"Pain Reality"
An Alternate Manga Ending
By DragonL0rd

Rated PG


       He holds me within his grasp and lets go. Watching my limp body fall. Pain rushes through my body as the ground and I meet. I hear Legato talking, but I do not listen. Wishing for the sweet embrace of death. I shut out the world before my eyes.

        “One.” That’s all I need, one more. One to finish all this pain and suffering.

        With what’s last of my reverse strength. I find one. One last bullet. My body screams every time I twitch, but it’s worth it. He doesn’t see me, too wrapped up in that ship. I go through hell one last time as I pull the trigger.

        Bye brother…

        “Master? Master!”

        Flowers… I smell flowers. My eyes open for what feels like I have just been born. A place all too familiar, the SEEDS medical bay. The only difference today is the rows and mounds of “Get Well” flowers. “Vash!” I know that voice, cheery as ever, it’s Milly. “Sempai! Vash is awake!”

        Meryl looks paler then ever before. “Oh, Vash…” I try to smile with my lips and eyes. She starts crying. “You were asleep for nearly a month.” Her mood changes instantly. Weeping tears of hatred, sadness and confusion. “Why did you have to do that!? Why did you have to do it…” Her voice trails off. It’s more of a sweet feeling of release more then anything.

        “Meryl.” I truly smile this time. She embraces me with a hug.

        “Pain, pain!” She lets go instantly.

        “Oh, I’m sorry!”

        “No, it’ okay, just be gentler next time.” I reassure her. Time passes by as we talk of now and then.

        Jessica walks in pushing a cart. Holding back tears, she hands me my clothes. I know I won’t need this anymore. My thoughts scream, gazing at my infamous red coat.

        The wind’s just right, just right to blow everything away. I breathe in the sand filled air, on the edge of this piece of a new age ark. I stretch out my arm gripping the red coat. It reminds me of a wind catcher. I let go. It dances in the wind, a flying geranium. The sound of footsteps. Judging by the rhythm and vibrations I’d say they were made by someone very tall. I greet him, “Hey, Livio.”

        “Good afternoon, Mr. Vash,” he waves back. He joins me at the balcony and spots the speck of what’s left of the red coat.

        “You’re not coming back?” Livio questions me.

        “Yeah, there’s no reason for me to go back. I’ve got a place to belong.” I can’t help but smile. “Here,” I look down at Livio’s hand. My old gun resting on his palm. I seize it, unload it and throw to the wind. He gives me an all-knowing look.

        “It’s her, isn’t it?”

        “Yes, yes it is.”

        My smile deepens.

        My lungs take in a gasp of bloodstained earth and air. My eyes awaken to this pain reality. I feel a slick pressure on my neck, but it’s nothing compared to the rest of my body.


        …absolute release.

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