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Welcome to the Guest Fan-art & Fanfiction page!

      In the past I've had quite a few really talented artists submit artwork and stories to this website. Many of them started out with one or two drawings, or a story or two and then later they started submitting so much stuff that I had to give them their own pages! Then there have been a few submissions with only one or two - and in that case I realized, I should make a "gift" page in order to display the artwork and stories for all of the rest of the talented individuals who email me! See the information below on how to submit your own work!! ^_^

      Enjoy the gallery!!

Disclaimer: Some of the following pictures are inspired by the manga by Yasuhiro Nightow and/or the Trigun anime. Please do not use them without permission of the artist!!!

MOST RECENT ADDITIONS: July 9, 2009: Edward Elric sent me links for soooo many AWESOME desktops, I just had to post them all! But I can't choose my favorite - there are so many!! Check them our for yourself!


*Vash & Meryl
*Vash & Meryl 2

"Trigun: Point of View" -Trilogy

"Insurance Girls Tell All" - Introduction
"Insurance Girls Tell All" - Part 1
"Insurance Girls Tell All" - Part 1B
"Insurance Girls Tell All" - Part 2
"Insurance Girls Tell All" - Part 2B
"Insurance Girls Tell All" - Part 2C
"Insurance Girls Tell All" - Conclusion

"Paradise Realized"

*Legato loves Knives
*Humanoid Typhoon

*Vash sent to Nightow

*Legato's Helper
*Chicks Dig Scars (Vash)

Dragon Lord



"Pain Reality" - an alternative manga ending. (8/12/05)

Edward Elric
*Vash the Stampede
*Vash & Kuroneko
*Abel Nightroad, Vash and Knives
*Vash & Knives
*Vash & Knives2
*Livio & Razlo Montage

*Bring it On!
*Happy Days
*Vash was Here
*Trigun Maximum
*Vash the Stampede
*Vash the Stampede (2)
*Trigun Maximum
*Trigun Max
*Wanted (2)
*When it Began

*Hair Darkening manga coloration
"I Love Master" - fanfic & fanart combo!
*Vash Background 1280x768
Disenchantment (Knives)
Wrath (Knives)

Black & White Vash sketches
Color Vash sketches

*Young Vash
*Vash without coat
*Vash portrait colored
*Vash's Angel Arm
*Colored Vash smiling

*Illustrator: Vash Background
*Illustrator: Trigun Pg 224 - Vash!
*Illustrator: Maximum Wolfwood

Black Cat Charades - 1 Doujinshi Valentine's 2006 Black Cat Charades - 2 Doujinshi Legato - Perfect Night Ballpoint Vash

*Project TESLA - fanart!
*He's Missing - a gift for MillyT

*Vash and Wolfwood's cross
*Trigun Cover - Vash and Wolfwood
*Vash Duelo (Gift! ^_^)
*TriMax Vash Figure

Sailor Lilith-chan
"Plants in the City" Ch. 1-4 - Rated R (language, yaoi-themes) An Elseworlds Adventure of "Epic" Portions. This continuing story brings the Trigun characters into a dark version of Earth's future.

*Vash doujin
*Legato 4-panel

"Echo" - A Short Story - Tony wrote this for my birthday and I just wanted to share it with everyone! Anime-based, it's Vash's thoughts during Ep. 24 as he battles Legato, the dialog is taken from the episode, but the narrative is completely and utterly spellbinding! ^_^


      Anyone is welcome to submit their art or fanfiction to this page - I will be more than willing to post the art and stories so long as you'll allow me to change the size of the files as needed for space. My apologies also for the time it may take to get up (I know some have been waiting a few months already - yikes!) but I'll do my best to keep everything up to date! And also if asked I'll remove drawings/stories as well.

      There are however a couple rules for submission as follows:

     1. Art cannot be of an explict nature, the same goes for fanfiction (no fanfiction soley for the purpose of erotica!). Keep it clean - I'll post up to a rated "R" nature. (However if it's hot... Heh heh - I may consider it, you may still send it my way to look at *wink wink*)
     2. Not all artwork or stories have to be completely Trigun related, but they must have some reference to the series (eg - you may have cross-overs, or in Sushiy's case, he's got a Final Fantasy/Trigun doujinshi).
     3. Stories that are "script-format" will be reviewed for quality first. Also all stories may be edited for grammar and spelling up to my judgement - but I promise that I will never mess with content and will send you the edited version first before posting for you to look at. ^_^
     4. When submitting pictures you may give me titles for them to post, but longer titles may be shortened. I will accept stories/drawings based on other stories (as with the B&G gallery) so please notify me so I can make a reference to the story you are drawing from. ALSO - if you have some discription or notes you would like to be placed with pictures, let me know and I will get them up as well! ^_^

     My apologies to all of those who have submitted and I need to fix or add to their pages - I will try to do so at the earliest convience! Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back - guest art/stories will be mentioned in the Otaku Ramblings as well as dated when new arrivals happen by!! ^_^ I notify everyone the moment I get their stories up so you may check them for any errors in posting!

All Artwork on this page are drawn by the artists listed,
please do not copy anything here without their permission.

Please E-mail me for any information... Ricki