Midvalley the Hornfreak scowled, deep in thought. He always developed a severely troubled look when he thought about things he couldn’t control or understand. Both of these have been happening frequently ever since he became a permanent member of the world’s most deadly assassination squad. Eyebrows furrowed, he brooded upon the vicious trap he had willingly walked into. Perhaps even death was not a means of escape from the cycle of destruction. His master was undeniably the most powerful being on the planet. His master…

“They’re not human, are they?” He asked his only confidant in this realm of darkness, Hoppered the Gauntlet. Concealed with a white mask, Hoppered’s responses were always expressionless.

Midvalley continued, “what accident by God has caused this? To unleash immortal demons with all the authorities of the angel of death--- it’s sheer madness! They walk this land of desolation with the outward appearance of mere men…”

He let his monologue hang in the silence. Hoppered finally spoke.

“How can their bodies, so human-like—“

“Hold such power?” Midvalley finished. Hoppered said nothing, being about as talkative as a statue. Midvalley forced the conversation forward. “They appear so normal in every way…”

“Every way?” E.G. Mine emerged from the shadows. In this place, it was easy to remain unnoticed until desired. “I think they’re missing something.”

Midvalley wrinkled his nose in confusion. “Ethics? Compassion? Sanity?”

“Physical things.”


“Well, think about it. They’re not humans, so they’re probably missing things that men are supposed to have.

Midvalley thought this over carefully before realizing what Mine was insinuating. “You can’t be serious.”

“I mean, I would go on a psychotic rampage if I were lacking equipment. What’s the point of living life if you don’t have a—“

“This is coming from a deranged lunatic with a giant pincushion for a weapon.” Commented Hoppered.

“Watch it, top-boy.” Mine threatened.

“I can’t believe that garbage like this even exists in your mind!” Spluttered Midvalley. Indeed, a thought like this had never approached him, neither in dream nor nightmare. “Maybe he has the twig but no berries,” offered Mine. Midvalley looked a little gray in the face. Hoppered, well, was wearing a mask.

“I’m sure he goes to the bathroom like everyone else, no matter what he’s got down there.” Dominique the Cyclops entered the fray.

Here one visible eye switched from one man to the next. “I don’t see why this is so important.”

“We are only wondering what our human-like employer is,” Midvalley objected. “Curiosity is certainly a part of our nature.”

“And vulgarity as well.” Her retort was accompanied with a one-eyed stare.

Mine snorted into his faceplate. “Dames. They act like they never think about these things. Just once I’d like to see a broad who would admit to wanting a little extra-terrestrial action.!”

“I’ll give you action!” She pulled out of her holster… a cat.

“Nya.” Everyone stared at the green-eyed, black-furred creature.

“Ah, Kuro-Neko-Sama.” The cat twisted out of Dominique’s hand and ran to the source of the smooth, deep voice.

All the Gung-ho-Guns looked to see none other than the illustrious Legato Bluesummers. Kuro-Neko jumped into his expectant arms. Midvalley got a little whiter. Dominique’s frown deepened. Legato placidly cradled the miniature beast in his arms. “I have been listening to this conversation of insects.” Hoppered and Mine looked at each other. Excruciating punishment was more than likely. For Legato this talk must be nothing less than blasphemy. “There is something I want all of you to know.”

They braced themselves for the pain.

I imagine his existence beginning like Botticelli’s early renaissance masterpiece, The Birth of Venus, with great splendor and light. There were most likely angels and trumpets herald his arrival to this world. I am certain that’s how he came to this pathetic excuse for a world.”

The Gung-ho-guns were dazed and confused. How do you respond to that???

Legato looked into their stunned faces. “I suppose it’s impossible for most lower beings to understand perfection.”

Midvalley thought to himself, “I think it’s impossible to understand you!”

“I heard that,” Legato said.