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Semi-normal disclaimer: Wolfwood, Milly, Vash, Knives & Meryl are characters created by Yasuhiro Nightow. And oddly enough - now Dark Vash is too!! *GRINS* But please do not copy or take any of this art without the author/illustrator's permission!! The gallery is merely for enjoyment and we'd love to share the art here with you if you're interested!

YEEEEEEHAAAAA!! Not only do we have Ricki and Susan's artwork for the story, but guest art as well - this is so exciting!! If you have any artwork for the story (or heck, you just love DARK VASH... Send me a note and I'd love to post your artwork!)

This webpage is rather small at the moment! Originally we were going to wait to post spoiler pictures... so if you're really crazy about spoilers, don't click the pictures! however most of them by the time we reach Ch. 15 they'll be free and clear and we really would like you to see the artwork! Stay tuned for more... Susan and I can't stop drawing!! ^_~

RECENT ADDITIONS: June 28, 2006: Brand new art from Aine of Knockaine! Milly's got her work cut out for her deciding on two guys! ^_~

Art By Susan/Dwellin
Original Art by the Author!!!
Marianne and Legato Meryl and the Count The Bullet Vash & the Girls Vash & Knives
Art By Ricki
Art from the Author! ^_^
Meryl and Dark Vash (Valentines)
Art By Aine of Knockaine
Art by the author of "Forever Mine"
Split Vash One Lucky Girl

All Artwork on this webpage are drawn by Susan, Ricki and Aine
please do not copy anything here without our permission!

Please E-mail us for any information... Ricki or Susan

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