Trigun Episode Guide

Here's your definitive guide to Trigun... All 26 episodes including my favorite quotes!
WATCH OUT FOR SPOILERS if you haven't seen the whole series yet!! I get VERY detailed at the end!!
Oh yeah, and the quotes are color coded. Vash, Wolfwood, Knives, Milly, Meryl, Legato, Midvalley, Named Others, Generic people.

1. The $$60 Billion Man Everyone's looking for Vash the Stampede. He's got a $$60 Billion bounty on his head for destroying a city. The only problem? No one knows for sure what he looks like. Enter Descartes and gang who are after this geeky guy in a red coat. "I'm getting....Hungry." --Vash They capture him but start to have doubts if this guy really is the legendary gunman, especially when Loose Ruth shows up also fitting the description. Then come the Bernadelli Insurance girls, Milly Thompson and Meryl Stryfe who have Descartes' description - is he Vash? They certainly think so when he takes the girls hostage. But then the geeky guy shows up and saves them and takes out both Descartes and Loose Ruth without using a single bullet! But that couldn't be Vash the Stampede... Could it?

2. Truth of Mistake Milly and Meryl have a problem. They're still trying to track down Vash but they've run out of water and the nearest town is a ghost town. But then two kids pass by talking about a nearby mansion. When they come to the house there's the geeky guy in the red coat. And for some reason, the rich mansion owner (Mr. Cliff) is calling him Vash! "The man who will slaughter the innocent, does the most evil of evil deads with $$60 Billion on his head, yes I AM THAT MAN." --Vash Apparently he hired the broom head to be his bodyguard and is just calling him Vash in order to scare away his attacker - another guy in a red coat! Meanwhile "Vash" is trying to hit on Mr. Cliff's guest, Marianne who's been wounded and is sneaking around the mansion. "Vash", Milly and Meryl discover Mr. Cliff's plan to take over the city and Marianne turns out to be a Marshall trying to stop Cliff and save the town. "Vash" saves the day without using his gun and Marianne falls for him, but he leaves because if he really was the legendary gunman she'd have to arrest him!

3. Peacemaker Vash, our red coated geek, comes into a town looking for Frank Marlon, a legendary gunsmith. Marlon has been spending his days drunk ever since a group of bandits killed his wife and daughter using one of the guns he made! Vash agrees to drink with Marlon (much to the insurance girl's dismay) and eventually Marlon tells him his sad tale. Vash leaves his gun with Marlon the next morning and ends up stumbling upon a man calling himself Vash who is holding up an armored truck with his gang. Milly and Meryl, after trying to warn the mayor that this could happen, have been roped into helping the thieves. Apparently the group found out that the town didn't have a sheriff. The reason? Everyone has a Frank Marlon Special, including the bartender at the place Vash and Marlon partied at. She brings out her gun after Vash makes a heroic stand, bluffing that he has a gun in his pocket - and eventually everyone in town bring out their guns as well. Finally Marlon comes in also using a finger as his gun and they chase the thieves out of town. Marlon fixes Vash's gun and he heads out of town with the girls close behind.

4. Love & Peace Milly and Meryl are stuck in a little town waiting out a sandstorm, when the bar they're waiting at is held up. They are taken hostage along with a "girl who loves cards". Vash is dropped off outside of town to walk through the huge graveyard which is there. He comes into town listening to headphones, chewing gum, and dancing - right into the bar where the hold up is taking place! He doesn't hear the sheriff or the mayor as they yell at him. Vash is taken hostage and eventually finds out the reason the bar is being held up. Apparently the girl who loves cards is the mayor's daughter - he and the sheriff had killed the parents and families of many of the original townspeople. Meanwhile, the sheriff hires the help of some pretty shady men who have come to save the girl, even if that means killing the other hostages. Vash, Meryl, and Milly manage to stop the menn, and Vash sets up a showdown between the mayor and the leader of the first gang. The sheriff is also thrown out of his position after he tries to kill them all to become the mayor himself. The show ends in one of Vash's famous lines: "This World is Made of Love and Peace!"

5. Hard Puncher Vash is having breakfast when a group of bandits come to collect the $$60 Billion bounty on his head. Vash scares off the group, but when the townspeople find out he's Vash the Stampede - "I'm chasing the elusive mayfly of peace... or something like that." --Vash - they try to get the bounty themselves to fix their Plant. "Maman, Maman, why is this always happening to me?? And why am I crying in French?" --Vash Milly and Meryl track him to the town and find the whole town is after him! Including the Nebraska family who were hired by the sheriff to capture him. Even though the women of the town capture Vash, he saves them from the Nebraska pair and manages to stop them with just 6 bullets (the first time he uses his gun) - and in turn capture the Nebraska family for their bounty which he gives to the town. Meanwhile, Meryl finally realizes that this geeky broom-headed guy is the Vash they've been sent to find!

6. Lost July The town throws a party for Vash and friends. The town finally is able to hire engineers to fix their plant, and they arrive on a huge sand steamer. Including the main engineer who is in fact a very gorgeous woman. She hires Vash as her bodyguard/doggy and he follows her around town. The only problem is that someone is after her, and Vash has to fight off a pretty nasty masked guy. The next day our lady takes Vash into the Plant and we find out that she was the one who hired the masked man. Vash defeats him, but then our lady plans to destroy the Plant to kill Vash! He manages to stop the Plant from blowing up somehow, and finds out that the woman had lived in the City of July when it had been destroyed. The people of the city had survived the explosion, but ended up starving to death including her parents and she sought revenge on Vash for it seeing as though he had been the one to destroy the city! But how had he not changed after nearly 30 years?

7. B.D.N. Vash leaves town on the sand steamer. Milly and Meryl get a job in the cafe to pay their way in order to stay with the illustrious gunman - now that Meryl is finally convinced that he is Vash the Stampede. Vash gets bugged to become a bodyguard for the steamer, and he refuses until he runs into a boy named Kaite whom Vash assumes to be a stowaway. Vash becomes a bodyguard for money to buy food for Kaite, and meets up with the girls. "Boy they're sharp, especially the big one. The only good thing is she doesn't know how smart she is." --Vash Things go well until Kaite drugs Vash and runs off, we find to signal the Bad Lad Gang and their leader, Brilliants Dynamite Neon. Meanwhile, Vash dreams of Rem, a woman with long dark hair - but who is she? While he's out cold, the Bad Lads take over the steamer in order to break into the safe - but there's no way into the safe unless they destroy the steamer. Kaite, whose father built the steamer, puts up a fuss and nearly gets killed (like the engineer who tried to stop the steamer) but Vash saves him just in time. Milly and Meryl get ready to try to take things into their own hands...

8. And Between the Wasteland and Sky Picking up where we left off, the sandsteamer is picking up speed, 12 minutes left before it crashes off the cliff. Vash and Cliff are hiding. "Oh man! Why can't I just get a break? Death and poverty like me so much, they brought friends! And then there's the insurance girls!" --Vash Kaite brings out the blueprints so they can find the voice tube room to track down where the Bad Lads are. Vash leaves and gets shot, accidentally shooting one of the Lads. He wraps the Lad's wounds and takes off to stop the steamer. But he opens the wrong door and finds himself in a hail of gunfire from a group of Bad Lads and Neon. Neon is about to shoot Vash when Milly and Meryl appear, dressed as the bad lads. "I am Meryl Stryfe from the Bernadelli Insurance Society, however in some places I happen to be better known as Derringer Meryl." --Meryl "Um, hi my name uh, is Milly Thompson, uh let's see now, I suppose for the time being you can just call me Stungun Milly." --Milly They decide to have a faceoff one on one out on the deck of the steamer. Vash wins the confrontation, avoiding Neon's bullets, but he reopened the wound he'd gotten from the Lad. Now that Vash won, they could stop the steamer, but it's running too hot and they have to stop the engine from the inside. Kaite manages to pull the lever, but it's too late, and only Neon's quick thinking saves them. The next morning Vash watches Kaite wake up and takes him up to the top of the steamer. Kaite starts to sing and Vash remembers Rem."That song... It was the one that Rem loved" --Vash

9. Murder Machine We find our trio on a bus headed towards May City. Apparently they picked it up after the steamer was stopped. Vash loaned the girls fare - even though he seemed to be regretting it already - Merly has a habit of hitting him a lot, trying to keep him from scaring the other passengers. During their trip, Vash spots something in the desert which turns out to be a man carrying a huge cross. He gets on the bus and introduces himself as Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a traveling priest. Vash introduces himself "I am known as Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gumbigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre André Charton-Haymoss Ivanovicci Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser the Third. Don't hesitate to call." "What are you talking about, Mr. Vash the Stampede?" --Milly "I hate it when you call me by my full name!!!" Soon afterwards, the bus stops to let everyone off to stretch their legs. It is here where Wolfwood introduces his "travelling confessional" and talks to Vash about his orphanage. He also gives some food to a couple of little girls, and when he turns, Vash smiles at him. "Well I'll be. I'm actually surprised you can smile like that. You had me kinda worried. I noticed that you smile, and seem really friendly, but the way you would smile was so empty that it hurt to watch you. You're hurting like crazy on the inside, and yet you grin and bear it. At least that's this man's opinion anyway."--Wolfwood Almost immediately someone finds one of the passengers wounded, and soon after dozens of security robots come after the bus. At first it looks like everyone is safe, but then one of the two girls comes up missing and Wolfwood and Vash jump off the bus to save her. They find where the robots are and Vash starts to tell Wolfwood about the robots, but Wolfwood doesn't pay any attention... "You listen, but then again you don't, what's up with that?" --Vash They save the girl but find themselves within a buried ship. Vash and Wolfwood take out the robots and Vash shuts down the program running the robots. Milly and Meryl find them and the bus gets to May City. Then Wolfwood takes off, will they see him again?

10. Quick Draw Vash gets up for the morning, does his meditation, his training, has his breakfast, and plays with the kids. The little boys try to help Vash get a girlfriend - to no avail. He sees Neil who isn't playing and follows him to the restaurant - where we see Wolfwood again! He's helping Niel's mother with her debts, (for more than honorable reasons we imagine) - including signing Vash up for a quick draw contest. Wolfwood gets Vash drunk that night so the gunman is hung-over the next morning... But not so much that Vash can't sign Wolfwood up for the contest too. "Well, if we both compete it will improve our chances." --Vash Vash manages to make sure that no one kills anyone and it gets down to the two of them. Wolfwood tries to withdraw but the contest manager holds Neil and his mother for randsom so that Wolfwood will shoot Vash so they can collect the bounty on his head. Wolfwood and Vash doublecross them however and save the day, only to have Neil's father return home and all their efforts were for naught! "For Love and for Peace." --Wolfwood & Vash.

11. Escape from Pain The caravan is stuck in the desert because of the demi-slat sprays, hot water that gushes out from the ground. Waiting for it to move again, Wolfwood is playing chess with a guy for his bus ticket, and Milly walks in asking for pudding. Milly helps him with his chess game and he buys her a bag full of pudding. They are walking back to Meryl and Vash when a dancing girl runs into them and Milly has to drop her pudding to help her - but then one of the bad guys comes too close and - "That happened to be my can of pudding. You wasted it! Never get between a girl and her pudding!" --Milly. They're forced to help the dancing girl name Moore by pretending to be pregnant. "Gee lady, you're enormous, are you having sextuplets?" - Lady to find her boyfriend Julius and then get out of town because they caravan has been trading slaves. Fondrique has been trading humans and Julius is his only pass in or out of the city so they are trying to find him. As Milly and Wolfwood find out the news, Fondrique finds Vash and tries to hire him on to bring him back his pass. Wolfwood tries to stop them, and Milly goes with them - all the while Vash agrees to hunt down Julius and Moore for $$20 Million. Meryl goes with Vash and they find Wolfwood, Milly, Moore and Julius - and Vash shoots both Julius and Moore and gets the money from Fondrique's croonies before they run away. Milly gets angry and slaps Vash, but Wolfwood sees through Vash's plan and finds that the gunman had rubber bullets - so Moore and Julius were okay. They leave, Milly waves goodbye - "She's a good girl, isn't she? She's really good." --Wolfwood "She really is." --Vash "And you are just like her." --Wolfwood. The caravan is finally able to take off as well - but not with Wolfwood who has gone off on his own again.

12. Diablo Monev the Gale has been training for 20 years when Legato shows up to hire him on to hunt someone... Meanwhile, Vash gets his boots fixed after he broke his knife blade in "Lost July". The next morning Milly and Meryl sit in the townsquare enjoying the day. Vash, sitting nearby is thinking about Rem when a dodgeball hits him square in the face. Vash gets up and chases the children around the square, "The deadly dodgeball head!!" --Vash They play until a mysterious man in a white coat appears carrying a bag with hotdogs. He and Vash talk telepathically - and he introduces himself as Legato. "Your life is going to end, today." --Legato and he disappears, leaving the bag on the bench, only to have the shoemaker's wife run into the square a moment later screaming that her husband was murdered! The proof is in the bag nearest Vash who gets taken into custody by the sheriff. That night Milly and Meryl visit Vash while he thinks of Legato - and "him" and July City... Moments later Monev the Gale busts in and Milly frees Vash only to have him run off to get Monev out of town so that the city will be safe. Except that Monev has a huge weapon that can not only stop Vash but also destroys part of the town, killing a dozen people. When Vash sees this, he can no longer run from Monev and he seeks revenge for the people who died. Three shots into Monev's face mask and Monev jumps over a building to get away. Meryl and Milly find Vash but he tells them to stay away as he leaves to make plan to stop Monev. Meanwhile, The Gale sits on the roof of a building and he watches as Vash goes into the bank to use the vault as a shield. Vash gets the upper hand and reveals his second gun - his left arm changes into a gun! Vash pins Monev to the ground, gun arm pointed into Monev's face and he begs for mercy. And suddenly Vash flashes to Rem, "I was dreaming Rem. Everything, everything was so horribly dry, even people's hearts." --Vash He withdraws his gun and starts to cry...

13. Vash the Stampede Vash ponders whether to kill Monev or let him live, and he finally decides to let him go. The next day, Meryl writes her report for the Bernadelli Insurance Company. Most of this episode rehashes previous episodes. Meryl relates sections of "The $$60 Billion Man," "Peacemaker," "Truth of Mistake," "Hard Puncher," "Diablo," "Lost July," "Escape from Pain" and "Murder Machine". She writes all night until the morning, and as the sun rises, she hears voices from downstairs talking about Vash being in the hotel. Suddenly they hear some noise from below and they go to check on Vash, who just happens to be getting out of the shower. They get a good look at the hundreds of scars on his torso and arms and the moment Vash sees them he shrieks and holds his towel in front of him. In the next moment, he and the girls sit down to talk, first about his scars, where Meryl replies, "I wouldn't run away, I mean, they wouldn't run away..." And then they talk about how he can live with his scars, but he tells them he has to keep going until he can come to terms with his past. He leaves town later that day with Milly and Meryl close behind him.

14. Little Arcadia Our story begins while Milly is writing home. She is talking to Meryl when there is a commotion out front of the hotel. Vash is protecting an old woman and man from a guy with a gun sitting across the street. Milly and Meryl come out and stop the man after plowing Vash into the dust. "Don't you realize how dangerous this man is?" --Meryl Later, the old woman and man ask Milly and Meryl if they would be their bodyguards until they are able to get the land deed to the bank the next day. Vash, Milly and Meryl go to see their land and find out that it is lush and green. The Landowner Morgan has been wanting their land and has been threatening them . That night, Milly and Meryl help the old couple after sending Vash back to town (they think). While they are outside standing guard the man from in the street has returned. He's the son of the old couple named Badwick. Meanwhile, Morgan talks to some other bandits while Badwick tries to convince his father to give over the deed. But Morgan has hired Marilyn Nebraska and her mother to take care of business. (These Nebraskas are trying to get bail money for the Nebraskas in "Hard Puncher"). Marylin, Jinpe, Tonkechi, Canta, and Patricia (their mother) try to destroy the farm without destroying the trees. Morgan manages to get the upper hand and tries to kill the old man and woman, but Badwick gets the deed and drives off towards town. Patricia sends one of her sons flying towards Badwick, and Meryl tries to shoot him off course - her bullet doesn't hit, but Vash's does - he's been hiding in a barrel nearby. "That makes us even for helping me on the sandsteamer. Huh? Wait, is that all the time I get?" Badwick takes the deed to the bank and finds out that there was another form with it, one that gives the land to Badwick. "Walk your own path, with your head held high." -Old Man The next morning, Meryl has finally written home, even after saying she didn't have time for it. They have to hurry up and catch the bus that Vash is on before it leaves.

15. Demons Eye Meryl and Milly ride in their car... what's left of it, carried on Vash's shoulders. "Are we there yet??" Jeneora Rock, a city with a huge mountain in its midst is where the Rodrick Thieves come into the bar with girls they'd taken captive. Legato sits at the bar eating when one of the girls notice him. The Rodricks get angry at her and shoot the fork out of Legato's hand "A fork, please.". He uses his powers and makes them kill each other, leaving only the girls, one waiter, and the sax player up on stage. Meanwhile, Vash, Milly and Meryl make it into town. Vash goes to the first bar in town, which happens to be the one that Legato just left. He sees a woman peering out a door and chases her asking if it was Legato who had killed all of the men. She slams his finger in the door and Meryl wraps it up for him. Up on Jeneora Rock, someone introduces the Gung-Ho Guns after they take out another half of the Rodrick Thieves. "Grey the Ninelives, Dominique the Cyclops, Zazie the Beast, Leonof the Puppetmaster, Hoppard the Gauntlet, Rei-Dei the Blade, E.G.Mine the Mine, and myself, Midvalley the Hornfreak." Vash goes up Jeneora Rock after Legato and finds a pile of corpses, and Dominique. She takes three snaps from the front of his jacket, and then comes after Vash. "What kind of freak are you lady? That was definitely not human!" --Vash He somehow manages to unbutton her shirt, "I should slap you. Not to mention, that during this conversation I could have groped you at least five times... Okay, so let's say maybe four times." He can't figure out how she keeps disappearing, until he realizes she dulls the senses with her demon's eye, so that he focuses all of his concentration on his hurt finger and manages to get the upper hand. Milly and Meryl show up blaming him for beating up on a "poor defenseless woman" and Dominique leaves. Later that night Vash tells Meryl and Milly they have to part ways, and he leaves them in Jeneora Rock to search for Legato.

16. Fifth Moon Legato's eating again. He sends E.G. Mine out to entertain Vash, and when Midvalley asks him if he's going alone, Legato tells him he wants a greater tragedy. It's two weeks later since Vash has left them in Jeneora, but Milly and Meryl decide finally to follow him. Meanwhile, Vash sits in a little tavern eating salmon sandwiches when a man comes into the bar, bearing the message that "he" is waiting in Augusta, and then kills himself. 65 Iles from Augusta, Wolfwood hears about Vash and heads into town. Milly and Meryl have tracked him down too - following rumors that he's running everyone out of town. "My name is, Vash the Stampede! Ladies and Gentlemen, forget my lack of warning, but it is time for my daily massacre! And if you don't believe I'm the real thing, take a good look and me and start freaking out! Observe my red coat, my lovely blond locks, and if you're still having doubts, check out my 100% accurate gunmanship!" When the town is empty, Vash finds Monev and Dominique hanging dead on a building. E.G. Mine shows up, but he's no match for Vash, or for Rei-Dei the Blade who kills him before fighting Vash one on one. Eventually, Rei-Dei gets the upper hand but then Legato takes control of Vash and forces him to reveal his Third Gun, the "Angel-Arm," that his gun transforms into. Milly and Meryl see the light, and even though Meryl wants to go find Vash, Milly grabs her and takes her out of harms way, "If you die know you'll never see him again." --Milly The power from Vash's gun destroys not only Augusta, but blows a hole in the Fifth Moon. Somehow Rei-Dei survives, but Wolfwood finds him and kills him. Vash is no where to be found. Everyone wonders what will happen next as word spreads of what Vash has done. Milly and Meryl are told to go back to Bernadelli, since the insurance company will no longer be involved by things that are caused by Vash.

17. Rem Saverem Space. A hundred ships are flying through space and we finally see the woman Vash calls Rem and the crew of the "SEEDS" ship. In the front of the room, two young boys with long blond hair are dressed in party hats. They've been looking for planet to settle on. Later, one of the young boys stands staring at a huge room filled with cold sleep chambers. Rem tells Vash, the young boy, about their mission. Knives, the other boy, finds them and they go to the "Rec Room" for lunch. It's a room which is actually like a grassy valley. Soon after, they look at a holographic Earth as they talk about how Earth had suffered and had sent the SEEDS to colonize a new planet. That evening the captain and Rem talk about the boys, "Vash and Knives could be angels that God sent to us to guide us to our dreams." The next day, Steve and the crew talk about the boys, calling them monsters. Later, Rem gives Vash his first haircut - "It's stickin' up!" Knives goes and cuts his own hair. The next day the crew discuss their new haircuts. "What do I look like?" --young Vash. "A mama's boy." --Group Steve gets angry, calling them monsters again, and Knives gets angry. "You're a disgrace. Is that anyway for a man like you to behave in the presence of innocent children?" Soon after, Vash and Knives find a butterfly caught in a spider's web, so Vash tries to save the butterfly and Knives grabs the spider and kills it. They argue, "I wanted to save both of them, you idiot!" Steve is placed in detention under charges that he raped Mary, another crew member... Things go wrong from here. All of the crew members die, and the ships warnings start to go off, so that Rem, Knives and Vash have to get into an escape pod. But Rem stays behind in order to stop the ships from crashing. While in the escape pod, Knives admits to setting up the crash sequence, and as Vash watches out the window, the ship they were on blows up, killing Rem, but not before she managed to correct the other ships' guidance systems so that someone would survive the crash. 107 years later in July City, Vash stands with both guns. "Trust me Rem. Knives, I will take care of him."

18. Goodbye for Now July City. A man lay dead on the desk of his office. Vash comes into the room to find Knives behind the desk. He tries to shoot his brother, but Knives gets off a shot first and blows off Vash's left arm. Knives activates Vash's angel arm and he aims at Knives, only to destroy the city. Present time, 2 years after Fifth Moon, a man name Eriks lies in bed as a girl yells at him to get up. A bus pulls into town and Wolfwood gets off and goes into the bar, followed shortly after by Eriks and the girl named Lena. The town has been completely taken over by bandits, run by Vash the Stampede, at least that's what they say. Lena is hiding in the bar after she kicked the said leader of the bandits in the face for groping her butt. The man blows a hole in the bar and in order to save Lena, Eriks goes to negotiate and is forced to act like a dog, including getting naked. Negotiations done, and the bandits drive off, only to shot Eriks as they drive away. Eriks gets taken to the hospital where Wolfwood follows and reveals that he is actually Vash. Wolfwood gives him his gun back and discusses why Vash has been hiding in the town for the last years. "What I need... What I want... Is to live my life here, with them." --Vash Meanwhile, Lena and Sheryl, the two women he's been living with, have gone back for clothes for Eriks, but Lena gets kidnapped. Vash decides to pick up his gun and with Wolfwood's help, goes to get Lena. "It doesn't seem to matter how far I travel, my destiny is always followed by blood and gunsmoke. The result is the same every time. Mountains of death and debris. What? What should I do?" -Vash They take out 200 bandits without a scratch themselves. "That's not exactly fair to them." -Wolfwood Later, Lena gives Vash a haircut, "Why did I have to go and talk to someone this filty anyway? What was I thinking? I guess I must be crazy." --Lena while Wolfwood talks to Sheryl about Vash leaving. Vash thanks Lena and leaves with Wolfwood.

19. Hang Fire Recalled from watching Vash, Milly and Meryl have been back working at the Bernadelli main office. Meryl's fellow workers interest gets interrupted by news from the boss that Vash is still alive and that they have to go back out into the field. Milly and Meryl take off on their way to find Vash. Meanwhile, Wolfwood and Vash lie almost dead in the desert until a man finds them and offers them a ride. They get into an argument about where they're headed and decide on going to New Oregon. "Hey, who you callin' Needlenoggin?" In Vash's wake, Milly and Meryl find a town nearly destroyed. They talk to the sheriff, "When I saw him he was weaping and eating donuts at the same time..." --Sheriff In New Oregon, a mustached man talks to a group of men about the Polo Family, and the first son "Slater" - they are planning something. Outside, the next day, the radio announcer talks about a typhoon that is coming towards the town. Vash and Wolfwood overhear it and start complaining about who is going to pay for their meal when Vash takes off... "I had my suspicions you were no mere mortal, but I had no idea you were really a cat... Wait, what the hell am I saying?" --Wolfwood Vash goes to visit his friend Max Simon at the satellite. Meanwhile, the insurance girls are aboard another sandsteamer that just happens to be taken over by bandits... "Not again!!!" They manage to get free of their hostages, but the bandits crash the sandsteamer into the satellite. Back at the satellite, Max and Vash talk about the typhoon when the steamer crashes. The bandits bust in and take Slater hostage. Wolfwood watches from the outside while Vash and Max try to figure out a way to stop the bandits. Eventually, Vash makes it to where the hostage is being kept after singing his little song..."Total Slaughter! Total Slaughter! I won't leave a single man alive. La dee da dee die, genocide. La dee da dee dud, and ocean of blood. Let's begin the killing time!" Vash gets the upper hand and the mustached man disappears leaving only one bandit and the hostage. The bandit wants to kill Slater to seek revenge for his daughter's death, but Vash won't let him, even after getting battered and bruised when he gets in the way. Finally Vash convinces the man not to kill Slater. Meryl and Milly show up and talk to him that evening. "Long time no see." -Vash At the end we find out the mustached man had been a puppet of another man...

20. Flying Ship The typhoon has hit town. Milly and Meryl talk when two Tomas's crash through their window, so they go in search of Vash. There's a note left in his room, "Don't look for me -Vash" so Meryl thinks they've lost him again. Milly admits to having placed a tracking device in his breakfast so she pulls out a little machine and they follow it, only to find that Vash had left his food for a cat. "Oh my God, he changed into a cat this time." - Milly Flashback to the past where Vash and Knives have landed on the planet. They talk about Knives killing Rem and the crew, and they fight. Present again, Vash stands on the top of "the craggy bluff" and he jumps off and flies into the typhoon, and hits a strange metal platform. "I still feel like I'm havin' a freakin' heart attack every time I do this. This thing's going badda-boom badda-boom." --Vash "I thought you were commiting suicide." "Suicide? I strongly disapprove of suicide. Wolfwood?! What are you doing here?" Wolfwood shows up and they talk about a ship that appears in the clouds, one that hadn't quite crashed 100 years ago. Meanwhile, the puppetmaster talks to Legato about finding the man in black and Vash. Up on the ship, Doc and Brad talk about Vash's return and go to let him in. Outside, Wolfwood and Vash are wrestling. They all go inside, but Vash and Doc leave Wolfwood out in the hall while they converse. A little girl runs up to Vash, her name's Jessica and Brad has been in love with her for years, but she's been in love with Vash... Everyone on board is afraid of Wolfwood, so he stays in one place until he hears a scream and goes to investigate. Meanwhile, Meryl and Milly are caught outside in the typhoon. Wolfwood is blamed for the deaths of a dozen people inside of the room, and Brad comes up behind him threatening to kill him when one of the puppetmaster's puppets takes Jessica hostage. They talk and Vash reappears in his new red coat. Flashback to Rem and Vash as the look at a geranium. It's red, Rem's favorite color, and it stands for "determination". Back to present with Vash's new red coat and unseen, his new gun-arm that he had received from Doc. Vash destroys the puppet, only to find out that there are three more demons on board the ship...

21. Out of Time We pick up with Midvalley and Legato talking to their "master" who hangs in a lightbulb upside down. Meanwhile, Vash and Wolfwood listen to the puppetmaster when two more demons show up, Grey the Ninelives and Hoppered the Gauntlet. Doc talks to Vash in his earring that the demons have arrived in the ship. Wolfwood and Vash split up to opposite ends of the ship. They each have their hands full with dozens of puppets until Wolfwood runs into Grey and Vash into Hoppered. The Gung-Ho Guns are heading towards the power plants to destroy them. For awhile things look kind of bleak, but Wolfwood manages to destroy Grey after he discovers the Gun to be a robot. Alternately, Vash shoots the floor out below him to get to the power plant..."You know what? Now that I actually stop to think about it, this is kind of... SCARYYY!!! Eye eye eye eye ya... This new model packs a powerful punch." --Vash He runs into Hoppered and has to stop him from destroying the plant, but even after Vash knocks out the Gauntlet and starts to heal the plant, the Gung-Ho Gun manages to make a comeback and destroys the plant. On the other side of the ship, all that's left of Grey, his legs, still have one missile left and fires into the plant and destroys the second as well. The ship crashes to earth while Milly and Meryl look on. Wolfwood wanders through the ship and ends up finding Jessica, tied up. Outside the people blame Vash for the destruction of the ship, but Brad stands up for him saying it was their own faults. Jessica comes running out to see them, but then far above we see Wolfwood and the real Jessica. Below, the false Jessica pulls a gun on Vash, but Brad gets shot instead and dies in Vash's arms. Wolfwood goes after Leonof the Puppetmaster and kills him. Milly and Meryl appear and Vash morns Brad's death.

22. Alternative Vash and Wolfwood sit around a fire drinking. Vash thinks about Brad's death, and Wolfwood tells him not to worry, "If you want to call it something, call it destiny." "Don't try to justify it by labeling it with a single word. So many died, and won't coming back. I can't stand it. It's more than I can bear." -Vash The next day the quartet ride in a convertible through the desert and make it to the next town. "Yeah team! I'll have a pudding ala mode and a mocha frosty cream!" "Am I correct in assuming that means you're hungry?" "Amazing, how could you tell Mr. Wolfwood?" "I know absolutely everything about you, Honey." "Well forget it dear, I'm afraid sextuplets are out of the question." "Nice comeback!" The town won't let them in, so as they leave Vash catches a little boy stealing from their car and after Milly talks to him they follow him back to a house in the desert where a dozen little kids are living on their own. The group helps out for awhile and they learn that the children had been abandoned by their parents, apparently led away by Legato. The next day the people from town come to get Vash and the others for killing people in the town, but suddenly sandworms appear and start rampaging. The girls take the children into town but the worms are there too and Vash and the others have to battle this strange foe. Until Vash realizes that they are being controlled by one of the little boys who turns out to be Zazie the Beast. Wolfwood kills Zazie in front of the women and children saying it was the only answer, but Vash believes there was another way. As Wolfwood walks off, we see a mysterious man with a cross like Wolfwood's standing outside of town.

23. Paradise We start with a flashback of Wolfwood's past. How he joins Chapel the Evergreen and trains to be a gunman and how he started the orphanage. We flash to the present, Vash stands in front of the monument with "Knives" written on it and he remembers Brad and Zazie's death. Wolfwood thinks about his choice to shoot Zazie, when Evergreen appears in town. Wolfwood has been working for Knives this whole time in order to get money for the orphans. Outside of town a mysterious gunman appears with a huge gun (Caine the Longshot). At dusk, Vash sits in front of the monument, and Wolfwood passes him and sits alone thinking about Zazie. Milly appears, trying to get him to eat, they discuss Zazie, and she conforts him (in more ways than one it appears, since Wolfwood stands shirtless smoking and Milly is in bed in the next scene). Next day Vash and Wolfwood talk, Wolfwood tries to settle things with a gunfight, but before they can, there's a hail of gunfire and Wolfwood goes after Chapel and sends Vash after Caine. "Well now, since your gun's gone to pieces, why don't you head on home, it's too hot out here. Glad you see it my way." --Vash Vash stops Caine but the gunman kills himself, and Wolfwood gets shot by Chapel who was controlled by Legato. He passes Vash for a few words "Just be more careful next time." --Wolfwood and goes into a church and remembers his life. "I did not want to die this way!" --Wolfwood. And then he dies. Milly and Meryl cry, and Vash can only stand outside and listen.

24. Sin We pan down a huge room to a bridge where a strange vehicle pulls up to Chapel the Evergreen. Legato gets out of the vehicle and talks about the death of Wolfwood. Chapel tries to kill him, but Legato pins him to the floor using his powers. Knives walks up and they talk. Then Knives uses his power and swallows Chapel up into a black hole. Now we're in a town, Vash comes up to a donut vender - "$$30 worth. Could you make them fresh ones? I don't want any day olds." He watches the happy people and starts to cry. There are flashbacks to Wolfwood's death, and then we see Milly and Meryl. Milly remembers talking to Vash about Knives before he left them. There are flashbacks to Vash's childhood - he tells Meryl the whole story apparently. Then the girls decide to follow after him, even though he told them not to. Back to Vash, where two boys are wondering why Vash is crying. Suddenly they start talking about how Vash killed Wolfwood... They pass out as well as the whole town square. Then Legato appears. "I decided to do this as my humble way of exhibiting grief for the loss of a good friend. How'd I do?" Vash goes for his gun and Legato continues to talk until he leaves, saying they will meet up on the hill. And then Midvalley the Hornfreak (11th Gung-Ho Gun) appears. "Join me in a number, won't you, Vash the Stampede?" The town freaks out and leaves them alone to fight, except for ones controlled by Legato who Vash must save from Midvalley's devastating attacks from his saxaphone. Meanwhile, Meryl and Milly come towards the town and run into a man who is on the verge of death, but is able to grab Meryl's arm. Eventually Vash becomes so beaten that Midvalley is able to pin him to the ground where he manages a ricochet shot to disable Midvalley's sax. Midvalle uses it anyway and blows himself up. Vash goes up to the hill to confront Legato. Vash shoots at him - five shots, one left for his skull... Legato continues to talk, and sets Vash's "Angel Arm" to start powering up. Somehow Vash controls it and turns it back to normal. Meanwhile the townspeople controlled by Legato have brought Milly and Meryl - they threaten their lives, and Vash cannot figure out how to save them and not kill Legato, "Stop it, don't make me shoot!" - his last bullet ends Legato's life, once and for all. Knives can only laugh...

25. Live Through Vash is sleeping - he hears Rem's voice and wakes up, and suddenly it comes back to him what happened, how he killed Legato... We hear Meryl's voice, she comes in to find Vash is awake and tells him he has been sleeping for the last ten days. The town let them stay in the house while he healed, and Vash admits that he remembered everything. Meryl leaves but listens at the door as Vash starts to scream. Later we see Meryl walking by herself, she stops to talk to an old man and then nearly gets hit with a giant rock that Milly threw up from the town well she is helping to dig. They talk, Milly gives her the day's wages. They talk about Milly's home as they head home from shopping. Meryl sees Vash at the top of a hill and they go up to see him. He's still suffering from his wounds, talking about Knives and Rem and he passes out. That night Milly and Meryl talk, "And then, he wouldn't have gotten hurt, he wouldn't have to suffer like this, I can't stand it." --Meryl "Like my big big sister always said, never hold back in matters of the heart." --Milly Days go by, Milly and Meryl work and take care of Vash, Meryl sews his coat. They leave Vash sitting on the porch one afternoon and the mail truck pulls up, the drivers recognize Vash and drive off scared. That night Vash is sitting up on the hill again, singing Rem's song and Meryl joins in. She sits down next to him and they talk. "You can... You can stay here as long as you want." --Meryl "That sounds good. It might not be such a bad idea" --Vash The next day Meryl comes home and finds Milly surrounded by townspeople. They have taken Vash and are dragging him around behind a truck for what he has done. One man in particular tries to kill Vash, but Meryl stops him and steps between him and Vash and manages to take the gun... Vash sees Rem in this act, what would have happened on the ship so many years ago. Vash realizes that there is a way to save Knives without killing him and gives Meryl a hug (which goes on a bit too long and she slaps him). The next day he gets ready to leave and confront Knives in Dimitri, Meryl starts to tell him something but Milly interrupts and gives Vash Wolfwood's Cross Punisher to take with him. Meryl admits she wasn't able to say everything she wanted to and Milly tells her that she can tell him when he gets back... But will Vash return?

26. Under the Sky so Blue It's time for Vash's final confrontation with Knives. He comes up to a wooded area where Knives sits at a table and has flashbacks of their childhood. Months and years pass and the boys turn into adults. Knives disappears within a crashed ship and Vash waits a year for Knives to return "It's hard to be alone. I don't want to be alone." - Knives returns and has two guns with incredible destructive ability with him that he made. Vash refuses to destroy mankind with the guns and shoots Knives, takes both guns and runs away, leaving Knives alone. There are flashbacks of all the Gung-ho Guns leading up to Legato's death. Back to present time. "The humans treat you well? Did you have fun dear brother?" --Knives "I did, yeah. Best thing that ever happened to me." --Vash Knives and Vash have a standoff. They are twins so they're equally matched - they stand holding each gun to the other's head, empty the barrels, grab a single bullet each, reload and click, click, nothing... Then Knives shoots Vash in the shoulder before he unleashes his "Angel Arm". Knives shoots at Vash, but the explosion turns black and we see that Vash has his own A-Arm and cancelled him out. They stand face to face and shoot again. Their arms return to normal and they stand breathing - Vash tries another shot, nothing, and Knives reloads and shoots Vash in each appendage. Vash tries to shoot - empty, Knives takes his gun and forms two A-Arms. Suddenly Vash hears Wolfwood's voice, "What are you doing, Needlenoggin? It's right next to you!" Vash slams his hand into the dirt and up comes the Cross Punisher - Vash shoots Knives, gets his gun back and this time the barrel isn't empty, so he shoots Knives right through the arm, and then four more bullets through each arm and leg until Knives lay bleeding on the ground, but not dead. Vash throws down his gun and coat, picks up Knives and walks back into town. Meanwhile, Milly and the other townspeople have struck water and it gushes out of the well. They talk about Vash coming back, and (during the credits you don't see on Cartoon Network) Vash returns with Knives to Milly and Meryl.

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