and Meryl reply. "Since we've known him for so long, we're perfect for the job!! We'll certainly get in touch with Mr. Vash and have him help us establish communication, just you watch and see!"
        "Yes... you are both such strong people. I have to admit, the resilincy of the people on this planet has truly surprised me."
        The assistant smiles, "I've always wondered what kind of creature he is... that Vash the Stampede..."
       Meryl replies "Well, you see..." The two girls go into a long funny spiel, "He's very bright... aloof from the world... but also he does get awfully melancholy too... he has a very strong will and is super spontaneous!" Milly starts, at the same time Meryl's saying, "He's easily excitable!! Superficial!! And don't get me started on how wishy-washy he is!! He's unbelieveably stubborn and generally an all-around jerk!" They wind up blushing as Banse looks on and laughs. "I don't doubt a word of it! After all, something as crazy as a person wandering around this sandy planet, trying to spread ideals of 'Love & Peace'... can be nothing but the truth. I see, I see! That's how he is!" Meryl smiles whistfully after talking about Vash, "It's also why I feel like I should believe in him..."
        "In him... and the way that man chooses to live..." Vash lies on the ground as Legato falls over, blood flying up around him as well, one arm reaching for the sky. He twists, lifting his arm to pull him upright as Vash watches, a tear in his eye.
       Above, Kuronika's ship explodes. Knives' power overwhelms it at last, Kuronika screams and Knives laughs. ".... He did it!!!! .... We're hit!!!" Legato pulls himself upright, blood dripping as the ship above explodes. Legato thinks about his body as it slowly pulls itself back together, although blood still seaps from his head, his mouth, his hands. "Hemostasis... A-10 nerve fascicular union... Endorphin secrestions... sutures... I'm not finished yet... I won't stop, not even with all these weapons inside me!! One more attack... I should be able to finish this with one last attack." He stands and screams, then darkly he looks for Vash... His eyes widen.
       With a frown on his face, Vash walks slowly toward him.
       Someone screams, "...It's useless...!!!! Output is diminishing..! The proton barrel is... we won't be able to raise the force field in time!!! We're going to... Crash!!!" Pieces of the ship above crash down around them. The explosions are fierce. But as the smoke billows away, Vash stands holding his right arm out, holding something. As we zoom in, it is Legato's coin case! Vash holds it at arms' length, a frown crossing his features. Legato looks on in surprise as Vash drops it from his hand. He shoots it with on of his special bullets, destroying it - only one little chunk flies off, clean shaven from the negative space warp the bullet produced.
       Legato lifts his gun, Vash's gun is... gone? He holds his arms in front of him, ready to fight, a game face firmly in place. They dash for one another as the ship falls around them. And everything explodes.

Notes: Giving just due to the translator: Molokidan. Some of the translations are still mine, because I don't agree with everything in his Max7 translations, but because of my busy schedule, it was easier to use his translations, (thanks Dan!). Don't worry, by the time Ch. 95 comes out, I'll probably be back to my translator self! ^_^ I do really love this chapter, the descriptions of Vash are just terrific, and you can tell Nightow's got something up his sleeve if he's going to try to get Milly and Meryl back into the fray! That tells me... Legato will probably die, and things will settle down for a short time... Maybe - think about how the anime ran, the girls got in the way, Vash was forced to kill Legato to save them, and things were quiet until the final battle with Knives... Well, you never know!

Trigun Maximum #14
OCTOBER 2006 - Chapter 95 - #14/Ch.1

        After a lengthy hiatus, we return to a flash back of Vash's past as he has a very short stand off with a mustached gunman. "......." The man's gun falls to the ground after Vash shoots it out of his hand, "Damn..." the man says, "'Jado's murderous wind' has gone dull... I knew that someday, I'd be lying here, at the mercy of some pistol of the youngster who came to surpass me!" He yells at Vash.
       " that so?" Vash replies.
       "Don't gimme that!! This gun has kept me alive for decades... A longer time than you've even been alive!!"
       "Well...actually..." Vash says with an awkward smile, "That's not true."
       "??" The gunman is silent as he holds his wrist and Vash starts to sweat. "...Er...Um... What I actually meant was, I didn't really think you were that old!! Aaaaaanyway...!! As promised, you've got to stop meddling with these folks' farmland."
       The narration takes over, "Shoot a gun, and people die. But then, if you don't pick one up... You can't protect yourself against one. I wanted to hold a gun and never kill anyone. In order to do that, I was prepared to do anything. And so, I did everything. Everything I possibly could do. That was how, I lived."
        Back in the present, Vash and Legato are still fighting it out. "That was how I lived on." He fires as small pieces of the ship fall around them. They run toward one another as Kuronika's ship falls down upon them. Vash's feather shoots out to hit Legato's eye, pauses millimeters from his left eye and then flings up and cuts the ship in half. Legato and Vash stand back to back as the two pieces of the ship fall to either side of them. Vash's shoulders look like they are flaming. Legato only allows a moment's hesitation. "Gotcha."
       We see momentarily the ground below as the pieces fall nearby, the crowd watches with open mouths as the piloted part of Kuronika's ship breaks apart. "It recovered...!?" The crowd watches in silence before they exclaim, "A...Awesome... This isn't the time to be amazed! Calm down...!! That's...!!"
       Meanwhile, above, Kuronika is fighting desperately to save her ship. "I can't hold it! It's going to crash!! Come on, stay up!! It's only one feel above the town!"
       It crashes into the desert, while the captain tries to keep in contact with her. "Kuronika, the Namdrif is...falling..!! We've been...s-shot down!! What happened... Kuronika..!!"
       Meanwhile, we see Knives, just fine as the smoke clears, and he starts to laugh. The ships that were out in the desert (the scout ships I'm thinking) trace the smoke from Kuronika's downed ship, ".....Wha...!! The most advanced space battle cruiser ever... that monster...!!"
       That moment of hesitation that Legato makes, he stands behind Vash, looking at the angel-blade wrapped near his nose. "It's useless. You, who were once trapped within this technique for eight months, should already know this. Once you fall to my ability, you won't be able to move a finger. There is no way to escape." He says to Vash as he puts his thread device into action - apparently keeping Vash preoccupied as he starts his plan, he pulls his gun up to face Vash. Vash's eyes go wide.
       Suddenly, while Legato's hand is in motion, using the powers of the skull on his shoulder, the gun pointed at Vash's head whips out a double blade like a switch blade! It barely misses Vash's head as he manages to duck just in time. Vash speeds into motion as Legato flicks his wrist - what's going on? What else is he doing? The blades do manage to hit Vash, and blood flies between them, sending Vash into motion yet again. "No!!" Legato thinks. "I won't be able to make it. That body... Vash the Stampede's body... And those wings he manifested... No matter what technique I use, it's impossible to block it all. However... That's why... Since I came here, we've been in competition with each other. Whether or not we realize it ourselves."
       Vash's angel blade stops various attacks as Legato continues. "But... He made just one mistake. Back then, Vash the Stampede... For however many decades he lived, shackled himself with the vow of killing no one, and... Has now prepared to violate it." A dark expression comes over Vash's face and he holds up his mechanical arm. He shoves the palm up into Legato's blades, ripping the false arm open to once again reveal the machine gun hidden within! Vash screams as he comes for Legato!
        There is an usual break in the action as a flashback of a very young Elendira following Knives appears - Knives' back is turned but a smile spreads on his face.
       Back to Legato and Vash, once the machine gun is revealed, Vash shoves Legato up against a wall with his right arm, while he shoots Legato in the shoulder with his machine gun. Blood sprays, he falls backwards and Vash puts his silver long-Colt to Legato's head. "Ah..." Legato remains still, waiting for the final blow, "Have I been beaten? In an instant. Terribly dense. I never to be beaten in a fight. .... But... It's fine like this. With this...I am content." But then Vash pulls back. Vash has the same expression on his face as when he was about to shoot Monev, but this time, lashing out suddenly, Legato grabs his gun, "DON'T FOOL AROUND!" Forcing it back to his own temple and yells, time and again, "SHOOT!! SHOOoooT! Bastard...!!!!! This is all there is. You're mocking me!! Don't make a mockery of my life! SHOOT!! SHOOOOOOOT!!!!!"
       "......" Vash's eyes go wide as he refuses, Legato talking to him until a strange smile plays on his lips. "If you leave it like this... You'll be doing wrong, you know? For making a mockery of my life like this... You'll lose your companions one by one in front of your eyes. Should I cut off their heads? Smash in their faces? Rip out their insides? You think I can't do it?" Vash's eyes go wide in a frown. He talks about the city around them, "Heh heh heh...that's right. My threads... Have no limits. Public servants. Statesmen. The rich. Men of the cloth. Kings both righteous and violent. Children. Women. Right down to kittens and puppies. And of course, your 'allies'. Why you ask? Isn't it obvious? Because... THAT is my purpose." And then Legato plays a trump card...
       Elendira's dead body, still skewered on a spike with Livio, carries Livio, her hands wrapped around his throat. "...Stop... Don't move!!" Vash calls. Livio speaks, saying something to Vash as he gurgles blood. "Stop... Stop this." Vash looks from Legato to Livio and Elendira, Legato grinning.
       "The nail's in his cartoid artery. You make one weird move, and a fountain of blood will follow. This is a member of the 'Eye of Michael' right? He may be hard to kill, but removing his head from his body should make things much easier." Talking to him with a smirk on his face.
       "Stop... Stop it!!" Vash yells.
       "I have no idea why you made this man your ally, but... looking at the circumstances, I may be able to figure it out. Your belief is an honorable one, but it's also childish and arrogant."
       "....Stop.... Please, stop!"
       "The truth is, when it really comes down to it, that conviction of yours is no use at all. The world isn't that simple. Choose now!!!" Suddenly Livio's eyes go wide, blood flies from his mouth. "You can only be a saint in your dreams." Vash screams!
       Suddenly, there is a two-page spread of Wolfwood, smiling. The last page is the dark sky - and a gunshot. A small monologue. "Shoot a gun. And people die."

Notes: Welcome back! First off - translation credit goes again to Molokidan of Max7. I ran out of time, too busy this month, although, for my own sake I took out much of the fowl language (cluck cluck *grins*). Thanks for waiting! But oh no - did Vash shoot Legato? What other choice did he have? He can't shoot Elendira, she's already dead, so it wouldn't stop Legato controlling her - or did he put Livio out of his misery? Either way, someone would have to die...or at least be incapacitated - but we already know that Legato can't die that easily! *sob* Poor Vash! Oh...and I love the flaming shoulders Vash has, don't you? Bwahaha.

NOVEMBER 2006 - Chapter 96 - #14/Ch.2?

        As Elendira chokes Livio, he watches the standoff between Vash and Legato, upside down, desperately thinking. "!!! And...even Am only...someone....could help...."
       Vash's gun goes off. Blood flies from Legato's face as it was shot point blank. Legato falls to the ground. Elendira falls away from Livio, he falls forward, scrambling toward Vash, panting "haaah haaa". Vash falls to his knees near Legato, head bowed, gun behind him, resting on the ground, still smoking.
       From the tip of his gun, up his arm, the black cracks off from his coat, it flakes off like paint. Vash stares wide eyed at the body before him. "No matter how long you dance around...the day of 'choice' will certainly come." Legato is finally dead. "...It's impossible. You protected me with your life. To let your efforts go to something I just couln't bear to live down."
       Livio, panicked, slides Elendira's body off of the spike, as Vash falls forward in tears. Suddenly, from above, pieces of the ship are still falling apart. The sections crash down around Vash, who is totally oblivious to the danger. Livio's eyes go wide. "VASH-SAN!!!" He screams, "VASH!!" Vash falls forward. Smoke pours around them, but Livio has grabbed him, dragging Vash behind him, over his shoulder, he carries him from danger. But Vash is too busy crying.
      & nbsp;"Is this...the way you felt too? You're the weakling, Wolfwood! No matter how you look at it, you're just giving up!!"
       Above them, a plan is going into action."Alpha 2, now heading to deploy the cables. Alpha 3, waiting at the designated position. Roger. Alpha Leader now searching for the target lifeform." The ships that could go invisible, are returning that way as they prepare to surround Knives. He stares into the sky, smiling, all the while these invisibly shielded ships approach him. "Correcting alignment. .061, .023... ENHANCED. EAC CABLE. FIRE!!" One of them shoots out a small chord, it attaches itself to Knives' shoulder. The crews speak to each other, their task completed for the moment. "We did it!!"
        "Alpha 2, listen up...we successfully connected the cables!! Alpha 3 now heading to the union point!!" But suddenly one says, "That's odd... That seemed too easy." Another responds, "Eh?" The other replies, "What... what's he looking at?"
       "PI PI" a beeping starts, one of the crew look down to his screen. "!!!!" A readout "vooms" onto the screen. "...!! Impossible..!! Is that...?!" Far above, in the ships still in space, the captain stands on the deck. He looks down upon Knives, sweatdrops on his forehead.
       Meanwhile, Meryl, Milly, Panse (they keep changing spelling of the small bald scientist) and his pilot plant, are talking, "Commencing the descent of the entire fleet. Operation D...start."
        Meryl and Milly look on. "...Operation D?"
       Panse responds, "...the extermination campaign. We're going to launch one massive attack on Knives."
       Meryl and Milly are shocked, "A massive attack?! You mean that thunderclap-like thing from before? it...Is that going to be okay? To go through with this?" Meryl wonders of the plans. Panse doesn't answer. Below, smoke rises from the city where the ship fell to pieces.
       "It won't be perfect. When all seven battleships concentrate their energy within the planet's atmosphere, the surface will be damaged by the shockwave's radiation. Roughly 10% of the population will have to become scapegoats."
       "That's...!! You must stop it!!" Meryl pleads. "PANSE-SAN!!!"
        "...It's no use. Operation D has already been approved by Earth's central government. This isn't a matter for mere individuals such as ourselves to decide." He explains to Meryl with clenched teeth. "You two both saw it...the remains of the Namdryphe after that attack. An individual arguing against the fleet is something unprecendented in all of history. But that's not all. Even as we speak, Knives' power grows exponentially. Now he exists as a threat to all the millions of people that exist in the entire Milky Way Galaxy. To us...this is the worst possible circumstance. But if we choose now, we may be able to save the reamins of the planet from further catastrophe." As Meryl listens, they pan over pictures of the fallen ship of Kuronika's, Knives' shadow against one the planet, and as Meryl listens, Milly looks out the window.
       "...Don't be ridiculous!! That's no different than..."        "SEMPAI!!! SEMPAISEMPAISEMPAISEMPAI! SEMPAI!!!!" Milly yells, "I'VE FOUND HIM!!!" As the smoke clears, she sees Vash and Livio. Vash is passed out on the ground, Livio bending over him. They pull the ship up nearby, and Meryl pears out of the ship, her eyes wide, afraid.
       As she draws closer, Livio bends his head down, "He...shot... In protect...this man...this man...he..."
       "That man..." Vash manages, "...I killed him."
       Tears pour down Meryl's cheeks. "Just now... When we were talking about the death of thousands... I had... A sinking feeling... from that high, far-off place...that something terrible happened." She holds Vash's head on her knees as she bends over him. Slowly, her eyes open, as she realizes Vash is moving. His arm raises with the gun, pointing upward at Knives. "...Uh...Ah.... AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" But Meryl grabs his hand between her two little ones.
       "That's... enough..." Meryl pleads, putting her face to his gun. "You've done all that one man can... Don't forget, we are here with you now." Milly smiles, Livio looks on, Panse is heading on over. "Please...don't forget that." Meryl repeats.
       Meanwhile, above, the ships are coming into the atmosphere, tale fins smoking. They surround Knives. "Panse-san," Meryl says, looking above, "So as not to scorn those scapegoats above... It means that we too must put our lives on the line, correct?" She says as the others look on. "...Almost like some kind of strange comraderie."
       "Indeed, we must. That is why I am here now." Panse replies.
        Above, the ships are joining one another, chords stretching from one ship to another. "Alpha 2, uniting with Alpha 3!! Preparations complete!!!" Panse screams "Go!"
        Luida lifts her hand at the plant engineers."Talk to me!! Voice, data image, whatever!! We're all connected... Time to bury that error from 150 years ago!!" Suddenly, the Octoverne plants surge with power.
       Knives starts creating his black holes, his eyes narrowing with anger at the sudden influx of ships around him. Then...his eye blurs. He starts to shake violently.
Down below, in the darkness, a light appears in the sky. It falls down. Someone standing below, silently looks up. ".....?" He reaches out and grabs... A glowing feather. "What is this...?"

Notes: Translations thanks again to Molokidan from Max7. I did some tweaking since I had some of it translated already. But it's complete! Yay!! I hope you're enjoying these summaries as much fun as I've had writing them out!! Sort of like reading a novel, don't you think? ^_~ Anyway, in future months... there might be something special coming, depending on if I can get permission from the Max7 staff - you might be seeing actual scanlations on my site soon. Or at least we'll be getting them up sooner again - unfortunately, maybe not the week immediately following the release in Japan like last year...but within a week of me getting the raws!! So look forward to it!!

DECEMBER 2006 - Chapter 97 - #14/Ch.3?

        The Great Fall... the ships fall from the sky like falling stars, the wreckage of the SEEDS ships scatters the dusty ground, smoking still. Plant bulbs are cracked and blackened, their insides dripping and useless. One man, bleeding, moans as he looks up at the remains of the ship above him, one glittering plant still remains intact. He stares out at the remains around him, his eyes hollow with disbelief as he looks from one dead plant to another, that one bulb glistening untouched.
       Back to the present, Knives is dwarfed by the huge ships around him. He grins, pulling in energy moments before the gigantic blast. The captainn looks on from above, "....!!! Did it work...?!!! ....No!!! ...The signal isn't fading!!!" The smoke clears, Knives still floats in the midst of the fading smoke, his eyes narowed as he stares coldly at the captain. "He can react perfectly, even with a blast from our canons...? ...That skillful bastard!!!" Knives' starts to form the black holes again, a grin spreading over his features.
       After the Great Fall, the survivors collect. Many of them wrapped in rags, barely alive, looking shell shocked from what happened. One man stands at the controls to the surviving plant, tapping away as it revvs to life once more. The others stand gathered around a single pipe leading from it. "...Please... Do it now...!!" Suddenly a sound from the pipe of gurgling and out bursts water! "HURRAY!!" The crowd screams, holding buckets under the precious fluid. "It's WATER!!! WATER came out!!!!"
       The tether is still attached to Knives' arm. Little glowing lights form from the surface of his body, drifting slowly down to the planet in the form of feathers. They drift lazily past the ships where Meryl and Panse are speaking. "!! ...Panse-san...!! ...This is...!!"
       Panse stands at the bottom of the cord at Meryl from within the ship, "This trembling means, the cointegration is splitting from its crystalization." He holds in his hand one of Knives' feathers. "It looks like a feather must be an effect of the 'speech.' That's gotta be it. Let's continue with our work."
       Meanwhile, the feathers continue to drift down to the planet where a little girl is trapped in the midst of a crowd. "Mama!! Mama!!" She cries. Suddenly, a feather touches her forehead and "POP!" bursts into light. The glow makes the scary men around her take notice finally, her eyes wide with fear.
       "Hey there little one, did you get seperated from your mama?"
       "Uh...huh," she responds.
       "OVER HERE!" One of the men yell, "She's over here!"
       "Laura!!!" The mother yells, frantic. She runs over to her daughter.
       "That's a relief."
       "Thank you so much! Thank you!"
       "Better keep a close eye on her now."
       One man, his eyes sort of blank, turns to look at the girl, "...Hmmm. Could you see it too?" Another man responds, "You too?" The first one points at him, "What... that girl was thinking suddenly..." The other continues, "...It was somehow suddenly transferred into our minds?" The first responds, "Yeah...that's it."
       They stand around, sweating, looking at one another. "Somehow... I don't think it was just us..."
       The suns are shining brightly as people line up for the water coming from the plant. Some wait patiently while others fight, throwing punches, trying to get to the water before everyone else. One man freaks out, waving a knife. He slices someone's neck, the man falls. He waves the knife at anyone who would interfere and swipes the water into his mouth. The crowd looks at him darkly, he just laughs, defiant, until suddely he's knocked out.
       From now on , the plants are guarded with iron fists, sharp objects of nasty looking men. Slowly around the plants, a city forms. Buildings rise, soon, a whole city is formed around the one plant, and eventually others that are found to be in still working condition.
       Knives still shakes slightly. He looks up at a flash of light drifting from above. "...What!?" He glances down only for the light to burst beside him, then a huge explosion.
       There are voices in the blackness. "There is a reason Knives is seperating from the cointegration. It's to prevent his consciousness from getting sucked up and scattered through the massive consciousness that exists within." Panse sits in the ship with Meryl, Milly, Livio and Vash, still passed out. "Having the advantage of wire communication during this process will give us a great advantage. Don't give up... continue your speech!!!"
       Meryl sits looking over a terminal, "..... ...but even so... Why does this seem like a situation in which I can do nothing?" Her eyes are determined, "That must be... The proof that humans have exploited 'the girls' beyond all hope. I need more strentgh. For all those people... To overcome those past 100 years will be no simple task."
       The explosion clears again, Knives looks up at the ship angrily. The captain looks down upon him with a fierce expression. "Don't relax just yet. We'll continue our defensive fight with one final blast."
       Outlaws seek to take over the working plants. People shoot at one another, some outlaws manage to kill those striving to protect the energy source. Others attend churches, praying for hpoe. Plants suffer and cry within their bulbs. Others celebrate below, offering up toasts, one stands with an easel, painting the 'angel' within. School children come to look up in wonder at the plant. A little old lady and her kuronekosama say a small prayer below the bulb. Men clean the bulbs, smiling, happy to be of service. Another man waters small sprouts below a bulb, another tosses out food, others share breatd... so many people, all of these people the plants have witnessed over the years.
       Suddenly there's a break, someone says over the communication lines, "From the flagship...!! Evacuation has just been ordered...!!!" The ships around Knives look almost seperated, are they in pieces, or perhaps disappearing once again? "The Legendary Warhead, 'Thor Hammer'... has just completed... it's preparations!!!!"
       Knives sweats as he stares angrily at the captain. "You have no knowledge," the man says, "of the massive power that keeps this world's tiny, subtle balance in order. There is nothing in existence capable of controlling that power. And now, your foolish attempt to revive wars of the past will come to an end!"

Note: Thanks to Molokidan for translations once again! I did change a few things, pages 19/20 were out of order in his trans. (hope it wasn't my fault for naming them incorrectly! >_<) Other than that, it's pretty straight forward - there were quite a few shots taking place in the past and present of Gunsmoke, hopefully they're clear enough for you in this summary! Looks like even Meryl is getting a chance to help out - so she's giving a 'speech'? Not sure what that's all about, but it's pretty interesting! And poor Vash is only in two tiny panels, passed out. Well, that's all for this month! Stay tuned for next month's!

JANUARY 2007 - Chapter 98 - #14/Ch.4?

       The ships surrounding Knives ready their attack. "Protection hatch open!!!" Someone announces, "Anti-ballistic field activated!! Cannon preparations complete. The legendary warhead "Thor Hammer"... warhead Class F, anti-ballistic protection system initiated." Knives' eyes are wide as he looks on. "In just a few moments, Knives will be rocked to the very core by seven seperate Class F warheads... Easily the most intense temeprature this level of reality has ever seen will now be created."
       Below, Panse swears, "...Damn!! Please wait...!! If only you would wait just a little bit longer...!!!"
       But the Captain is not listening, his expression is dark as he the sequence continues. "Mr. Panse!! Returning transmission! Unfortunately, we must break communication with you now!! This is an order!! This plan's priority is "SS" rank!! At this point, there is no way to suspend the process and sacrifice thousands of lives in the process!! Repeating once more!! From here on out, all communication will be severed!"
       People below look up, screaming as the light from the weapon eats the sky. Meryl is still amongst the others trying to communicate with the plants. The cord that is connected to Knives holds firm as small feathers drop from the mass. "No..... It's useless.... GAH!!"
       "Keep going!! Try once more!!!" Panse screams. "Don't give up.... never... until the end....of the end..!!!!" There is a tense moment, Panse yells, Luida, Brad, Meryl and Milly look on, sweat drops rolling off their temples.
       Suddenly, Vash opens his eyes. It's completely black where he lay. " this..." His eyes scan around the room and he breathes heavily as his eyes, with utter horror, lay upon the standing body of Legato. Vash screams. But then, something else appears... Another form behind the bloodied face of Legato.... Wolfwood!! ".........!! ....Wolfwood..!!!!" Vash exclaims. He sits up, as Nick smiles at him, a cigarette between his teeth. There are others. "Sensei...!!! Emilio...!!" Vash exclaims, seeing 'Leonof', the old doctor, Rei-Dei, Hoppard, people from July city, "............. Everyone..." Vash's eyes go wide, a sadness coming over them as he spots a friendly face... Rem!! He reaches out, "!! Re..."
       Vash's fingers hit a black glass. "!?" He looks at the blackness, pounding on it with his fist. ".........!!!! ...Aaaaah...." he drops to his knees, tears coming to his eyes as he looks around, then behind him into the darkness, looking weary.
       Meanwhile, the messages and power travel up the cord to Knives. Luida looks on, "Useless?! Fire again!! We have to keep going!! Once more!!" The operator listens for a reply of some sort. The plants in the city are screaming. A small wing appears upon the form. Meryl and Panse look at it, "Look!!! Ahh...!!! It's barely discernable, but it looks like the union is weakening... Good.... Time for the next one...!!!" However, the weapon is still at the ready.
       "Engaging maximum output!!" Panse swears again, "......!!!! ....Damn!!!" Meryl is shocked, "....Impossible...." They aren't going to stop, but Panse yells, "...They didn't heed my warning...!! They made decision...!!"
       The sound is deafening, Meryl grabs Milly's hand, ".... Sorry....Milly."
       "What are you saying!!! Sempai!!!" Everyone grimaces, waiting for impact as the countdown commences. "Five seconds remaining until ignition... 5...." Someone thinks, "God..." "4..." It's the captain, "Just now, I pulled the trigger of a deep sin..." "3..." "This, however..." "2..." "...Will be a defining moment that will shape history for the entire human race in the Milky Way Galaxy. Please, somehow," "1...!!" "Your divine protection..." "FIRE!!!"
       Knives screams and an explosion eats the sky, taking out the ships around Knives... An electric beam covers the sky, eating up the explosion...Knives grins. He swallows the massive amount of energy and explosion into one of his blackholes!! The light can be seen from space as the ships are vaporized around him. The Captain's head is bloodied as he pulls himself to his feet. He looks in horror at Knives...intact, unharmed, even as the ships fall apart above the crowd below. "What...what just happened?!"
       One of the crew responds, "This fluctuation in energy... It's like all the energy from the Thor Hammer is suddenly being returned all at once...!!"
       "The moment the gate was opened, that entrance was, with the ship's gunpoarts...!! All seven the exact same time...!!! Because of the shell's strong directivity, the effect of the blast was felt effectively both ahead and behind the point of impact. At this point the only ships still intact are the ones protected by the anti-ballistic field. If only...if only the energy from the ships' release had been a bit stronger...They wouldn't have all been vaporized like that!!"
       "We didn't get a break even for a second... Our entire, thoroughly detailed, thought-out plan...all the time, it was like trying to contain an avalanche through a single straw. Until the very end, all of our highest expectations... were completely blown away." Ships careen and crash into the planet, smoke rising. The crowd stares in horror, a collective gasp of sorrow and disbelief. Knives is a dark shadow against the full moon. A woman below screams, tears rolling down her face. "....Why.... Why is this happening...!!"
       Panse struggles with what has happened. "All seven ships of our the exact same time...Never again..." he says, looking down, when suddenly, he hears a "kata" of a keyboard. Then another...another...he lifts his head, everyone is typing again!
       "...No matter what happens." Meryl says, "We must remember that this sand-covered planet was the place where our ancestors fell and saw paradise. What ever this planet." The message must get through!
       Milly looks on with a smile on her face, "It seems like these overwhelming, pivotal moments have become everyday life to us... Eventually if we keep getting beat in and out like this, we might no survive...!! Welcome, Panse-san... Is this wonderful place still everything you expected it to be...? If you survive through this, it might not be a bad topic to ponder."
       Panse-san chuckles. Meryl listens intently to what he has to say... "I give up. How can you two be so strong?"
       "...Isn't it obvious? Because we fight together. I'm talking about Vash the Stampede's fight. No matter what happens... We'll keep struggling to the very end."
       When suddenly Knives howls. People cringe, shake, holding their ears from the sound, Brad paces, holding his head. The glass on Meryl's helmet cracks, her eyes wide. But suddenly, a fist raises up next to her side. Vash is sitting up, his fist held up to her.

Woah!! This chapter was crazy! Very cool though, intense too. I hope you've had a chance to look at it. Translation thanks to Molokidan of Max7 as usual. ^_^; I wonder if Vash has lifted his fist in a similar way as when he had first left Meryl? Or is he ready to fight Knives? Stay tuned to find out!

FEBRUARY 2007 - Chapter 99 - #14/Ch.5?

       Vash looks on sadly through the darkness, those dead around him stare after him. He thinks "I cannot move forward. What is this?" He closes his eyes tightly, then opens them and stares around where the people were, now there are only lights in the darkness. A voice breaks the darkness, "I'm talking about Vash the Stampede's battle... No matter what happens, we'll keep struggling to the very end." It's Meryl's voice that brings Vash awake, a feather lays on his nose.
       He sits up, startled, and the feather drops to the floor. He sees Meryl and Panse typing, and he reaches out, for the feather, or to get up, tears coming to his eyes with the effort, thinking, "What are you doing, Vash the Stampede... Now isn't the time to be sleeping! Once more... just once more... Damn. Is it useless...?" Then suddenly, Knives screams and Vash sits up completely, his fist next to Meryl's helmet, dust stirred up as his feet moved behind him. Meryl looks at him, wide-eyed.
       Far above, Knives still looks into the sky. He looks tired, then his eyes go wide and he clutches his face. The giant "plant" creature below is...crying. It sobs as Knives bends his head in thought, "Pain? My brethren, what is the meaning of this? This hatred...this sadness...this suffering...this faltering... This grudge against serving the creator...always yearning for a tommorrow when we will be this not the reason why we are now connected?! ....I foresaw this. But now...this uproar that shocks me to the very core...the horrible truth... Yes..." But suddenly, he gets angry, "...However, I will not be stopped!! This determined blood flows all throughout my body. I will never turn away from my one and only mission."
       Meanwhile, down below, Vash is on his feet. Meryl and Milly look up at him, he's very tired, but he holds a cord that is attached to the main plant conglomerate, his coat flapping in the wind. "Is the commincation wire working?"
       Panse explains, "It's easy for plants to feel sympathy for one another. Now, all of a sudden, Knives has started to separte a small bit from the you understand why? It's possible for very strong emotions to be transmitted across any distance from one plant to another. And, as a testament to Knives' true strength, this ability of theirs and its effects are being heightened even now as we speak. When this happens, the plants have a chance to, upon making contact with each other at the crests of both their beings, connect to one another, meshing their conciousnesses and increasing their power over a thousand times over."
        Up above, Knives is preparing to finish it, people below look up in horror, "Oh...!! Ohh....'s falling!! KYaaaaaaahhh!!"
       Knives screams, "Now!! Everything is complete, humans!! Just like insects... Let's see you run around in terror!!" Vash pulls the cord with a very nasty looking 'plug' up to his neck, his eyes squeezed tight, anticipating pain...
       Electricity crackles between the plug and Vash's neck and suddenly the great plant conglomerate opens it's mouth in a roar. Vash is thrown back, nearly falling all over Milly and Meryl. He breathes hard as Knives yells at him, "VASH....?!!! It felt it...I'm sure of it...!! Where is he.... Where is he!!?" Vash lunges for the cord again, wrapping it around his arm, and Knives yells again, "Over there?"
        "STOP! Get away from me!!" But it's too late, Vash plunges it into his neck and a bright light starts to glow.
       The great beast roars, Vash and Knives scream. The plants start tearing apart from one another. Tears stream down Vash's face. The great beast is desentigrating. Feathers fall as it falls apart, millions of feathers everywhere! Everyone stares up in awe, "Unbelievable!!!!!...Did it work...!? It's disintegrating..." Meryl and Milly look on as suddenly Knives' expression turns dark and Vash slips off the ship, Meryl tries to reach for his foot but misses. Knives reaches out, he screams, but the mass is falling apart incredibly fast. Meryl, Milly and Panse look up at the feathers. Panse thinking, "What tenacity... no... This is...pure recklesness... He's going farther than simply breaking down the cointegration...he's entering it himself without a single care for his own safety... The wings...won't stop..."
       "You haven't reached me yet... Vash...!! This wire connection must be your last chance... You've done well at cornering me like this... But...There is absolutely no way I'll lose to these humans...!!!" Knives thinks as he angrily severs the cord to Vash.
       Vash falls into a heap on the ground, the cord still wrapped around his wrist, his hand still holding the plug. "Connect... And then please end this. I have trust in you... I've been walking for 150 years. I beg you. Once more... For that ticket..." Feathers fall around him as he stares upwards numbly. Thousands of feathers fall from the sky.

Notes: Translation thanks to Molokidan of Max7 (again). But it's pretty wild, all of these feathers...and poor Vash looks just SO tired. Poor guy needs a total vacation!! Oh yes... one last thing... according to the last page... there's a little thing that says "Look forward to the FINAL... Stay tuned for the 100th Chapter-------!" Is this it? Is this the final battle at last?! Keep reading!!

MARCH 2007 - Chapter 100 - #14/Ch.6?

       The chapter begins with the feathers coming down - they fall among the people below the ship. One falls on Meryl's helmet and she looks at it wide-eyed, then she takes off her helmet and suddenly the feather flares into a light and she sees a picture of Vash holding up a bottle to a plant. Then other pictures - people working on plants... And the memory suddenly of her screaming as she was almost enveloped by Vash. She thinks about the memories as she looks down at Vash, lying on the ground. "...... It's useless... I can't be frightened any longer. He would have told me that. Vash....san...."
       "Thank you.... Meryl...." He says. They speak as millions of feathers float down from above like snow. "It's been passed on. Your fears and that heart of yours that wants to subjugate them. These are all pieces of plants' hearts...but... That's right, they aren't all filled with good memories. Bad memories too are kept in there...and rain down incessently."
       "What's going to happen?" Meryl asks, looking up at the feathers.
       "That's a very good question. But...let me just say this. The answers that come from this point on...are everything. What's important isn't just the good and bad... But what you can pass on. What IS passed on. The fact that another is breathing and existing...Right along side you...the fact that you know that..." The feathers fall on people - and suddenly they too see the horrible memories and emotions that the plants had to suffer for 150 years. The Last Runs, the power useage, those who lived in luxury because of them, the plants who suffered... and the people start to cry, falling to their knees in realization.
       "Red brother," a little girl states, wide-eyed. But the others get another sentiment...
       ".....Vash....the....Stampede? Ha, no way."
       "I'm sure I can feel it. But why is he here now?" And they see his image, and the plant smiles. "Ahh...but...If it really was that guy, what would he say now? Would he just smile along, with those ideals of his? all you know now too... About that youth, with the gentle smile." The sentiment was always, "Love and Peace." The people all look up at the feathers floating down from above as one.
       A great light apears around the base of the ship - the city is glowing as Knives continues to fight to win the war against the now revolting plants...they're fighting against him now, rather than for him. He screams - the plants are breaking away, and he reaches in vain for one - their fingertips don't touch as they fall away from him. The huge Ark crashes into the ground, the plants now reform into themselves, piles of the girls litter the ground.
       The people see what's going on, "The cord! Plug it back in, hurry!" They grab chords and run to the plants who litter the ground, suffering, crying, unable to sustain themselves now that they are no longer attached to Knives. "Here...!!! It's the life-support system!!! Do you understand?" One man says, holding out the cable, the plant is sobbing, he grabs a feather and feels her emotions - translating to her what he wants to do. Please make it...!! This electricity...!! She opens up and they are able to connect her safely. "That's it! Good good! You aren't going to die... We're.... We are going to help you live, all of you. We owe everything to you. ...Let us live together. No... Please allow us to live together with you...!!!" The plant smiles.
       Later, the massive piles of plants are hooked to chords, even the army now is chipping in to help them. Meanwhile, Vash and the insurance girls are in the ship, the hatch door is open, feathers still fly around as Vash peers out the door. Meryl and Milly watch as he readies himself, "I, just watch, I've never made this promise before....I'll return. Please wait for me." He says to Meryl as suddenly he jumps from the ship.
       Vash falls stories... lands on his feet throwing up debris. Then he stands and looks darkly at Knives. Knives stands mere feet away, his body is mostly back...however, it is in pieces, his right hand and leg are not yet attached, yet they are where they should be, his right side is stripped bare showing ribs, teeth and his eyeball... steaming...rebuilding perhaps?
       ".....Yo....Vash...." He says, "...I was waiting." Vash looks at him darkly as he says, "I have a really bad headache, but there's nothing I can do. I've just decided to end this all right here so that freedom will be ours."

Note: Mix of Molokidan's and my translations (just cuz I like some of my wording)! This chapter was awesome - very sad, but kind of happy too, now the humans are really coming to understand what the plants have gone through and that they have treated them wrongly - all of them understand that plants were sentinent now - they didn't before. ^_^ So there's hope, even if Vash and Knives die, there's still hope that the plants will live on happily. However... what does Knives mean at the end? Is he going to finish it between them or what? More to come!

APRIL 2007 - Chapter 101 - #14/Ch.7?

       A flashback with Rem, saying her final fairwells to the boys as she sends them off in the pod. Vash narrates, "That day Rem...What would she have said...? Those words of hers...drowned out by the thundering sounds and vibrations..."
       Vash and Knives face off in amongst the wreckage of the ships and the huge Fifth Moon rising behind them. As Knives rebuilds his body, his hair turns black. As his face, arm and leg rebuild, Vash empties his gun of spent cartridges and reloads with one of his 'special' bullets. He clicks hit home as Knives forms a long sword-like blade in his right hand. They step towards one another.
       Gun and sword clash, Vash and Knives' heads press toward one another and they speak within their minds. "Don't you think, this is kinda funny? Despite what... I've been trying to do all this time!! I've now given up...on everything... My powers have been drained. With all my might, I barely managed to restore my dead body. End it..." Knives' body finishes rebuilding as they talk. Only a small portion of his right temple remains blond. Far above the plants are still piled from where they crashed as the two brothers talk. "Won't you end it all here, Knives? Look around you. All the answers are clear. There is absolutely no more reason for us to fight."
       "Huh...Just like you, always the same," Knives snorts, "But I won't kneel to you. Whether it was the past me, or how I am now, I will never do that. Even if I remain the last being standing on earth, I will... always be proud of the path I've chosen!!!"        Vash gets ticked off, his arm glowing, a blast of sorts, sending blood into the air. Vash remembers everything that Knives did... all of the bad. "That's right... We've come a long way to be swallowed up in something as big as this. The slate will never be blank again. And we'll never be able to return to that time..." Vash looks like the Diablo.
       "Kill me...Vash." Knives beckons. "For you, there exists no other future than this...!!!"
       Vash throws his arm back, a bright flash as the clash of steal and blade slide off of one another. Knives and Vash spin, back to back, bringing weapons to bare once again. Vash aims his gun at his brother's head. "Even though we've grown apart this much... Despite being two brothers who could only look after each other... No... I'm the one that grew apart..." Knives closes his eyes, bends his head and then realizes that Vash is aiming upwards. Vash remembers Rem talking to him and Knives as children. "Vash... Knives...You are never alone."
       The black hole forms above them as from above Kuronkia speeds down toward them. The blast takes apart her ship, and Vash crumples. Knives' eyes go wide. His blade runs through Vash's chest, blood splurting everywhere. "VASH!!" Kuronika's ship crashes nearby, she's still there...but in a right mess, like she tried rebuilding herself from pieces of the ship.
       "Fly away, Knives." Knives looks startled down at Vash who grabs Knives and sprouts wings! (WINGS!!!!) Knives is in shock, looking down at Vash as they take off into the air.
       "...Vash....!!! ....Damn!! What are you doing...!! This is... insane...!!!" Knives struggles, Vash's last blond streak starts to turn black and they start to fall. "..........VASH!!!" Knives screams. One of Vash's wings disentegrates. They fall until suddenly Knives sprouts his OWN wing to counterbalance, it looks metallic like multiple blades.
       Locked in her sights, Kuronika aims the gun that is still intact upon her ship, she screams but suddenly gun blasts surround her! The weaponry is disconnected, she lunges forward, behind her stands a figure clad in a cowboy hat and cloak...holding a very familiar pistol...Wolfwood's pistol. It's Livio!
        "...Excuse me. Acting this rude to a guest that's come from such a far-off place... But I guess there's really no choice at this point. A lot has happened, so you really just need to trust him... Trust us... You won't regret it." Kuronika looks up at him and Livio tips his hat, smiling. "Welcome to No Man's Land." She looks up at the people all standing, pointing at the distant sun rising.
       "....I see... This... Is the true name for this planet eh?"
       Livio lowers his head, releasing a long breath and sob, until suddenly he hears a voice. "You really did it after all. You showed what it takes to survive." His eyes go wide and he looks up. "But you're still Crybaby Livio... Keep on running them down. From now and forever." Wolfwood grins, a cigarette in his mouth. But when Livio turns, the ghost of his friend is gone. ".....Thank much....." Livio says as he starts to cry.
       The sun rises and birds fly in the morning air. ".....Sempai...." Milly starts, wiping a tear from her cheek, "....yeah..." Meryl says.
       In the distance, Vash and Knives fly into the sunrise.

Note: Just one more chapter left! Translation, as usual, thanks to Molokidan. Unfortunately this chapter took forever after I wound up moving in the midst of it! So...the second to last chapter! Hard to believe this is it...what will the end bring? What new mysteries will be unraveled in the end? Stay tuned!

MAY 2007 - Chapter 102 - #14/Ch.8? THE END

       Ten years have passed since Vash and Knives disappeared from Octoverne into the sunset. On the wall of a saloon are two wanted posters, one for Vash, another for Millions Knives. The narration reads, "Still, there was no sign of the two figures of Vash and Knives. Six months have passed now, rumors of their death are starting to spread. Other voices have also been doubting whether the Earth Federation of Preserving Public Peace's Army is truly making an effort to search out and arrest them." A man with a gun looks out through the slatted blinds and mumbles, "They're doubting it... huh...Gimme a break." In the distance stands a church, surrounded by mechs (ala Ghost in the Shell) and walkers - all high-tech stuff. The guy points out the window, "The Earth Army... Looks like they're trying to manipulate the news to try and catch you. Seems like the incident in Octoverne really hit them hard. What do you think, Vash?" he says turning to look at a black haired fellow, hair around his eyes, closing up his bag.
       "....Yeah... I know..." Vash responds with a slow smile. The otehr guy and a kid are talking, "It just doesn't rub me right for some reason. I don't think I'll ever like guys of their class."
       "Hey, come on, Pop! Don't you remember watching the television in the city? That was insane!"
       "Alright, Alright ya dumb simpleton, I get it!"
       "I can't believe I have such a crappy dad!" The kid replies, kicking him.
       Sitting on the desk nearby is a newspaper article that reads "BIG PLANT DOME" - a picture of the Octoverne plant dome where the plants are living safely. "Well, it's true that we were saved by the Earthlings, after all. If it hadn't been for their ships, we wouldn't be here right now. I guess we have no choice but to coexist."
       In the back they uncover a secret escape route into the ground. "It seems we're gonna have to part pretty soon."
        The old guy asks if Vash really has to go, "...No, um are you sure?"
        "...Sorry." Vash apologizes.
       "Don't be so wishy-washy, Vash! Thanks to you, we've been having a really fun time!" The little boy looks sad, "Thinking back to that time, I can't believe half a year has really passed." They'd both found Knives and Vash six months before. Knives was smoking from the change to look 'human' again, the child is barely an infant, standing behind his father with fear as Knives begs for help, "This man...has saved everyone... This a necessary person to you all!!"
       "Now that I think about it," Vash says to them, "You really took a chance welcoming in some random weirdos."
        "I don't wanna hear that from you!" The man replies. "It's because you had your head tilted like hopelessly pathetic. Not even a back-alley doctor would have taken you. Here you were, on the verge of death. How are your wounds?"
       "Ah, they're fine now." Vash says smiling.
       "'Zat so. The way those wounds were, your guts shoulda been all spilled out. It's a good thing we found you when we did. Although, I still don't know how those mortal wounds you had healed all the way..."
        In a flashback a small apple tree stands in the sand. "UHWAA!! What the heck?! What is this!!?" The boy exclaims.
       "This should serve for food..." Knives explains.
       "Ahh, but apples!! But why are they growing like that?"
       "Take care of... him."
       "Eh? Uh... Where are you going?" The boy looks surprised and showed, "Aren't you going to tell Vash?" The boy turns, calling for Vash over and over again.
       "Vash!! VASH!!!"
       "It's no use..." Knives looks tired and he lowers his head, closes his eyes.... the cloak wrapped around him floats off in the breeze. The boy stops, shocked, turns to find Knives has disappeared.
       Vash looks up in memory, as the man says, "Alright, go ahead and leave already. And then find some place to live where no one will ever see you again. You've already done more than your part. Got it?"
       Vash looks up, ".....Uhn. Thank you."
       The people are coming closer. "Father..."
       "Don't give in yet, Carlito. If something happens, just try to buy some time for as long as you can. However you can. Once we've given him enough time, we'll surrender. But if they somehow find out what's going on, everything will go to waste." His father says as Vash climbs out trying to find the passage way out.
       "...I'm sorry, you two..." He says, "I've gotta go fast...!?"
        He lifts up the manhole and it's behind the crowd. The leader of the group starts his microphone, coughs into it and then starts saying something, "Ah! This is... The Earth Federation of Preserving Public Peace Army!! We have an announcement to make to all the beloved residents of the Mesa Probe Church!! We have, as of now, completely surrounded you! We have come searching for a suspect that we have reason to believe you are harbouring in there!! We have a single request! Release both Millions Knives and Vash the Stampede to us at once!! You have five minutes!! Release them and we shall leave you in peace!! If you do not... Then we are prepared to use military force to assist you in doing so!!"
       "Father!!!!" Carlito yells...
        "5 minutes..." Father starts thinking, "That's all he should need." Sweating, nose dribbling, he thinks, "Let's see... Should I act like I just woke up...or had a hangover...maybe diarrhea? That oculd probably give me 15 minutes... He'd probably be outta their sight by then..."
        "Dad! Dad! Are you alright?"
       "Come on Vash!!"
       Just as...I thought..." The army leader says. "I have a bad feeling about this!! Therefore, if you do not respond immediately, then we will be forced to break in at once!!"
       "...WHA?!" The father screams.
       "Prepare to five seconds!" They start the coundown... The father throws himself over Cleat as they count down to "....0!!!!"
       Suddenly the DIABLO lands on the counter's head. Vash looks all fury and red coat, spikey black hair. Everyone gasps, swinging around to see, "HEY...!!! IS THAT....!!!!!? ....The long red coat!!!! Long spiked black hair....!!! ....It couldn't be...!!! No it's gotta be....!!!"
       "VASH THE STAMPEDE?!!!! YEEEEESSSSU!!! I'M HEREEEEEEE!!!!" Vash screams, shooting his gun up into the air and screaming, people trampling after him as he runs!
       "That idiot!!! What happened to the plan?!" Father screams as the huge crowd goes pouring after Vash.
        He speeds up thinking, "...Just this once!! Once I can shake off these guys... I'll disguise myself and go live off on my own! I'll wear a wig and live by myself! I'll put on fake teeth and live on my own!! I'll get a kaiser hairstyle and start saying "zansu" at the end of all my sentences!! The Earth troops are pretty honorable, so I doubt they'll even say that they let me get away. It's alright!! Soon, I'll just be anohter inhabitant of "No-Man's Land!" I'll live quiest and hidden out in the desolate wasteland. I'll get an optimastic lohas (lifestyle of health and sustainability) like I've always wanted!!" He runs over the hill. As he jumps over the hill.... ."Ah VASH!" A huge group of UGLIES are waiting for him with guns!! Every single bad-ass guy you can think of "Ooooh.... Isthatisthat is that... Looks like we found hte little shrimp the Earth Army's after!! I wonder how much we'll get for his head?!! Like stealin' candy from a baby!!" Vash scrambles up back OVER the hill again - the uglies following! "Ooooh? What the hell is this? It looks like another Earthling piece of junk!! Shoot it too pieces!"
       "What are you doing? Stop it this instant you stupid natives!" Vash slides to a hault on the ground as the baddies both start firing at each other! "You idiots! Like we'd hand over this guy who's given us so much pain and pleasure!" Vash starts to cry, like this isn't what he wanted to happen!! "You're just after the reward you damn bounty hungers! Destroy that monkey-army!" Suddenly a huge blast blows him up into the air! "We're gonna kill ya'll gourd-faced Earthlings!!"
       "You brutes!"
       "Mesubi-heads!" Vash carwheels ansd spins... finally landing...
       In front of a familiar shoe. His eyes go wide (glup) and he looks up a familiar skirt... Where Milly and Meryl are standing in front of him! "MERYL!!" Vash exclaims happily. Meryl doesn't look all that happy though. He starts to sweat. The baddies are actually looking on surprised.
       Meryl starts chewing Vash out. "Really... Again...!!! You're always getting into things!!!! VASH-SAN!!!!! Don't tell me you've forgotten what you told me before you left Octoverne!!!"
       "Ah.... Sorrry----"
       Meryl continues to chew him out, "There we go. I knew saying those caustic words with such a serious face would bring you to your knees! Just look at yourself now!" and everyone is like 'whoa she's really chewing him out' kinda faces.
       "We're sick and tired of this, you know!! Chasing you around the entire world!!!"
       " dignity..." Vash mutters.
        Then Meryl swallows, and smiles at him. "Anyway!! That felt good to say. Now then!!" She punches Vash in the chest, "This is a new beginning!! This is great new chance to continue where we left off!"
       Vash looks excited, he lifts his gun about to go to fight with everyone, "There's the insurance girls I remember!! We really are a great team, eh?" Milly and Meryl turn surprised. Vash blushes. "Ah...not like that Vash-san. We aren't... working for the Insurance Agency anymore."
       "We're in a new business." They hand him cards over his shoulder. Vash's eyes widen. He reads, "...NLBC.... (No Man's Land Broadcast)" He swallows and turns...
       Meryl whips open her cape to reveal dozens of microphones!!!! Milly whips out a camera!! Vash goes silent as Meryl holds up the mic to him. "Cue!" She goes - behind Milly is a walking television monitor hooked up to her camera for broadcasting. They go into a long spiel about Vash the Stampede, "On this hot, sandy planet... Traveling from East to West in this huge wasteland... I am the one that strives for Love and Peace... Whose also been called the Humanoid Typhoon... With 600 Billion on my head... Whether it's from fate, karma or accident... I'm just another man caught between heaven and earth... A wandering gunman with a red coat... Vash the Stampede!! That's meeeee!!!" Meryl starts reading cue cards on a note pad, asking questions and talking about this 'Special report!'
       "The full-24 hour broadcast of emergency pursuit file continues!!! The red demon who inhabits this desert wasteland is now preparing to enter BATTLE MODE!! The mysteriuos man who has been called a human calamity!! A no-holds barred, all-revealing coverage special!! Wait until you see all this controversy! HERE WE GO!!" Vash looks like walking death (ala when he and Wolfwood were left in the desert death look). "Alright, Vash-san!! This is the opening!! All of a sudden returning after six months!! Enthusiasm and mystery!! Got it!?"
        He TRIES to say "...Oh...Ah... G-G-G-ive... me... a BREAAAAAAKKK!!!"
       Suddenly everyone's TVs are lit up with the face of Vash. BDN! The dudes Vash saved before Knives captured him! The little Arcadia crew! Lina, Grandma Sheryl and even pigman who is now a waiter! "Please..." Vash screams... "Leave me alone...Pleaaaassseeeeee!"
       Livio tips his hat at Nick's grave. He looks up smiling, long hair around his face, looking younger than ever. Vash starts to laugh. People look at him laughing on the TV. Kuronika sees him on her screen as he turns to run. The Nebraska family watch too! Brad gapes as Luida smiles as Vash runs!!!
       Vash runs off into the desert, there are a few last words... "In a far-off time. In a place too distant for anyone to see. A song is sung. For all of mankind."
       THE END.

Note: The end! *sob!* Well - thanks once again to Max7 for translations (and my apologies once again for improper ones so early on). I hope you've enjoyed reading my summaries and translations on this website!! This page will only be updated with new chapter titles as they are released by Dark Horse. It's so sad it's the end and yet it's so happy too!! ^_^ I hope you liked this summary and translation of the very last chapter of Trigun Maximum!! Run Vash...Run!!

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