TRIGUN Maximum Images and Desktop Backgrounds

Welcome to my Trigun Maximum Scan page (updated 04/24/11)! Every single thing on this page is a scan, artwork copyright by Yasuhiro Nightow (used without permission - so I'll take them off if he asks, but woah, I'd be flattered that he finds this site!). Most of the scans however have been colored by yours truly because, well, they just look SO cool in color! Too bad most manga is in black and white! So enjoy the desktops and black & whites, but please don't use the colored ones without permission!

      I've been really getting into CGI lately - so keep checking back to this page for colored manga pages... Yay! ^_^ And oh yes! If YOU have CGI manga pages OR Desktops (I'd really love some new awesome ones!) you'd like to add to this gallery - please email me!! ^_^

Trigun Max Background This desktop was the first I made, the image comes from TM#7. I scanned it, cleaned it up, then later painted it by hand and then did the finishing touches on the computer.

800 x 600
1024 x 768
Nicholas D. Wolfwood Background This is the second background I ever did. It's kinda boring actually... Sorry. ^_~ But it's WOLFWOOD so who's complaining? ^_^

800 x 600
Trigun Wallpaper Submitted by Connor!

1200 x 1600

Guest Artists!
Trigun Maximum #12/#14 - Puchiko2(12/10/05)
      Puchiko is always doing me these great gifts!! The first one was Livio, a request of mine since I love Livio! And the second is Vash and Meryl - since we love them so much, it's so adorable! And I love the pink. ^_^ Thank you Puchiko!

Trigun Maximum #11-present By Jillian (10/27/05)
New Artist - whoot!! Jillian just started emailing me recently and sent me the first one originally uncolored (and beautifully joined btw) but then once I found out she's a talented PhotoShopper I said, how about coloring it? So these are the first ones so far! Really terrific!

Trigun Maximum #12 By Zach (aka Stripper Vash) (10/12/05)
Thank you Zach! Talking online to Zach awhile ago I asked if he wouldn't do a colored manga scan for me and sure enough, he sent me this last night! SWEET!! This one is from the beginning of the final fight with Vash and Knives, Vash just manages to avoid one of Knives' attacks in this scene - it's a really awesome two-pager, but Zach cropped it for this coloration. Danke danke!!

Trigun Maximum #6. By Khaamar (9/2/05)
Thanks to Khaamar for doing this one for me! I always loved this picture, it's still my favorite by far, I've redone it a dozen times on my own but I just never quite breathed life into it as Khaa has done with her version! ^_^ Nightow may have put the lines on paper, but it only just received the true attention it deserved! And she only took a day to do it! ^_^

Trigun Maximum #8. Flipster-kun
      This was a request from a friend of mine, hoped I'd post this picture on my site and being the nice gal I am - I am! ^_^ I really like it though so it wasn't too hard of a request not to fulfill - it's actually taking the place of the only picture on this page that wasn't colored of Wolfwood - I'd been wanting one of those anyway! YAY!! Problem solved! Thanks Flip! ^_^

Trigun Maximum #12 - Kuronekosan(10/27/05)
      This little pic is kinda a coloration, and yet not - I thought this was a really good place to put it seeing as though it's based upon a scene of Livio about to face the army on Gunsmoke after they'd tried to shoot down Vash and Knives. Thanks for letting me use this one Jenette! ^_^ I LUVS Livio!

Trigun Maximum #12 - Aine of Knockaine(3/22/06)
      This has always been a favorite Vash pic of mine, and now Aine's brought it to life! She got a brand new Wacom pad and went color crazy! I wanted to display this one, hoping she'll do some more as she gets even better and eventually even redo this one with a bigger one? *grins* Hint hint Aine!! ^_~

Trigun Maximum #14 - Angel Arms Factory (Abo) (3/7/2008)
This little beauty (or should I say BIG?) was posted on DeviantART a few weeks ago thanks to the release of Trigun Maximum #14. I begged to be able to post it here since I hadn't been able to collect any good CGI a year..! Thanks for the great job AngelArms!!!

Ricki's CGI
(8/24/05) Trigun Maximum #6. This is, I think the most work I've ever done on a CGI work to date. WHEWEE! See if you can spot all of the little changes I did to it - but I sure had a fun time doing it! I printed it out almost immediately so I could look at it... Something about Vash and his black hair.. Mmmmm hmmm! ^_^ (There'll be a theme on this page... oogling the "boys!")

Trigun Maximum #5. Vash holding Hopperd's hand as he dies. Susan-chan requested this one from me, just a real nice sweet scene. I enjoyed doing this one because of the blood on Vash, I'd never attempted something so subtle before, it's a nice change of pace and it came out really stunning for a few hour's work.

(11/8/05) Livio VS Elendira!! From Trigun Maximum #13 (YKO #88). Took me FOREVER to color this one even though I was working with it in a very small size (what you see when you click on it was the size I worked on it) - but because of my schedule I could only do a tiny bit at a time. The background didn't come out quite like I wanted it, but it highlighted what I wanted it to. ^_^ And coloring sound FX was quite fun!

Vash! After being picked up in the desert by Brad after being saved by Wolfwood in Trigun Maximum #8. This is my first attempt to do a CGI coloration for anyone else. Also the one I took the most time on since there's just so much of it and I colored bubbles, layers, etc. I've always loved this picture because because you get to see Vash's cute ankles. *GRINS*

Legato-sama!! Trigun Maximum #13 (YKO #85). He's so sexy-evil!! *GRINS* Sorry... But I can't help drooling over the Trigun guys! This one, shows the outfit Legato wears under his black coat. I changed the coloration a bit for the heck of it, but it's pretty darn cool eh? It's also the first time I used screentones and other filters do to a background. Plus I had fun coloring in the title. ^_^

Trigun Maximum TM#12 (YKO #78) This was my very first attempt at completely CGI on a manga scan. In the past I colored them with acrylic and then played around on the PC, but lately it's become easier since I got Paint Shop Pro 7. The first "draft" of this was actually done with a stylus mouse (that promptly killed my computer a few days later *sob*) so when I finished coloring the rest of it I did it with a normal mouse. Since then that's all I use, but I like the technique. With this one I actually used the colors that Nightow used on one of his covers - I'm too devoted sometimes. ^_~

Trigun Maximum #13 (YKO ch. 92) Okay - now, before you think "his cape should be brown", I wanted to do it red because it's so much more stunning against the blue background. ^_^ This Vash actually comes from one of Legato's flashbacks after he's seen Knives dead after the Lost July. I had the black and white version on my desktop for awhile and it kept showing up red for me in my mind. It took me awhile to do this one since I removed much of the tone and had to redraw some of the lines later on. I used a Wacom pad with this one, but I'm still learning how to use it so it didn't come out quite as sharp as others have in the past.

Trigun Maximum #12 (YKO ch. 83) Livio!! Yay!! I seem to be doing a lot of him lately... but he's just so cool. I keep changing the color scheme on him too. Ah well, more fun that way. This one was suggested to me by Darius, I wanted to send it to him before putting this up, but I haven't seen him online in a while, hopefully he'll see it here if I miss him! I do like to take requests but it does take me time to work on CGI art because as you can see with this one, there's a lot of work put into the coloring!

Ricki's Watercolor & Acrylic
Trigun Maximum (#3) this one I watercolored.
Loosely translated Vash is talking to Milly and Meryl: "Exactly on time. There's something I want to show you two." (And what do you know, when DH translated it - it's pretty darn close! *yeee haaa!* My favorite line. *grins*)

Trigun Maximum #7 scan and originally painted with acrylic... However, seeing as though the original B&W scan was still on my computer (in the hopes of one day doing a CGI) it is now replaced with the new version! Oh I love this picture even more, I'm so glad that after 3 years (yes three!) I've learned how to do colorations like this. This one is my ultimate favorite - I have a copy in my car... some people have cd holders on their visors, I have Vash!!!

Trigun Maximum #3. I love this one. Vash has just got his new arm ripped off and his new coat shot up. The captions say "What... Vash the Stampede" and Vash is saying "Wolfwood, you look kind of pale." (Mind you I'm not using the Dark Horse translation but one I did months before the book was translated). I watercolored it, for some reason watercolor looks so much better on a scan, don't you agree?

Trigun Maximum #1. This one is a parody I did just because I love Meryl and Milly. Milly always seems to follow Meryl around even if they don't know where they're going! I translated the Japanese for you too. This one is in colored pencil. FYI - I have a habit of making Milly's hair bright blond because Nightow has colored her that way, rather than her more dark blond that the anime colors her as. The only time I colored her that way is on my art page in one painting, but she just doesn't quite look right without the blond hair!

Trigun Maximum #5. This one is for you Susan!! I took out the chapter title and watercolored it. I wanted to try something a little artsy so I only colored his hair, coat and feathers. What's odd about this one is that it's in Maximum, but Vash's coat and hair are from Trigun! (FYI - there's a flashback in the chapter of Vash first using the angel arm - I imagine this is his very first coat.) I just LOVE Vash's Angel Arm... There's something really mysterious about it.

Well, that's all of 'em folks!!!

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