By Ricki & Susan

Daybreak & Bruises
         As the two suns rose, the Bernadelli group had already packed away the tents and was headed towards the nearest town. It would be a few days before they would make it however. Unfortunately the vehicles they drove were nowhere near as fast as the Sand Dancer. Milly and Wolfwood were huddled with the supplies in the back of a van, thinking about what course of action to take when they reached town. Milly could feel Meryl and Mr. Vash getting closer, little by little. They had stopped somewhere and within a day or so the Insurance Society would catch up and their quest would be over…
         She sat next to Wolfwood, careful not to touch him as he fiddled with his cross. His fingers skillfully played over the latches that bound the cloth around his gun. Milly had been utterly amazed at how easily he carried his weapon, and how he used it so well. Who taught him how to use that? How long had he trained? He opened the latches and the gun came unwrapped. Wolfwood pulled each compartment open, looked through every little gun for ammo, and after cleaning each, returned them to their places. Within an hour every speck of dust was gone and all the parts were in perfect working order… If only they had ammo.
         Wolfwood looked over to Milly, his cigarette hanging unlit from his lips again. He never lit up when he was near her, or in enclosed spaces, and for that Milly thought he was very kind. In fact, even though he was such a contradiction most of the time; he never failed to be kind. No man had ever cared so much to be what she wanted him to be. From the very first day when he went to help the little lost girl, to when he had helped her save Moore and Julius, to now when he wanted to help her and Meryl stay with them; he had always been every bit of the man she had needed him to be.
         Milly blushed, remembering the first night on the bus, when he had laid his head upon her shoulder. No man had ever done that to her! It wasn't as if she was ugly, although in comparison to Meryl, maybe she wasn't gorgeous or petite… But still, every man who had ever looked her way had considered her a friend, every one had been a bit turned off by her strength and height, and not one had ever treated her as well as Wolfwood did. It was almost as if every wish she had had been rolled up into the one man sitting beside her, and she really didn't know what to do about it! Meryl was so much better with words…
         "So, does your gun have a name?" Milly blurted out, instantly wondering why she had asked. Anything to get her mind off of his hands, and how much she was starting to wish he was using them on something other than his gun… Her blush deepened about five shades and she tried to think of anything else. Donuts, pudding, mocha frosty creams… Boy, I think I'm getting kind of hungry!

         Wolfwood was again wrapping his cross back up and he stopped to look at her. He smiled, noticing how red she was. She'd never blushed so many times before when Meryl and Vash were around! Why was it that she was so easily embarrassed now that they were gone? Was it him? He looked down to his gun and realized that maybe it was because they had really never had any time alone together. He had fallen in love with her ages ago, but maybe she felt..? Nah… He went back to wrapping the cross and after he had latched the last hook he answered Milly's question. "It's called a Cross Punisher," he looked up at Milly and added, "But that's just what it is, not it's name… Do you have a suggestion?"
         "Oh, here I thought it was 'Mercy'." Milly smiled faintly, "I like that better, it's not quite as… evil sounding." She frowned, "Where did you get it anyway? It's pretty peculiar. I've never seen or heard of anything like it, not until you showed up I mean." Her frown changed and she was smiling again, "And I'm really glad you did."
         "Me too," Wolfwood replied. "Where I got it…" He looked distant, remembering his past, and he shivered. "Does it really matter where I got it? I'm afraid it's a long story."
         Milly shook her head, "I guess it doesn't matter, but we do have time."
         "Time better spent trying to figure out how we stop Gardine from taking you and Meryl away." He glanced up towards the driver of the vehicle, and lowered his voice. Now that Mercy had been wrapped again, he pulled his cigarette from his mouth and put it away. He stretched and put an arm around Milly, pulling her ear close to his mouth, he could smell her dusty hair. How did she still smell so good after being in the desert for nearly a week? He shook off the thought, "I think I'm going to have to borrow one of these vehicles to get to them first."
         "But…" Milly turned her face to look at Wolfwood. They were so close now as to almost be kissing. Wolfwood eyed the driver who was now watching them in the rearview mirror. The driver was looking for a show was he? Maybe he should kiss Milly. It's what he had wanted to do for weeks now… Not a peck on the cheek like before, but a real kiss. But when he started to come closer to her, the van hit a pothole and his nose bumped into Milly's forehead.
         "Oww!" Wolfwood grabbed his nose and Milly grabbed for a rag.
         "Oh dear it's bleeding! I'm so sorry…" She pushed the rag towards his nose and Wolfwood took it and held it to his face. I guess it was a sign from God, Wolfwood mused. He shook his head and removed the rag, noticing it had been covered in oil. Milly was giggling, "I guess I should have found a cleaner one." She rummaged around in the gear and came away with a silver canteen and held it up for Wolfwood to see.
         His face had been streaked with black. He chuckled. "I guess you should have," he said. "See if you can find one now…" Wolfwood watched Milly rummage around a bit more until she found a cleaner rag and dabbed it to her tongue.
         "I don't know if I'll be able to get it all off, but I'll try." She started wiping the oil from his face and after a few moments, Wolfwood put his hand on hers and smiled. Her eyes were as blue as the sky, deeper even. "I'm not even finished yet," Milly said after a moment.
         "Oh yeah, sorry." He let Milly's hand go and sighed. Maybe it really was a sign. But oh Lord, do I want her! She is just so perfect! Except… Maybe not for this life. Maybe not for the life Vash and I have been forced to live. She deserves a picket fence and loads of children! But that's something that I can't…

         Two nights later, Milly and Wolfwood had found a hill to themselves away from the camp. There were guards everywhere now, but they weren't very close by. For some reason, word had gone around the group that they were an "item" so it was only right for them to be left alone from time to time, especially during such a long journey. A few men were taking a poll on how long it would it would be before they asked for a tent to themselves. Wolfwood was sure Milly hadn't heard these whisperings, but he had heard every single one. There were a few bets he wished he could help the guys win, but his mind traveled elsewhere.
         Milly especially had been getting more and more restless. She talked of them being close to the town now, very close. She could feel Vash and Meryl, with whatever power she possessed, Wolfwood couldn't quite understand it, but he believed her. They would make it to town the next night, and from what Milly said, the two were waiting for them. It was almost creepy how she talked of Vash saving Meryl, and how he had somehow relieved her of her pain. Wolfwood knew that if he had asked her how she knew all these things, she wouldn't be able to tell him. It wasn't because she didn't want to, but that she just didn't know herself.
         What she did know was that they had to do something and soon. As the fifth moon rose she informed Wolfwood what she had been sensing for a while... that same sleek unclean presence.... "Yellow Eyes..."
         "What did you say?"
         "Mr. Priest…"
         "You can call me Nick you know," Wolfwood said off-handedly. It was strange; no one ever called him by his first name anymore.
         "Mr. Wolfwood…" Obviously Milly couldn't either. "Yellow Eyes, he's following us."
         "Legato?" Wolfwood frowned, squinting in the darkness as he looked out over the desert. "How can you tell?"
         Milly shrugged, "I'm not sure. But he's out there, and he wants revenge for Blondie, and… Something else, I don't know what though."
         "Knives… Yes, I wouldn't doubt that. However, there's not much that I can do if he catches up with us."
         She put her hand on his forearm, marveling at the wiry strength of him before chiding herself. Business first Milly. People are counting on you, Meryl is counting on you! "You've got to get into town," Milly said quietly. "You should steal Mr. Gardine's car, it goes faster than the others, and you have to go warn Vash and Meryl. I think he might be after me."
         Wolfwood stood, "If he's after you than you'd better come with me."
         "What do you mean, 'no'? You said it yourself that you can't do anything with those powers of yours unless Meryl is in danger, so how would you protect yourself? Legato and Knives already overpowered you once…" Wolfwood's eyes were pained; he was worried that he'd have to leave Milly alone and unprotected. How could he do that? He'd really never been able to tell her how he felt! He opened his mouth, but Milly held her hand up for him to be silent.
         "I love you too…" She smiled. "But you're going to have to trust me."
         "I do trust you," Wolfwood said, heartbroken. Was he really going to do this? "But please tell me why."
         Milly nodded, "If we both get into town then we'll not only put ourselves in danger but also all of those other people. If I stay behind then the fight will be on our terms… You'll have enough time to get to Vash and back as long as Meryl still has the Sand Dancer." She stood and Wolfwood could see that there were tears in her eyes, they glinted in the moonlight. His heart was breaking, but he knew he would have to trust her. "Nicholas…" Milly whispered, "Please, you have to go now while most of the camp is sleeping."
         Wolfwood couldn't stand it any longer; he grabbed Milly and kissed her. He held her tightly to him for as long as he could until he could feel the urgency in her kiss and knew that he had to leave. He pulled away from her finally, "I trust you. So don't you dare die on me!"
         Milly smiled, "I promise, now go!" She shoved him down the hill and he ran down into the camp as Milly waved goodbye. "Don't you dare die on me either…"

Old Chantilly & Yellow Eyes

         "Why the hell did I agree to do this?" Wolfwood said to himself as he raced across the desert in the stolen car. There had been a few men who had given chase as he took off with the cross punisher in the back seat of Mr. Gardine's car, but he had lost them hours ago. The town was looming close now as the sun came up. He could see it on the horizon and it steadily grew closer until suddenly he found himself in town, pulling to a stop next to the vehicle that Vash had taken. He looked up towards the hotel it sat in front of. "I sure hope Needlenoggin is here!"
         Wolfwood pulled his cross from the back seat of the car and then ran to the other stolen vehicle. He opened the trunk and pulled out his bag of ammo, almost kissing it, he was so glad it was just where he had left it! Then, swinging the bag over his other shoulder, he rushed inside to the clerk. The man eyed him warily as if he had a similar encounter before. "I don't want any trouble," he said, patting a shotgun he had sitting on the counter.
         "Wow, hey, no problem," Wolfwood replied. "I'm looking for a spiky headed man in a red coat and a girl that's about this high," he held up a hand to Meryl's height and the man frowned.
         "Yeah, they were here. But they left about an hour ago. I'm hoping they are long out of Old Chantilly by now." The man continued to frown, and Wolfwood groaned. Instead of trying to get the man to say any more, he swung on his foot and left the inn. Damn!
         "Where are they Milly?!" He yelled. If only she had come instead! He was wasting time! Either the Bernadelli Insurance Society would make it to town first or Legato would get to them… Either option was not good; he had to find Vash and Meryl!
         "Hey, can I help you?" A voice came from behind Wolfwood. He swung around, looking down at a little old man. "You look like you're looking for someone… You're new in town, aren't you?"
         Wolfwood nodded, "Yes, I'm looking for someone. They stayed here last night, a tall blond guy with a red coat…"
         "I saw him," the old man replied. "Come have some breakfast with me, I'll tell you about him." He started down the street and Wolfwood chased after him.
         "Wait, did you see where he went?"
         "Come, have a donut," the old man turned into a shop and Wolfwood was about to argue when he looked up and there before him were Vash and Meryl! Wolfwood nearly hugged the old man, but stopped himself in favor of greeting his friends.
         "You're here!! I found you!" He said more loudly than he intended as others looked up from their conversations to take note of him. He didn't care, Milly was running out of time.
         "You sure have," Meryl replied, sipping her coffee. She looked at him as if he had a bug on his nose, "We were here all along you know."
         "No, that's not it…" Wolfwood grabbed for Vash's coat, "Where's the Sand Dancer? We've got to get going…"
         Vash's aqua eyes narrowed, and at almost the same time Meryl's violet eyes went wide. "Milly! Where's Milly?"
         "That's why we have to go!" Wolfwood pulled Vash out of his seat and Meryl ran after them as they headed for the Sand Dancer. "But you should probably stay here…" He turned to look at Meryl, "After what happened…"
         "Oh no you don't, if Milly is in trouble, I'm going!" Meryl said as her mouth set in a firm line her eyes snapping defiantly. Wolfwood knew he wasn't going to be able to argue her out of it so he just nodded.
         The first thing Wolfwood did when they found the vehicle was grab Milly's stun gun from the trunk while Vash got behind the wheel and Meryl sat shotgun. Within moments they were headed out of town at full speed. Wolfwood took out his ammo and with efficient movements, deftly loaded each of his guns as they drove, explaining to the couple what had happened while they were away.

         "And you just left her there?" Meryl couldn't believe what she was hearing. "How could you? She's all alone out there!"
         Wolfwood growled, "You aren't the only one who cares for her you know! Believe me, I didn't want to leave her but she had a point!" Truth be told, he was already berating himself and wondered now how he had let himself be talking into leaving her.
         Vash nodded, "It was the best solution. Too many people would have been in danger…" He looked at Meryl over his yellow sunglasses. She frowned at him and he slid the glasses up over his eyes. "We have to stop Legato…"
         "Am I the only sane one here?" Meryl said to herself, throwing her arms up. "This isn't just some bad guy that you can shoot down! He'll make us shoot ourselves before we even get close!"
         "But we have to try," Wolfwood responded.
         "I know," Meryl said softly. She slid down in her seat and looked over at Vash. He extended a hand towards her and she wrapped her fingers around it. The last week had been a living hell, and it just wasn't going to end. Meryl squeezed Vash's hand and he smiled briefly at her before looking in the rearview mirror to Wolfwood.
         "I'll stop Legato… But afterwards? You said something about Bernadelli…" Vash looked back down to Meryl. "Do they really have the power to make you go home?"
         Meryl felt like hiding in her seat, she hadn't wanted to think about what Wolfwood had told them. She only wanted to save Milly. Worry about their future later… Meryl cleared her throat, it felt tight all of a sudden. "Yes, they do," Meryl replied. "If we lose our jobs, then we lose everything. Bernadelli has rights to our homes, our tomases, and we'd be out of money in no time… The only reason we've been able to stay with you is because of our jobs. If we lose them then we'd have to find new jobs and wouldn't be able to stay with you anyway…" Meryl felt tears come to her eyes and suddenly realized that everything she and Vash had worked out over the last few days might come to an end. He wouldn't be able to take care of her! He and Wolfwood were drifters, they didn't have steady jobs and they were always on the run. Even if they were able to survive somehow, there was always another bad guy around the corner…
         "Then I guess I'll have to come up with a plan then," Vash said with a quick grin. He looked into the mirror and exchanged glances with Wolfwood. Meryl watched them and got a funny suspicion that things were about to get interesting.

         "He stole my car! He actually stole my car! A priest!" Mr. Gardine stomped past Milly who sat quietly in a chair in the agent's tent. Not long after sunrise she had been called in and questioned for all she knew about Mr. Wolfwood. The truth was, she really didn't know much about him at all, so there wasn't much to say. Mr. Gardine was not happy however, and he had started to get a group together to go after Wolfwood until Milly had told him that he'd be back.
         "And you want me to believe that he'll come back? I know you aren't very bright, but do you really expect me to believe you?" Gardine pounded his hand against the folding table that was set up as his desk.
         "Actually yes, because he went to get Mr. Vash and Meryl. They'll probably be here before dinnertime as long as they got the car… Oh, but they probably won't take your car because it's too slow." She tilted her head to the side and thought about it for a minute. "No, you'll probably have to get your car in the next town I'd imagine." She shrugged, "Sorry Mr. Gardine. But it's just a car, right?"
         The little man turned red in the face and screamed at the guards outside the tent, "Get her out of here! And get the men ready; if she's really telling the truth then the Humanoid Typhoon is on his way here! We'll take our last Risk Preventative measure… We'll kill Vash the Stampede before he kills us!"
         "Oh but…" Milly started to come to Vash's defense, but she was hauled out of the tent by one of the guards before she could finish, "He's the least of your worries." They dragged her to the back of one of the trucks and shoved her inside, locking the door. Milly sat down in the truck and sighed. It wasn't really as if Mr. Gardine could do anything to Vash anyway… Right?
         The insurance girl started to ponder this when something on her internal radar started to quiver. She looked around, and jumped up to peer out a window in the back of the truck. It wasn't quite noon yet, but Yellow Eyes was nearby. She shivered. He would make his attack in broad daylight, and Wolfwood the others weren't close enough yet! The people in the camp were in danger! If anything happened to them she would never be able to forgive herself. Milly said a few choice words under her breath that she was sure Meryl didn't know she knew, and started fishing around in the supplies for something that would help her escape.
         Unfortunately, the few cans of beans and a rope weren't going to help her any. In helpless frustration she threw her fists into the air and slammed them against the back door of the truck… And it flew open! Milly looked down at her hand, stared at the open door, and a grin came to her face. Maybe she would be able to do something without Meryl around!
         Milly flew out of the truck with ease and started through the tents, "Get out of here while you still can!" Men stumbled out of the tents looking at her curiously. She put her palm out towards one man and he fell over backwards. "Run I said!" The other men looked at their fallen comrade and one by one Milly knocked them over too. Now the chase was on. She would get them out of the camp even if it meant having them chase her the last ten iles into town!
         "Uh hey!" Gardine yelled as he came out of his tent, watching Milly and the procession of men following her. "Hey, get her! Don't let her get away!" Milly saw him as she ran by and sent him flying too, back into the tent and the whole thing collapsed in on him. She could hear him screaming under the cloth, struggling to get free. That will teach him not to threaten me! That thought made her stop suddenly, and the men who were following her stopped too. Darn it, he will only have more of a reason to fire us after that… Milly turned, and ran back to Mr. Gardine as he still struggled to get free.
         "It's Mr. Vash!" She said shrilly, hoping the other men would hear her. "We've all got to get out of here!" There were murmurings between the men until she turned to them, "The Humanoid Typhoon is on his way! Look what he's done already, and he isn't even here yet!" At that, the men started to scatter and Milly's radar started to go off. Yellow Eyes was here.
         As she turned to look the scary man in the white coat, she heard Mr. Gardine struggle free of the tent. She turned to look at him too late, he grabbed her with strength the little man should not have had. "What's going on?" Gardine yelled, his mouth the only thing he still had control over.
         Milly struggled in his arms, then tried to focus her mind on what was controlling the little man, but it was too strong this time. Yellow Eyes was mad. She could feel the hatred burning through Mr. Gardine and through her entire body. When they had met before she had taken him completely by surprise, but this time he was prepared for her. She felt his mind circling hers like a predator on the prowl estimating strengths and weaknesses. No, he wasn't ready to take over her mind yet, but he would, he would look into her blue eyes and mind-rape her in person as he had done to Meryl. This time she would not escape. Milly screamed.

         Vash was practically standing on the Sand Dancer's pedal. The engine was screaming from overuse and the hood was starting to steam. There wasn't any time left, he could feel Legato and he knew that something bad was happening. Meryl had long since grabbed a derringer in each hand and held them for comfort as Vash steered the car down a long set of hills that led to the camp where Milly and the others were.
         He yelled over the wind, "Legato!"
         Wolfwood got to his feet in the back seat, "Can't this piece of crap go any faster?!"
         "No… Not without help," Vash replied over his shoulder. He wasn't sure that Wolfwood knew what that meant, but he had to take the chance, even if that meant yet another person knowing what he really was. With a cold shudder that rushed over his body, Vash set his right hand down onto the dashboard and quite suddenly hundreds of feathers appeared. They grew over his skin and crept down the dash and into the heating vents.
         Wolfwood watched in disbelief, and Meryl held her tongue. The power that oozed out from Vash's arm would have kept them quiet had they chosen to speak. It rippled over the Sand Dancer and the car shot forward at an incredible pace. Vash drove through the rocks and hills with his left hand, easily avoiding each obstacle as if they were flying. Vash knew what the others did not; they were flying.
         Almost as fast as it had begun, the ride ended. The Sand Dancer flew over one last ridge and came to a halt in the middle of the encampment. Men scattered in all directions, but no one bothered to stop them as Wolfwood flew out with both his punisher and Milly's stun gun in tow, Meryl with her derringers, and Vash with his .45 Long Colt, his feathers quickly fading as they ran to find Legato and Milly.
         They were there, in the middle of the camp. Legato stood in front of Milly as she struggled to free herself from the grasp of a little man. "Milly!" Wolfwood howled in fury as the wrappings came off of his cross, and he dropped the stun gun. He held the punisher up towards the little man, only too late, Vash jumped in front of him, only hazarding one glance back over his shoulder as if to say, You can't hurt him, he's under Legato's control, that's all.
         Vash brought his gun up and pointed it at Legato, "Let her go," he growled, sunlight glancing off of his glasses. Legato laughed and with a smile removed from any semblance of sanity said, "I was waiting for you." His eyes gleamed even in the bright light of day. "My master wants to find out what makes her tick…"
         "Milly!" Meryl gasped as she came up from behind the two men.
         Milly turned and looked at Meryl with a smile, "Meryl! You made it, and Mr. Vash too!" She struggled against Gardine's grasp again and then sighed. "I'm afraid I didn't do a very good job at protecting anyone."
         "You did a great job," Meryl replied, holding her derringers up in front of her. One was pointed towards Legato, the other towards Gardine.
         "Don't kill me," the little man whimpered. "I want to let go, please believe me!" He was starting to cry behind Milly.
         The insurance girl turned her head to him and smiled, "Don't worry Mr. Gardine, you don't have to cry. We'll be just fine…" Her smile faded as Legato broke into her mind. A scream pierced the air and one of Meryl's derringers fired. The little man screamed but the bullet wasn't aimed for him. It grazed past Legato's nose, just seconds before Vash went flying into him, knocking them both to the ground.
         For the moment, Milly was set free. She grabbed Mr. Gardine by the arm and hauled him towards Meryl as Wolfwood tossed her stun gun before going for Legato as well. But Legato wasn't going to be caught off-guard again. Vash and Wolfwood were sent flying and it was only by pure luck that Vash managed to keep his feet as he landed. Wolfwood fell face first into the sand and started coughing. Milly shoved Gardine towards Meryl, "Watch him!"
         Vash was started after Legato again, but Yellow Eyes had a different plan. He had taken control over Wolfwood who now had his punisher aimed, missile end out, towards Milly. Vash swore, "It's me you want, leave them alone!"
         "My master wants you to suffer…" Legato said in a silky voice. His expression had never changed, never once did it show any emotion. Vash could see Wolfwood's finger sliding over the trigger slowly.
         Milly screamed, "No!!!" She pulled up her stun gun and let three shots fly, knocking all three men to their backs. "You will not harm my friends!!" She started to move, but Yellow Eyes caught her in his gaze and she froze. "Not again…"
         Legato had started to weaken, he couldn't control more than one of them at a time, and Wolfwood took his chance to heave his cross up and aimed it, this time towards Legato. Vash waved a hand towards him and Wolfwood yelled, "Don't tell me I can't kill him either!!"
         "No!" Vash fired several rounds towards Legato, but each bullet was meant to miss. Legato's eyes grew vaguely larger as he suddenly realized he was outnumbered. Vash growled as he reloaded his Colt, "Go back and tell Knives I'm coming for him!" The Stampede sent another round towards Legato and the killer got to his feet. The group froze suddenly. Vash's arm refused to work, and as his eyes scanned his friends, he realized that they were trapped in Legato's gaze as well. So, he wasn't as weak as I had thought.
         "My master will be most displeased, but I will return," Legato said sullenly and in a moment he was gone.
         Suddenly, they could all move again. Vash turned and ran back towards Meryl who was patting the little man on the back as he wept. He looked at him and then up to Milly who had come running behind him. "Is this the guy who wants to take you off of the assignment of following me?"
         Before Milly could respond, Wolfwood walked up, took her elbow turning her toward him, gathered her up in his arms and slowly and thoroughly kissed her. Both Meryl and Vash's jaws dropped open as they watched. Vash blinked, When had this happened? When Wolfwood let her go, Milly giggled, "I missed you too, Dear!" Then she turned red and looked down at Meryl, "Yes, this is Mr. Henry Gardine from the October City branch of the Bernadelli Insurance Society. He doesn't think we've done a very good job as Risk Management Agents, and he thinks that someone else would do better…"
         "Really?" Meryl looked up at Milly and smiled. "Because I thought we were doing a pretty good job at it myself."
         A sputtering came up from Gardine and Wolfwood bent down and put an ear towards him, "I'm afraid I didn't hear that, can you repeat it?"
         "You… You two can keep your jobs!!" Gardine croaked.
         Vash twirled his gun in his hand and looked over his sunglasses, "Is that all?"
         "And… And… You get a raise!! Just… Just… Get out of here and leave me alone!" Gardine had a sudden burst of energy and he jumped up out of their midst and went screaming after his guards. "Get back here you cowards! We're going home right now!"
         The group looked on as the guards, Gardine and all the others took to their vehicles and drove off out of sight, leaving the tents and campfires behind. Meryl giggled, "Hey, did you hear that Milly? We're getting a raise!"
         "Yes, I heard it Meryl, isn't that exciting?"
         Vash pulled off his sunglasses, "Does that mean I get to have that donut you promised me now?"
         "Me too! Me too!" Milly sang happily. Wolfwood grabbed her around the waist, "After that little stunt, I'll buy you the donuts and pudding!" He twirled her around and said, "That was amazing!"
         "It sure was Milly…" Meryl said, brushing herself off. "And thank you for before too."
         "Sure thing, Meryl," Milly said smiling. "So, what do you say we head back to town for that pudding?" She looked at Vash who smiled and closed one eye as if to hide behind it.
         "About that," he started. "I kind of blew the engine on the Sand Dancer. We aren't going to be going anywhere for awhile." Vash grinned at Wolfwood who threw his hands up into the air.
         "It better have gas in it still, that's all I can say!!"

"Sunset & S'mores - Part 3"

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