Welcome to Ricki's Fan-art page!

      Over the last few years I've watched this page go from a collection of simple "copy-jobs", to later original sketches, painted pieces, colored pencils, story inspired art, doujinshi, and a bunch of other projects I've played with as I've studied manga! To those of you who have been with me during this time, it's been quite a ride hasn't it? To the rest of you who are just seeing this artwork for the first time - you've missed out on a lot! I truly thank all of my friends who have encouraged me and bugged me for new stuff and helped me become the artist I am today! THANK YOU! And thanks to all the newcomers too!! Hajimemashite! *bows*
      In the future this page will feature some of my best new CGI works, new sketches, new doujinshi, and whatever else that I want to share with you! I hope you'll keep checking back in the next few months for some cool stuff!
     For those of you who miss my old artwork...I've taken it down for the time being because of the move. If you wish to see it, let me know and I may just put it back up again!

Disclaimer: Some of the following pictures are inspired by the manga by Yasuhiro Nightow and/or the Trigun anime. Please do not use them without permission of the artist!!!

MOST RECENT ADDITIONS: October 6, 2006 - Vash CGI - Vash's Wings CGI - Vash arm study ink

CGI Works Vash CGI Meryl, Vash & Toma Little Milly and Meryl Jonas Wolfwood Dark Vash & Toma Milly and Wolfwood Max Vash & Towel The New Earring Wolfwood & Milly Rinnah's Wings Gunsmoke Photobooth For Dwellin - Vash B&G Christmas DC Valentine's 2006 DC Kuro Vash Chibi Vash & Meryl Lonesome Dove Vash Gunsmoke
Screentones & Doujinshi Defintion of Paradise B&G Milly's Pudding Onesize Fits All ACen 2006 - doujinshi
Sketches Vash & Towel original Nick and Milly Nick and Milly - the kiss Knives and Meryl (inspired by B&G) Ikasucon Vash
Colored Pencil Angel Arm Vash - colored pencil Wolfwood and Vash - Traveling

All Artwork on this website not otherwise specified are handpainted and drawn by me,
please do not copy anything here without my permission.

Please E-mail me for any information... Ricki